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    New Vascular Research Seminar series
    We would like to make you aware of the kick-off event of the new Vascular Research Seminar series hosted by Prof. Dr. Maike Frye and Dr. Manu Beerens, which aims to catalyze collaborative efforts between basic scientists and clinicians in the field of vascular research and to introduce novel exciting concepts to students interested in vascular biomedicine. We therefore happily invite you all to Prof. Dr. Miikka Vikkula’s lecture entitled “From genetics to pathophysiology and therapeutic trials for vascular malformations” on January 18th at 4.00 pm at the N61 lecture hall Anatomy, which will be followed by a networking event with light refreshments. Prof. Dr. Vikkula is an expert in bridging basic and translational research and has published numerous seminal papers on vascular malformations, for which he has won several prestigious awards, including the 2013 Inbev-Baillet Latour clinical research prize and the 2018 Generet Award. Prof. Dr. Vikkula also recently received the 2023 Earl P. Benditt Award by the North American Vascular Biology Organization, in recognition of his significant contributions to the genetic basis of lymphatic and vascular anomalies. Please register via m.beerens@uke.de.

    Outstanding publication with student first authorship, deadline: 31/03/2024
    The Faculty of Medicine is once again awarding the prize of 500 euros for an outstanding publication with student first authorship. The award will be presented to the selected medical student at the annual Teacher of the Year award ceremony. Against this background, we would like to ask you as researchers to inform the Dean's Office of a paper with student first authorship that you consider to be worthy of an award ( proposal to a.wulf@uke.de ). The publication in question must have been published or accepted between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023. Furthermore, the selected person must be able to attend the award ceremony (04/06/2024), in order to receive the award.

    PhD Award, Deadline: 19/04/2024
    The Hamburg Center of Neuroscience (HCSN) will award the best PhD Thesis (€ 1.500) and the best MD Thesis (€ 1.000). Graduates with a thesis focusing on neuroscience (defense between April 1st, 2023, and March 31st, 2024) can apply using this link .

    Aktuelle Pressemitteilungen aus dem Bereich der Forschung

    24. November 2023
    12 Millionen Euro Förderung: Großer Erfolg für Nierenforschung des UKE
    Der Sonderforschungsbereich 1192 (SFB 1192) „Immune-Mediated Glomerular Diseases“ des Universitätsklinikums Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) wird von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in einer dritten Förderperiode für weitere vier Jahre gefördert.
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    23. November 2023
    Europäischer Forschungsrat zeichnet drei UKE-Projekte mit einem ERC Grant aus
    Gleich drei Wissenschaftler des UKE sind vom Europäischen Forschungsrat (ERC) mit einem ERC Grant ausgezeichnet worden: Ein Forschungsprojekt zu immunvermittelten entzündlichen Erkrankungen sowie zwei Themen aus dem Bereich der Hirnforschung.
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    10. November 2023
    Reproduktive Gesundheit bei Übergewicht und Adipositas: UKE-Nachwuchszentrum startet
    Ziel des interdisziplinären UKE-Nachwuchszentrums ist es, die negativen Auswirkungen von Übergewicht und Adipositas auf die reproduktive und sexuelle Gesundheit zu verringern. Das UKE erhält hierfür eine Bundesförderung in Höhe von rund 2,1 Millionen Euro.
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    07. November 2023
    Neues aus der Forschung
    Studie zur Effektivität von antimikrobiellen Handschuhen I Studienüberblick: Obduktionen von großer Bedeutung für Corona-Forschung I Wenig Diversität bei Medizinstudierenden und Hamburger Ärzt:innen I Psychosoziale Faktoren bei Long COVID: Studienteilnehmende gesucht.
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    02. Oktober 2023
    Neues aus der Forschung

    Ursache von Medikamentenresistenz bei Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs identifiziert | Digitale Therapie hilft Multiple Sklerose-Patient:innen bei Depressionen | Individualisierte Krebstherapie im UCCH | Studie zur ganzheitlichen Behandlung von Patient:innen mit Herzinsuffizienz: Teilnehmende gesucht.
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    Weitere interessante Pressemitteilungen aus dem UKE, sowohl aktuelle als auch das Archiv, finden Sie auf den Seiten der Unternehmenskommunikation

  • Veranstaltungen am UKE


    Veranstaltungen für Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler am UKE

    Durch Auswahl des gewünschten Datums sehen Sie die wissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen am UKE. Rückfragen zu den Veranstaltungen bitte an die/den angegebenen Ansprechpartner/in der jeweiligen Veranstaltung.

