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Factors Influencing Performance in Laparoscopic Suturing and Knot Tying: A Cohort Study
Armbrust L, Lenz M, Elrod J, Kiwit A, Reinshagen K, Boettcher J, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2023;33(2):144-151.

Clinical outcome, quality of life, and mental health in long-gap esophageal atresia: comparison of gastric sleeve pull-up and delayed primary anastomosis
Boettcher M, Hauck M, Fuerboeter M, Elrod J, Vincent D, Boettcher J, Reinshagen K
PEDIATR SURG INT. 2023;39(1):166.

Midgut Volvulus Adds a Murine, Neutrophil-Driven Model of Septic Condition to the Experimental Toolbox
Elrod J, Kiwit A, Lenz M, Rohde H, Börnigen D, Alawi M, Mohr C, Pagerols Raluy L, Trochimiuk M, Knopf J, Reinshagen K, Herrmann M, Boettcher M
CELLS-BASEL. 2023;12(3):.

Murine scald models characterize the role of neutrophils and neutrophil extracellular traps in severe burns
Elrod J, Lenz M, Kiwit A, Armbrust L, Schönfeld L, Reinshagen K, Pagerols Raluy L, Mohr C, Saygi C, Alawi M, Rohde H, Herrmann M, Boettcher M
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2023;14:1113948.

Surgical Experience Affects the Outcome of Central Venous Access Catheter Implantation in Children: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Fritsch L, Le M, Elrod J, Wössmann W, Vincent D, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
J PEDIAT HEMATOL ONC. 2023;45(2):57-62.

Appendicitis and Peritonitis in Children with a Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt
Fröschle G, Hagens J, Mannweiler P, Groth F, Kammler G, Reinshagen K, Tomuschat C
CHILDREN-BASEL. 2023;10(3):.

CXCR5+PD-1++ CD4+ T cells colonize infant intestines early in life and promote B cell maturation
Jordan-Paiz A, Martrus G, Steinert F, Kaufmann M, Sagebiel A, Schreurs R, Rechtien A, Baumdick M, Jung J, Möller K, Wegner L, Grüttner C, Richert L, Thünauer R, Schroeder-Schwarz J, van Goudoever J, Geijtenbeek T, Altfeld M, Pals S, Perez D, Klarenbeek P, Tomuschat C, Sauter G, Königs I, Schumacher U, Friese M, Melling N, Reinshagen K, Bunders M
CELL MOL IMMUNOL. 2023;20(2):201-213.

Expanded ILC2s in human infant intestines promote tissue growth
Möller K, Wegner L, Malsy J, Baumdick M, Borggrewe M, Jordan-Paiz A, Jung J, Martrus G, Kretschmer P, Sagebiel A, Schreurs R, Hagen S, Burmester G, Clauditz T, Pals S, Boettcher M, Melling N, Sauter G, Tomuschat C, Königs I, Schumacher U, Altfeld M, Bernink J, Perez D, Reinshagen K, Bunders M
MUCOSAL IMMUNOL. 2023;16(4):408-421.

Biliatresone induces cholangiopathy in C57BL/6J neonates
Schmidt H, Hagens J, Schuppert P, Appl B, Raluy L, Trochimiuk M, Philippi C, Li Z, Reinshagen K, Tomuschat C
SCI REP-UK. 2023;13(1):.

Immunofluorescence Imaging of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Human and Mouse Tissues
Schoenfeld L, Appl B, Pagerols-Raluy L, Heuer A, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
JOVE-J VIS EXP. 2023;(198):.

Generalized Infantile Myofibromatosis with Extensive Small Bowel Involvement in a Neonate
Schubert J, Wößmann W, Königs I, Clauditz T, Kordes U, Reinshagen K
Z GEBURTSH NEONATOL. 2023;227(3):231-235.

Abdominal Wall Movements Predict Intra-Abdominal Pressure Changes in Rats: A Novel Non-Invasive Intra-Abdominal Pressure Detection Method
Vincent D, Mietzsch S, Braun W, Trochimiuk M, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
CHILDREN-BASEL. 2023;10(8):.

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients with paediatric cancer in low-income, middle-income and high-income countries: a multicentre, international, observational cohort study

BMJ OPEN. 2022;12(4):e054690.

Twelve-month observational study of children with cancer in 41 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

BMJ GLOB HEALTH. 2022;7(10):.

