The Graduiertenkolleg "Individualized Cardiovascular Medicine"

The Graduiertenkolleg "Individualized Cardiovascular Medicine" of the Cardiovascular Research Center provides

Scholarships for medical students in experimental laboratory work .
.12 month-experimental M. D. thesis on innovative cardiovascular projects
. Supervision by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians and basic scientists
. Regular seminars to improve the general scientific education
. Journal clubs to critically evaluate recently published scientific articles
. CVRC and DZHK seminar series to obtain a broad overview of recent scientific projects and
meet experts in the cardiovascular field
. Scientific lectures from invited, external speakers
. Financial support in form of a 800€/month scholarship

The call for applications is closed for 2019

The next funding period will start in October 2020.

For further information please click here Flyer General information for students

or contact Ms. Claudia Kaß:, phone +49 40 7410 - 51391,,


Dezember 2017

Our congratulations to Sebastian Weiss, participant of the CVRC Graduiertenkolleg in 2014-2015, who has graduated with "summa cum laude" in December 2017.
He is first author of the article "The complement receptor C5aR1 contributes to renal damage but protects the heart in angiotensin II-induced hypertension", Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2016).