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Potential role of the bitter taste receptor T2R14 in the prolonged survival and enhanced chemoresponsiveness induced by apigenin
Stern L, Boehme L, Goetz M, Nitschke C, Giannou A, Zhang T, Güngör C, Reeh M, Izbicki J, Fliegert R, Hausen A, Giese N, Hackert T, Niv M, Heinrich S, Gaida M, Ghadban T
INT J ONCOL. 2023;62(1):.

Human dental pulp cells modulate CD8+ T cell proliferation and efficiently degrade extracellular ATP to adenosine in vitro
Ahmadi P, Yan M, Bauche A, Smeets R, Müller C, Koch-Nolte F, Haag F, Fliegert R, Kluwe L, Schulze Zur Wiesch J, Hartjen P
CELL IMMUNOL. 2022;380:.

Role of Liver CD38 in the Regulation of Metabolic Pathways during Cold-Induced Thermogenesis in Mice
Benzi A, Spinelli S, Sturla L, Heine M, Fischer A, Koch-Nolte F, Mittrücker H, Guse A, De Flora A, Heeren J, Bruzzone S
CELLS-BASEL. 2022;11(23):.

Predicting Actual Social Skill Expression from Personality and Skill Self-Concepts
Breil S, Mielke I, Ahrens H, Geldmacher T, Sensmeier J, Marschall B, Back M
J INTELL-BASEL. 2022;10(3):.

P2X4 and P2X7 are essential players in basal T cell activity and Ca2+ signaling milliseconds after T cell activation
Brock V, Wolf I, Er-Lukowiak M, Lory N, Stähler T, Woelk L, Mittrücker H, Müller C, Koch-Nolte F, Rissiek B, Werner R, Guse A, Diercks B
SCI ADV. 2022;8(5):.

Final-year medical students' self-assessment of facets of competence for beginning residents
Bußenius L, Harendza S, van den Bussche H, Selch S
BMC MED EDUC. 2022;22(1):.

Evaluating the Global Rating scale's psychometric properties to assess communication skills of undergraduate medical students in video-recorded simulated patient encounters
Bußenius L, Kadmon M, Berberat P, Harendza S
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2022;105(3):750-755.

Cold-Induced Lipoprotein Clearance in Cyp7b1-Deficient Mice
Evangelakos I, Kuhl A, Baguhl M, Schlein C, John C, Rohde J, Heine M, Worthmann A
FRONT CELL DEV BIOL. 2022;10(10):836741.

Validation of the ComCare index for rater-based assessment of medical communication and interpersonal skills
Gärtner J, Bußenius L, Schick K, Prediger S, Kadmon M, Berberat P, Harendza S
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2022;105(4):1004-1008.

A Critical Role of the IL-22-IL-22 Binding Protein Axis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Giannou A, Lücke J, Kleinschmidt D, Shiri A, Steglich B, Nawrocki M, Zhang T, Zazara D, Kempski J, Zhao L, Giannou O, Agalioti T, Brockmann L, Bertram F, Sabihi M, Böttcher M, Ewald F, Schulze K, von Felden J, Machicote A, Maroulis I, Arck P, Graß J, Mercanoglu B, Reeh M, Wolter S, Tachezy M, Seese H, Theodorakopoulou M, Lykoudis P, Heumann A, Uzunoglu F, Ghadban T, Mann O, Izbicki J, Li J, Duprée A, Melling N, Gagliani N, Huber S
CANCERS. 2022;14(24):.

Three-Dimensional Model of Sub-Plasmalemmal Ca2+ Microdomains Evoked by T Cell Receptor/CD3 Complex Stimulation
Gil D, Diercks B, Guse A, Dupont G

How good are medical students at communicating risk? An implementation study at three German medical schools
Groene O, Bergelt C, Ehrhardt M
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2022;105(1):128-135.

Attitude and communication skills of German medical students
Groene O, Ehrhardt M, Bergelt C
BMC RES NOTES. 2022;15(1):11.

Reliability and validity of new online selection tests for midwifery students
Groene O, Knorr M, Vogel D, Hild C, Hampe W
MIDWIFERY. 2022;106:.

Associations between communication OSCE performance and admission interviews in medical education
Groene O, Mielke I, Knorr M, Ehrhardt M, Bergelt C
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2022;105(7):2270 - 2275.

NAADP-Evoked Ca2+ Signaling: The DUOX2-HN1L/JPT2-Ryanodine Receptor 1 Axis
Guse A
Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2022 [Epub ahead of print].

