Fortbildungen der Klinik für Kinderchirurgie

Lab MeetingMontags 14:45-15:30
"Morbidity & Mortality" KonferenzEinmal im Quartal
Interdisziplinäre Fallkonferenz, Journal ClubFreitags 14:45-15:30
TumorboardDonnerstags 15:00-16:30
LeberkonferenzDienstags 16:00-17:00
ICU-KonferenzMittwochs 12:00-12:45
PränatalkonferenzMittwochs 16.00-17:00
Pulmo-BoardDonnerstag 17:00-18:00
Urologie/Nephro-KonferenzMittwochs 08:30-09:15
AllgemeinpädiatrieMittwochs 13.15-14:00


28.11. bis 29.11.2019 Third International Conference on Pediatric Liver Disease
During this year´s symposium, we will specifically focus on secondary hepatopathies, ethics in pediatric liver transplantation and infections of the liver and the European Reference Network.

29.11. bis 30.11.2018 Second International Conference on Pediatric Liver Disease
We want to connect health care professionals engaged in pediatric hepatology, surgery and transplantation to gain insights into the latest diagnosis, treatment and up tp date research in pediatric live disease. In cooperation wird ERN - Rare Liver.

23.11. bis 24.11.2017 First International Conference on Pediatric Liver Disease
The goal of the symposium is to meet specialists from pediatric hepatology, pediatric surgery and transplant surgery.