David Rimmele
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David Leander Rimmele
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Cross-Sectional Association of Dietary Patterns and Supplement Intake with Presence and Gray-Scale Median of Carotid Plaques-A Comparison between Women and Men in the Population-Based Hamburg City Health Study
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Effect of Comorbidity Burden and Polypharmacy on Poor Functional Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke
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Inflammatory burden, lifestyle and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: insights from a population based cohort study
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Editor's Choice - Prevalence of Peripheral Arterial Disease, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, and Risk Factors in the Hamburg City Health Study: A Cross-Sectional Analysis
Behrendt C, Thomalla G, Rimmele D, Petersen E, Twerenbold R, Debus E, Kölbel T, Blankenberg S, Schmidt-Lauber C, Peters F, Zyriax B
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Edema Reduction versus Penumbra Salvage- Investigating Treatment Effects of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Ischemic Stroke
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Mapping the deficit dimension structure of the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale
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A latent clinical-anatomical dimension relating metabolic syndrome to brain structure and cognition: Evidence from a Multivariate Imaging Analysis of 40,087 Individuals
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Predictors of Discharge Destination After Stroke
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Higher comorbidity burden is associated with lower self-reported quality of life after stroke
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Cross-sectional analysis of the association of periodontitis with carotid intima media thickness and atherosclerotic plaque in the Hamburg City health study
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Implementability of collecting patient-reported outcome data in stroke unit care - a qualitative study
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Multi-organ assessment in mainly non-hospitalized individuals after SARS-CoV-2 infection: The Hamburg City Health Study COVID programme
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Brain Network Architecture Constrains Age-related Cortical Thinning
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Association Between Carotid Atherosclerosis and Atrial Fibrillation, Cardiac, and Renal Function
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Association of Carotid Plaque and Flow Velocity With White Matter Integrity in a Middle-aged to Elderly Population
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Langzeitfolgen von Schlaganfällen
Rimmele D, Thomalla G
BUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLA. 2022;2022(65):498–502.

Recurrent amnesia caused by early seizures after hippocampal infarction: A case report
Schlemm E, Magnus T, Rimmele L, Münsterberg J, Bester M, Kessner S, Gelderblom M, Gerloff C
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Myocardial rupture after percutaneous coronary intervention of an unstable RCA lesion in myocardial infarction and concomitant stroke treated with intravenous fibrinolytic agents: A case report
Bay B, Waldeyer C, Rimmele D, Blankenberg S, Clemmensen P
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Differential association of flow velocities in the carotid artery with plaques, intima media thickness and cardiac function
Rimmele D, Borof K, Wenzel J, Jensen M, Behrendt C, Waldeyer C, Schnabel R, Zeller T, Debus E, Blankenberg S, Gerloff C, Thomalla G

Rationale and design of an interventional study of cross-sectoral, coordinated treatment of stroke patients with patient-orientated outcome measurement (StroCare)
Rimmele D, Schrage T, Brettschneider C, Engels A, Gerloff C, Härter M, Rosenkranz M, Schmidt H, Kriston L, Thomalla G
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Profiles of patients' self-reported health after acute stroke
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Decompressive craniectomy in malignant MCA infarction in times of mechanical thrombectomy
Göttsche J, Flottmann F, Jank L, Thomalla G, Rimmele D, Czorlich P, Westphal M, Regelsberger J
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Health-related quality of life 90 days after stroke assessed by the International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement standard set
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Outcome evaluation by patient reported outcome measures in stroke clinical practice (EPOS) protocol for a prospective observation and implementation study
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Association of Extrapyramidal Tracts' Integrity With Performance in Fine Motor Skills After Stroke
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Real-world experience of treatment decision-making in carotid stenosis in a neurovascular board
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Wake-Up Stroke: Clinical Characteristics, Imaging Findings, and Treatment Option - an Update
Rimmele D, Thomalla G
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HDAC6 as a target for antileukemic drugs in acute myeloid leukemia
Hackanson B, Rimmele D, Benkisser M, Abdelkarim M, Fliegauf M, Jung M, Lübbert M

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