NAADP Signaling: New Kids on the Block
Guse A
CELLS-BASEL. 2022;11(6):.

Tuning TPC2
Guse A
CELL CALCIUM. 2022;108:.

Macrophage invasion here, there and everywhere
Hernandez L, Sáez P

Chronic pain in osteoarthritis of the hip is associated with selective cognitive impairment
Kazim M, Strahl A, Moritz S, Arlt S, Niemeier A
ARCH ORTHOP TRAUM SU. 2022 [Epub ahead of print].

Zum Einfluss von Partnerschaft auf Burnout und Gratifikationskrisen bei Ärzten und Ärztinnen in fachärztlicher Weiterbildung unter Berücksichtigung der Aufteilung von beruflicher Tätigkeit und Hausarbeit
Kocalevent R, Schmitz A, Selch S, Boczor S, Scherer M, van den Bussche H
Z PSYCHOSOM MED PSYC. 2022;68(4):340-349.

TRPM2 Is Not Required for T-Cell Activation and Differentiation
Lory N, Nawrocki M, Corazza M, Schmid J, Schumacher V, Bedke T, Menzel S, Koch-Nolte F, Guse A, Huber S, Mittrücker H
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2022;12:.

c-Abl Activation Linked to Autophagy-Lysosomal Dysfunction Contributes to Neurological Impairment in Niemann-Pick Type A Disease
Marín T, Dulcey A, Campos F, de la Fuente C, Acuña M, Castro J, Pinto C, Yañez M, Cortez C, McGrath D, Sáez P, Gorshkov K, Zheng W, Southall N, Carmo-Fonseca M, Marugán J, Alvarez A, Zanlungo S

Assessing distinguishable social skills in medical admission: does construct-driven development solve validity issues of situational judgment tests?
Mielke I, Breil S, Amelung D, Espe L, Knorr M
BMC MED EDUC. 2022;22(1):293.

Can Different Admissions to Medical School Predict Performance of Non-Technical Skill Performance in Simulated Clinical Settings?
Moll-Khosrawi P, Hampe W, Schulte-Uentrop L, Zöllner C, Zimmermann S, Huelmann T

Fat Quantification in Dual-Layer Detector Spectral Computed Tomography: Experimental Development and First In-Patient Validation
Molwitz I, Campbell G, Yamamura J, Knopp T, Toedter K, Fischer R, Wang Z, Busch A, Ozga A, Zhang S, Lindner T, Sevecke F, Grosser M, Adam G, Szwargulski P
INVEST RADIOL. 2022;57(7):463-469.

Daily dynamics of grandiose narcissism: distribution, stability, and trait relations of admiration and rivalry states and state contingencies
Mota S, Mielke I, Kroencke L, Geukes K, Nestler S, Back M
EUR J PERSONALITY. 2022 [Epub ahead of print].

The Calcium-Sensing Receptor Stabilizes Podocyte Function in Proteinuric Humans and Mice
Mühlig A, Steingröver J, Heidelbach H, Wingerath M, Sachs W, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Meyer-Schwesinger C, Choi H, Lim B, Patry C, Hoffmann G, Endlich N, Bracke K, Weiß M, Guse A, Lassé M, Rinschen M, Braun F, Huber T, Puelles V, Schmitt C, Oh J
KIDNEY INT. 2022;101(6):1186-1199.

Apoptotic brown adipocytes enhance energy expenditure via extracellular inosine
Niemann B, Haufs-Brusberg S, Puetz L, feickert m, Jaeckstein M, Hoffmann A, Zurkovic J, Heine M, Trautmann E, Müller C, Tönies A, Schlein C, Jafari A, Eltzsching H, Gnad T, Blüher M, Krahmer N, Kovacs P, Heeren J, Pfeifer A
NATURE. 2022;609(7926):361–368.

Diagnostic potential of extracellular vesicles in meningioma patients
Ricklefs F, Maire C, Wollmann K, Dührsen L, Fita K, Sahm F, Herold-Mende C, von Deimling A, Kolbe K, Holz M, Bergmann L, Fuh M, Schlüter H, Alawi M, Reimer R, Sven P, Glatzel M, Westphal M, Lamszus K
NEURO-ONCOLOGY. 2022;24(12):2078-2090.

cADPR Does Not Activate TRPM2
Riekehr W, Sander S, Pick J, Tidow H, Bauche A, Guse A, Fliegert R
INT J MOL SCI. 2022;23(6):.