    06.03. bis 08.03.2024


    Die subjektive Seite der Schizophrenie - XXVII. Tagung

    Die subjektive Seite der Schizophrenie - XXVII. Tagung Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie UKE

    09.00 bis 15.00 Uhr

    Universität Hamburg - Hauptgebäude -



    Harvard meets UKE - Carlos Fernandez-Del Castillo, MD

    Vortragstitel: "A Changing Landscape for Pancreatic Cancer"

    17.00 bis 18.00 Uhr



    Seminarreihe Epidemiologie und Biostatistik - Improving model and algorithm evaluation in predictive modelling (one step at a time)

    Dr. Max Westphal - Fraunhofer Institut für Digitale Medizin, Bremen In applied predictive modelling, practitioners usually face many methodological questions which are related to different objectives of the overall development and evaluation pipeline.

    16.30 bis 17.30 Uhr

    N43 -

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  • Stipendien und Projekte

    EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Staff Exchanges, Deadline: 28/02/2024
    MSCA Staff Exchanges promote research collaboration between institutions both within and outside of the EU and/or between institutions from academic and non-academic sectors through staff exchanges as part of collaborative research projects. To be eligible, a consortium needs to have a minimum of three partners. The EU funding includes contributions for the seconded staff members and institutional contributions for research, training and networking and also to cover management and indirect costs. For further information and advice, feel free to contact Dr. Katharina Lötzer from the EU Research funding office .

    DFG Priority Programme „New Concepts in Prokaryotic Virus-Host Interactions“, Deadline: 06/03/2024
    The German Research Foundation (DFG) has announced the second three-year funding period for their Priority Programme “New Concepts in Prokaryotic Virus-Host Interactions – from Single Cells to Microbial Communities” (SPP 2330). This programme’s goal is the discovery of fundamentally new concepts and mechanisms in biology with a focus on three scales of complexity of the viral organisation: viral cell biology, new antiviral defense systems and viral impact on multispecies microbial communities. More information .

    Call pre-announcement: Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance, Deadline: 14/03/2024
    The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) has preannounced an international call on "Interventions moving forward to promote action to counteract the emergence and spread of bacterial and fungal resistance and to improve treatment" set to open on 10 January 2024. Transnational projects will be funded made up of a maximum of six partners (with some exceptions seven) from at least three countries participating in the call. It is a two-stage proposal. For further information and advice, contact Elaine Hussey from the EU team.

    Call pre-announcement ERA-Net NEURON, Deadline: March 2024
    The ERA-NET: Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research (NEURON) has preannounced a Joint Transnational Call (JTC2024) on “Bidirectional Brain-Body Interactions” set to open on 8 January 2024. Transnational research projects will be funded and consortia must be made up of a minimum of three and maximum of five partners. The call will cover multiple areas in which brain-body interaction appears to be centrally implicated in the genesis or progression of common neurological and psychiatric disorders. It is a two-stage proposal. The deadline for the first stage is scheduled in March 2024. For more details on the eligibility criteria and topic click here .For further information and advice, contact Elaine Hussey from the EU team.

    Horizon Europe – Cluster 1 Health, Deadline: 11/04/2024
    Cluster Health is the most relevant cluster for the UKE under Horizon Europe and there are currently four open calls for which the deadline is on 11 April 2024. The calls for collaborative research projects are divided among three Destinations: Destination 3 (1): Pandemic preparedness and response: Host-pathogen interactions of infectious diseases with epidemic potential; Destination 5 (1): Bio-printing of living cells for regenerative medicine; Destination 6 (2): Developing EU methodological frameworks for clinical/performance evaluation and post-market clinical/performance follow-up of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs); and Gaining experience and confidence in New Approach Methodologies (NAM) for regulatory safety and efficacy testing – coordinated training and experience exchange for regulators. Recordings and presentations from the European Commission are available on the EU Info Days Cluster 1 Health website. For further information and advice, contact Elaine Hussey from the EU team.

Aktuelle Ausgabe „wissen + forschen“ zum Thema Visionäre Medizinforschung

Die Medizin der Zukunft hat - auch wenn der erste Eindruck es glauben macht - nichts mit unendlichen Weiten und fernen Galaxien zu tun. Zur Präzisionsmedizin gehört die CAR-T-Zelltherapie, die bereits seit 2019 erfolgreich im UKE angewandt wird. Dabei wird das Immunsystem mobilisiert, sich gegen bösartige Krebszellen zu wehren. Unterm Mikroskop sieht die Auseinandersetzung wie ein Geschehen im Weltraum aus. Die Immuntherapie ist ein Beispiel für die Medizin der Zukunft, an der im UKE intensiv geforscht wird. Weitere finden Sie hier und in der neuen Ausgabe unseres Magazins wissen+forschen.

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