Satellite Symposium on "Innate and Adaptive Signals received via the γδ TCR and αβ TCR" - 7th September 2022 - Hannover

The Satellite Symposium has been organized by the γδ T cell research group (FOR2799) as part of the upcoming joined Symposium of the DGFI & ÖGAI in Hannover.

The participants discusses and compared αβ versus γδ TCR signaling and ligands, their innate versus adaptive functions, development, tissue-residency and therapeutic applications.

Professor Yueh-hsiu Chien and Professor Mark Davis (both from Stanford), who co-discovered the γδ and αβ TCR, respectively, Professor Peter Steinberger (Med University Vienna) and Professor Wolfgang Schamel (University of Freiburg) participated as key note speakers. Further selected talks and a poster session allowed aficionados and interested newbies to exchange ideas on current topics in the field.

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2nd International EFIS/EJI FOR2799 Workshop “Receiving and Translating Signals via the γδ TCR”

The workshop was organized by the DFG-funded consortium FOR2799 in collaboration with the University of Palermo and University of Milano. We also received patronage and financial support from the European Federation of Immunological Societies, the European Journal of Immunology, the Society of Leukocyte Biology and the biotech sponsors ImCheck, Gadeta, In8bio, and Evobright.

Our vision was to provide a platform for the European γδ T cell community to exchange ideas and unpublished data and to network. All talks and poster presentations were selected from submitted abstracts and grouped into sessions comprising γδ TCR signaling, γδ TCR profiling, γδ TCR ligands, γδ T cell development, homeostasis of tissue-resident γδ T cells, γδ TCR responding to infection and tumors, and therapeutic protocols targeting γδ T cells.

Congratulations to the >30 young and bright receipients of travel awards, the future is yours!

Here you can find the program of the workshop and the list of the speakers.

For further information please contact Dr. Cristiana Cicoria or visit our website