Kigelia africana inhibits proliferation and induces cell death in stage 4 Neuroblastoma cell lines
Ahrens S, Appl B, Trochimiuk M, Dücker C, Feixas Serra G, Oliver Grau A, Reinshagen K, Pagerols Raluy L

Pediatric Surgery and Self-Reported Anxiety in Children and their Parents: A Psychometric Analysis of the State-Trait Operation Anxiety (STOA) Questionnaire
Barkmann C, Härter V, Trah J, Reinshagen K
FRONT PEDIATR. 2022;10:987658.

Mental Health of Siblings of Children with Rare Congenital Surgical Diseases during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Boettcher J, Nazarian R, Fuerboeter M, Liedtke A, Wiegand-Grefe S, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2022;32(5):422-428.

Markers of neutrophil activation and extracellular trap formation predict appendicitis
Boettcher M, Schacker A, Esser M, Schönfeld L, Ebenebe C, Rohde H, Mokhaberi N, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Raluy L, Reinshagen K, Klohs S, Königs I
SURGERY. 2022;171(2):312-319.

Beinahe-Darmperforation durch rektale Temperatursonde
Ebenebe C, Singer D, Tomuschat C
Z GEBURTSH NEONATOL. 2022;226(2):142-143.

Telementoring of Open and Laparoscopic Knot Tying and Suturing Is Possible: A Randomized Controlled Study
Elrod J, Boettcher J, Vincent D, Schwarz D, Trautmann T, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2022;32(5):443-451.

Auswirkungen der Corona Pandemie auf die Notfallversorgung im Kindesalter und die zeitliche Entwicklung im Verlauf der Pandemie
Elrod J, Mahaleh S, Mohr C, Boettcher M, Dietze N, Hübner U, Koch B, Steinbrink A, Harandipour N, Gräfin von Waldersee E, Shahsavari S, Reinshagen K, Königs I
KLIN PADIATR. 2022;234(1):33-41.

Are We Hitting the Target?: The Effectiveness of Distinct Antibiotic Regimens in Pediatric Appendectomies
Elrod J, Yarmal F, Mohr C, Dennebaum M, Boettcher M, Vincent D, Reinshagen K, Koenigs I
PEDIATR INFECT DIS J. 2022;41(6):460-465.

First genome-wide association study of esophageal atresia identifies three genetic risk loci at CTNNA3, FOXF1/FOXC2/FOXL1, and HNF1B
Gehlen J, Giel A, Köllges R, Haas S, Zhang R, Trcka J, Sungur A, Renziehausen F, Bornholdt D, Jung D, Hoyer P, Nordenskjöld A, Tibboel D, Vlot J, Spaander M, Smigiel R, Patkowski D, Roeleveld N, van Rooij I, de Blaauw I, Hölscher A, Pauly M, Leutner A, Fuchs J, Niethammer J, Melissari M, Jenetzky E, Zwink N, Thiele H, Hilger A, Hess T, Trautmann J, Marks M, Baumgarten M, Bläss G, Landén M, Fundin B, Bulik C, Pennimpede T, Ludwig M, Ludwig K, Mangold E, Heilmann-Heimbach S, Moebus S, Herrmann B, Alsabeah K, Burgos C, Lilja H, Azodi S, Stenström P, Arnbjörnsson E, Frybova B, Lebensztejn D, Debek W, Kolodziejczyk E, Kozera K, Kierkus J, Kaliciński P, Stefanowicz M, Socha-Banasiak A, Kolejwa M, Piaseczna-Piotrowska A, Czkwianianc E, Nöthen M, Grote P, Rygl M, Reinshagen K, Spychalski N, Ludwikowski B, Hubertus J, Heydweiller A, Ure B, Muensterer O, Aubert O, Gosemann J, Lacher M, Degenhardt P, Boemers T, Mokrowiecka A, Małecka-Panas E, Wöhr M, Knapp M, Seitz G, de Klein A, Oracz G, Brosens E, Reutter H, Schumacher J
HUM GENET GENOM ADV. 2022;3(2):.

Prevalence of Hirschsprung-associated enterocolitis in patients with Hirschsprung disease
Hagens J, Reinshagen K, Tomuschat C
PEDIATR SURG INT. 2022;38(1):3-24.