Pregnancy-induced maternal microchimerism shapes neurodevelopment and behavior in mice
Schepanski S, Chini M, Sternemann V, Urbschat C, Thiele K, Sun T, Zhao Y, Poburski M, Woestemeier A, Thieme M, Zazara D, Alawi M, Fischer N, Heeren J, Vladimirov N, Woehler A, Puelles V, Bonn S, Gagliani N, Hanganu-Opatz I, Arck P
NAT COMMUN. 2022;13(1):.

CMYA5 is a novel interaction partner of FHL2 in cardiac myocytes
Stathopoulou K, Schnittger J, Raabe J, Fleischer F, Mangels N, Piasecki A, Findlay J, Hartmann K, Krasemann S, Schlossarek S, Uebeler J, Wixler V, Blake D, Baillie G, Carrier L, Ehler E, Cuello F
FEBS J. 2022;289(15):4622-4645.

Mid-term improvement of cognitive performance after total hip arthroplasty in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip: A prospective cohort study
Strahl A, Kazim M, Kattwinkel N, Hauskeller W, Moritz S, Arlt S, Niemeier A
BONE JOINT J. 2022;104-B(3):331-340.

Increased concentrations of conjugated bile acids are associated with osteoporosis in PSC patients
Stürznickel J, Behler-Janbeck F, Baranowsky A, Schmidt T, Schwinge D, John C, Lohse A, Schramm C, Heeren J, Schinke T, Amling M
SCI REP-UK. 2022;12(1):.

P2X7 is expressed on human innate-like T lymphocytes and mediates susceptibility to ATP-induced cell death
Winzer R, Serracant-Prat A, Brock V, Pinto-Espinoza C, Rissiek B, Amadi M, Eich N, Rissiek A, Schneider E, Magnus T, Guse A, Diercks B, Koch-Nolte F, Tolosa E
EUR J IMMUNOL. 2022;52(11):1805-1818.

Dekonvolution von Mikroskopiedaten bei niedrigem Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis
Woelk L, Diercks B, Werner R
BIOspektrum. 2022;2022(28):720-722.

Replication of SARS-CoV-2 in adipose tissue determines organ and systemic lipid metabolism in hamsters and humans
Zickler M, Stanelle-Bertram S, Ehret S, Heinrich F, Lange P, Schaumburg B, Kouassi N, Beck S, Jaeckstein M, Mann O, Krasemann S, Schroeder M, Jarczak D, Nierhaus A, Kluge S, Peschka M, Schlüter H, Renné T, Pueschel K, Kloetgen A, Scheja L, Ondruschka B, Heeren J, Gabriel G
CELL METAB. 2022;34(1):1-2.

Mouse CD38-Specific Heavy Chain Antibodies Inhibit CD38 GDPR-Cyclase Activity and Mediate Cytotoxicity Against Tumor Cells
Baum N, Eggers M, Koenigsdorf J, Menzel S, Hambach J, Staehler T, Fliegert R, Kulow F, Adam G, Haag F, Bannas P, Koch-Nolte F
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:.

Daratumumab and Nanobody-Based Heavy Chain Antibodies Inhibit the ADPR Cyclase but not the NAD+ Hydrolase Activity of CD38-Expressing Multiple Myeloma Cells
Baum N, Fliegert R, Bauche A, Hambach J, Menzel S, Haag F, Bannas P, Koch-Nolte F
CANCERS. 2021;13(1):.

Role of CD38 in Adipose Tissue: Tuning Coenzyme Availability?
Benzi A, Grozio A, Spinelli S, Sturla L, Guse A, De Flora A, Zocchi E, Heeren J, Bruzzone S
NUTRIENTS. 2021;13(11):.

CD38 downregulation modulates NAD+ and NADP(H) levels in thermogenic adipose tissues
Benzi A, Sturla L, Heine M, Fischer A, Spinelli S, Magnone M, Sociali G, Parodi A, Fenoglio D, Emionite L, Koch-Nolte F, Mittrücker H, Guse A, De Flora A, Zocchi E, Heeren J, Bruzzone S
BBA-MOL CELL BIOL L. 2021;1866(1):158819.

Are different medical school admission tests associated with the outcomes of a simulation-based OSCE?
Bußenius L, Harendza S
BMC MED EDUC. 2021;21(1):263.

Nanoparticle-mediated targeting of autoantigen peptide to cross-presenting liver sinusoidal endothelial cells protects from CD8 T-cell-driven autoimmune cholangitis
Carambia A, Gottwick C, Schwinge D, Stein S, Digigow R, Şeleci M, Mungalpara D, Heine M, Schuran F, Corban C, