6. Mai 2021, um 14 Uhr

FOR 2419 - Seminar

Prof. Tommaso Patriarchi, Zurich

Genetically encoded tools for high-resolution in vivo imaging of dopamine dynamics

Online via ZOOM (Details will follow by email.)

18. Mai 2021, um 16 Uhr


Prof. Alexander Schlaefer, TUHH, Hamburg

Robotics and AI in medicine: from simple classification to autonomous systems

Online via ZOOM (Details will follow by email.)

Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen 2021

THE DYNAMIC SYNAPSE – Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Plasticity and Stability Internationales Symposium der DFG-geförderten Forschungsgruppe FOR 2419

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NEW INSIGHTS FROM 3D ELECTRON MICROSCOPY - Does it Change the Cell Biology Textbooks? Meeting with panel discussion, Hosts: Michaela Schweizer, ZMNH and Kay Grünewald, CSSB

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Vergangene Seminare im ZMNH