The Epidemiology behind Pectus Excavatum: Clinical Study and Review of the Literature
Kloth K, Klohs S, Bhullar J, Boettcher M, Hempel M, Trah J, Reinshagen K
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2022;32(4):316-320.

NET Release of Long-Term Surviving Neutrophils
Kolman J, Pagerols Raluy L, Müller I, Nikolaev V, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Wadehn H, Dücker C, Stoll F, Boettcher M, Reinshagen K, Trah J
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2022;13:815412.

Operative Volume of Newborn Surgery in German University Hospitals: High Volume Versus Low Volume Centers
Lacher M, Barthlen W, Eckoldt F, Fitze G, Fuchs J, Hosie S, Kaiser M, Meyer T, Muensterer O, Reinshagen K, Rothe K, Seitz G, Stuhldreier G, Troebs R, Ure B, von Schweinitz D, Wessel L, Wünsch L, Rolle U
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2022;32(5):391-398.

The Spaced Learning Concept in Combination With Halsted and Peyton - A Randomized Controlled Study
Le M, Boettcher J, Vincent D, Elrod J, Mietzsch S, Romero P, Perez A, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
J SURG EDUC. 2022;79(5):1228-1236.

Laparoscopic Subtotal Splenectomy in Children and Adolescents With Spherocytosis
Le M, Grosse R, Elrod J, Klinke M, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
DTSCH ARZTEBL INT. 2022;119(49):848-849.

Systematic review: The quality of life of patients with biliary atresia
Le M, Reinshagen K, Tomuschat C
J PEDIATR SURG. 2022;57(12):934-946.

CfDNA and DNases: New Biomarkers of Sepsis in Preterm Neonates—A Pilot Study
Lenz M, Maiberger T, Armbrust L, Kiwit A, Von der Wense A, Reinshagen K, Elrod J, Boettcher M
CELLS-BASEL. 2022;11(2):.

Should the processus vaginalis sac be opened or closed in pediatric herniotomy? A two-center cohort study
Michler V, Elrod J, Wingtes K, Trah J, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
PEDIATR SURG INT. 2022;38(8):1165-1169.

High prevalence of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria carriage in children screened prospectively for multidrug resistant organisms at admission to a paediatric hospital, Hamburg, Germany, September 2018 to May 2019
Najem S, Eick D, Boettcher J, Aigner A, Aboutara M, Fenner I, Reinshagen K, Koenigs I

„Fremdkörper“ im Röntgenbild: dislozierter thorako-amnialer Shunt
Reinsch F, Vogelsang V, Klohs S, Weinrich J, Geipel A, Gembruch U, Singer D, Ebenebe C
Z GEBURTSH NEONATOL. 2022 [Epub ahead of print].

In Reply
Reinshagen K
DTSCH ARZTEBL INT. 2022;119(12):218.

Colectomy Followed by J-Pouch Reconstruction to Correct Total Colonic Aganglionosis
Reinshagen K, Burmester G, Hagens J, Krebs T, Tomuschat C
CHILDREN-BASEL. 2022;9(1):.

Extrahepatic Bile Duct and Gall Bladder Dissection in Nine-Day-Old Mouse Neonates
Schmidt H, Hagens J, Schuppert P, Philippi C, Reinshagen K, Tomuschat C
JOVE-J VIS EXP. 2022;186:.

Limits in Laparoscopic Partial Splenectomy in Children
Tomuschat C, Aftzoglou M, Hagens J, Boettcher M, Reinshagen K
CHILDREN-BASEL. 2022;9(5):.

Pneumopericardium in a Preterm Infant with Marked Pulmonary Hypoplasia
Tomuschat C, Jürgens J, Deindl P
DTSCH ARZTEBL INT. 2022;119(15):.

The Length of the Transition Zone in Patients with Rectosigmoid Hirschsprung Disease
Tomuschat C, Mietzsch S, Dwertmann-Rico S, Clauditz T, Schaefer H, Reinshagen K
CHILDREN-BASEL. 2022;9(2):.

Aplasia Cutis Congenita mit Fetus Papyraceus (ACC Typ 5) – eine Blickdiagnose
Aboutara M, von der Wense A, Fattouh M, Reinshagen K, Koenigs I
KLIN PADIATR. 2021;233(2):69-71.

Fatal COVID-19 in a Child with Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 Despite Extensive Multidisciplinary Treatment: A Case Report
Apostolidou S, Harbauer T, Lasch P, Biermann D, Hempel M, Lütgehetmann M, Pfefferle S, Herrmann J, Rüffer A, Reinshagen K, Kozlik-Feldmann R, Gieras A, Kniep I, Oh J, Singer D, Ebenebe C, Kobbe R
CHILDREN-BASEL. 2021;8(7):.

Stereological Lung Parameters After Fetoscopic Abdominal Decompression of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in an Ovine Model: A Pilot Study
Bergholz R, Fromm F, Meinzer A, Muehlfeld C, Boettcher M, Wenke K, Tiemann B, Reinshagen K, Krebs T
J LAPAROENDOSC ADV S. 2021;31(6):712-718.

Fetoscopic techniques for prenatal covering of gastroschisis in an ovine model are technically demanding and do not lead to permanent anchoring on the fetus until the end of gestation
Bergholz R, Krebs T, Cremieux B, Georgi C, Fromm F, Boettcher M, Andreas T, Tiemann B, Wenke K, Reinshagen K, Hecher K
SURG ENDOSC. 2021;35(2):745-753.

Being the Pillar for Children with Rare Diseases-A Systematic Review on Parental Quality of Life
Boettcher J, Boettcher M, Wiegand-Grefe S, Zapf H
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2021;18(9):4993.

Perceived mental health in parents of children with rare congenital surgical diseases: a double ABCX model considering gender
Boettcher J, Zapf H, Fuerboeter M, Nazarian R, Reinshagen K, Wiegand-Grefe S, Boettcher M
ORPHANET J RARE DIS. 2021;16(1):384.

Combination of Side-Swing Flap With Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy Is Superior to Open Excision or Flap Alone in Children With Pilonidal Sinus-But at What Cost?
Dorth D, Königs I, Elrod J, Ghadban T, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
FRONT PEDIATR. 2021;9:595684.

Analyse der Versorgungsstruktur angeborener Fehlbildungen in Deutschland
Elrod J, Boettcher M, Mohr C, Reinshagen K
DTSCH ARZTEBL INT. 2021;2021(35-36):601-602.

Portal venous gas in a girl with chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction
Elrod J, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
SURGERY. 2021;170(4):e17-e19.

T cell cytokines in the diagnostic of early-onset sepsis
Froeschle G, Bedke T, Boettcher M, Huber S, Singer D, Ebenebe C
PEDIATR RES. 2021;90(1):191-196.

Quality of life and mental health of children with rare congenital surgical diseases and their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic
Fuerboeter M, Boettcher J, Barkmann C, Zapf H, Nazarian R, Wiegand-Grefe S, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
ORPHANET J RARE DIS. 2021;16(1):498.

Effects of Educational Video on Pre-operative Anxiety in Children - A Randomized Controlled Trial
Härter V, Barkmann C, Wiessner C, Rupprecht M, Reinshagen K, Trah J
FRONT PEDIATR. 2021;9:640236.

Therapeutic Targeting of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Improves Primary and Secondary Intention Wound Healing in Mice
Heuer A, Stiel C, Elrod J, Königs I, Vincent D, Schlegel P, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Reinshagen K, Raluy L, Boettcher M
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:.

Erworbener Chylothorax im Säuglingsalter
Hickmann D, Maiberger T, von der Wense A, Reinshagen K

KIR3DS1 directs NK cell-mediated protection against human adenovirus infections
Jung J, Ching W, Baumdick M, Hofmann-Sieber H, Bosse J, Koyro T, Möller K, Wegner L, Niehrs A, Russu K, Ohms M, Zhang W, Ehrhardt A, Duisters K, Spierings E, Hölzemer A, Körner C, Jansen S, Peine S, Königs I, Lütgehetmann M, Perez D, Reinshagen K, Lindemans C, Altfeld M, Belderbos M, Dobner T, Bunders M
SCI IMMUNOL. 2021;6(63):.

Cardiac and Inflammatory Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Newborns Are Not the Same Entity
Klinke M, Wiskemann H, Bay B, Schäfer H, Pagerols Raluy L, Reinshagen K, Vincent D, Boettcher M

Traumatic Gallbladder Perforation in Children - Case Report and Review
Le M, Herrmann J, Groth M, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
ROFO-FORTSCHR RONTG. 2021;193(8):889-897.

Case Report: True Thymic Hyperplasia in a 30-Day-Old Boy
Mokhaberi N, Woessmann W, Schäfer H, Blohm M, Groth M, Reinshagen K
KLIN PADIATR. 2021;233(6):299-302.

Intestinal CD8+ T cell responses are abundantly induced early in human development but show impaired cytotoxic effector capacities
Schreurs R, Sagebiel A, Steinert F, Highton A, Klarenbeek P, Drewniak A, Bakx R, The S, Ribeiro C, Perez D, Reinshagen K, Geijtenbeek T, van Goudoever J, Bunders M
MUCOSAL IMMUNOL. 2021;14(3):605-614.

Time- and dose-dependent inhibition of neutrophil extracellular trap formation by blocking of the interleukin-1 receptor
Wadehn H, Pagerols Raluy L, Kolman J, Dücker C, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Boettcher M, Reinshagen K, Trah J
CENT EUR J IMMUNOL. 2021;46(4):419-426.

Hirschsprung Disease - Clinical Relevance of RET Mutations
Wenskus J, Vincent D, Hempel M, Reinshagen K
Z GEBURTSH NEONATOL. 2021;225(1):80-82.

The ABSI is dead, long live the ABSI - reliable prediction of survival in burns with a modified Abbreviated Burn Severity Index
Bartels P, Thamm O, Elrod J, Fuchs P, Reinshagen K, German Burn Registry , Koenigs I
BURNS. 2020;46(6):1272-1279.

Evaluation of a new robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgical system for procedures in small cavities
Bergholz R, Botden S, Verweij J, Tytgat S, Van Gemert W, Boettcher M, Ehlert H, Reinshagen K, Gidaro S
J ROBOT SURG. 2020;14(1):191-197.

Große Nabelschnurzyste bei persistierendem Urachus
Blohm M, Wenke K, Müller F, Glosemeyer P, Boettcher M, Singer D
Z GEBURTSH NEONATOL. 2020;224(1):42-43.

Spaced Education Improves the Retention of Laparoscopic Suturing Skills: A Randomized Controlled Study
Boettcher J, Klippgen L, Mietzsch S, Grube F, Krebs T, Bergholz R, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2020;30(2):193-200.

The Spaced Learning Concept Significantly Improves Acquisition of Laparoscopic Suturing Skills in Students and Residents: A Randomized Control Trial
Boettcher J, Mietzsch S, Wenkus J, Mokhaberi N, Klinke M, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2020;2020(30):541-547.

Markers of neutrophil activation and extracellular traps formation are predictive of appendicitis in mice and humans: a pilot study
Boettcher M, Esser M, Trah J, Klohs S, Mokhaberi N, Wenskus J, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Reinshagen K, Raluy L, Klinke M
SCI REP-UK. 2020;10(1):18240.

Digestive enzyme expression in the large intestine of children with short bowel syndrome in a late stage of adaptation
de Laffolie J, Sheridan D, Reinshagen K, Wessel L, Zimmermann C, Stricker S, Lerch M, Weigel M, Hain T, Domann E, Rudloff S, Nichols B, Naim H, Zimmer K
FASEB J. 2020;34(3):3983-3995.

Low gestational age is associated with less anastomotic complications after open primary repair of esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula
Dingemann C, Brendel J, Wenskus J, Pirr S, Schukfeh N, Ure B, Reinshagen K
BMC PEDIATR. 2020;20(1):267.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Obtain More Evidence? Prediction of Length of Hospitalization in Pediatric Burn Patients
Elrod J, Mohr C, Wolff R, Boettcher M, Reinshagen K, Bartels P, Koenigs I
FRONT PEDIATR. 2020;8:613736.

Infantile Hepatic Hemangioma: Avoiding Unnecessary Invasive Procedures
Ernst L, Grabhorn E, Brinkert F, Reinshagen K, Königs I, Trah J
PEDIATR GASTROENTERO. 2020;23(1):72-78.

Ultrasound-guided ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric block (ILIHB) or perifocal wound infiltration (PWI) in children: a prospective randomized comparison of analgesia quality, a pilot study
Grosse B, Eberbach S, Pinnschmidt H, Vincent D, Schmidt-Niemann M, Reinshagen K
BMC ANESTHESIOL. 2020;20(1):256.

Life-Threatening Mediastinal Shift due to a Giant Bronchogenic Cyst
Hüners I, Boettcher M, Holst T, Groth M, Stark V, Köhne M, Lennartz M, Sachweh J, Reinshagen K, Biermann D
KLIN PADIATR. 2020;232(5):269-271.

The BAL-Score Almost Perfectly Predicts Testicular Torsion in Children: A Two-Center Cohort Study
Klinke M, Elrod J, Stiel C, Ghadban T, Wenskus J, Herrmann J, Junge C, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
FRONT PEDIATR. 2020;8:601892.

Development of an improved murine model of necrotizing enterocolitis shows the importance of neutrophils in NEC pathogenesis
Klinke M, Vincent D, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Tiemann B, Reinshagen K, Raluy L, Boettcher M
SCI REP-UK. 2020;10(1):8049.

Lidocaine-Epinephrine-Tetracaine Gel Is More Efficient than Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics and Mepivacaine Injection for Pain Control during Skin Repair in Children: A Prospective, Propensity Score Matched Two-Center Study
Königs I, Wenskus J, Boettcher J, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2020;30(6):512-516.

Classical but Not Rap Music Significantly Improves Transferability and Long-Term Acquisition of Laparoscopic Suturing Skills: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Mietzsch S, Bergholz R, Boettcher J, Klippgen L, Wenskus J, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
EUR J PEDIATR SURG. 2020;30(6):541-547.

Kindeswohlgefährdung – Ausweitung des Hellfeldes durch Neukonzeption der klinischen Kinderschutzarbeit
Schmidt C, Klein S, Stock P, Reinshagen K, Königs I
BUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLA. 2020;63(10):1241-1249.

The Inhibitory Effect of Curosurf® and Alveofact® on the Formation of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps
Schulz A, Pagerols Raluy L, Kolman J, Königs I, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M, Trah J
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2020;11:582895.

Markers of NETosis Do Not Predict Neonatal Early Onset Sepsis: A Pilot Study
Stiel C, Ebenebe C, Trochimiuk M, Pagarols Raluy L, Vincent D, Singer D, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M

The Modified Heidelberg and the AI Appendicitis Score Are Superior to Current Scores in Predicting Appendicitis in Children: A Two-Center Cohort Study
Stiel C, Elrod J, Klinke M, Herrmann J, Junge C, Ghadban T, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
FRONT PEDIATR. 2020;8:592892.

Lithocholic bile acid induces apoptosis in human nephroblastoma cells: a non-selective treatment option
Trah J, Arand J, Oh J, Pagerols-Raluy L, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Heidelbach H, Vincent D, Saleem M, Reinshagen K, Mühlig A, Boettcher M
SCI REP-UK. 2020;10(1):20349.

The Impact of Oral Sodium Chloride Supplementation on Thrive and the Intestinal Microbiome in Neonates With Small Bowel Ostomies: A Prospective Cohort Study
Trautmann T, Bang C, Franke A, Vincent D, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2020;11:1421.

Ileumpouch bei Patienten mit Zuelzer-Wilson-Syndrom – Bedeutung für die Patienten?
Wenskus J, Burmester G, Staude C, Krebs T, Reinshagen K
MONATSSCHR KINDERH. 2020;168(11):1032-1039.

Degradation of Extracellular DNA Significantly Ameliorates Necrotizing Enterocolitis Severity in Mice
Klinke M, Vincent D, Trochimiuk M, Appl B, Tiemann B, Bergholz R, Reinshagen K, Boettcher M
J SURG RES. 2019;235:513-520.

Rescue Nuss procedure for inferior vena cava compression syndrome following posterior scoliosis surgery in Marfan syndrome
Löhnhardt M, Hättich A, Andresen A, Stangenberg M, Mir T, Reinshagen K, Dreimann M
EUR SPINE J. 2019;28(Suppl 2):31-36.

angeborene Zwerchfellhernie
Reinshagen K, Lüers S
2019. OP Handbuch. Liehn M, Lengersdorf B, Steinmüller L, Döhler R (Hrsg.). 7. Aufl. Berlin: Springer, 616-619.

Tissue-resident Eomes+ NK cells are the major innate lymphoid cell population in human infant intestine
Sagebiel A, Steinert F, Lunemann S, Körner C, Schreurs R, Altfeld M, Perez D, Reinshagen K, Bunders M
NAT COMMUN. 2019;10(1):975.

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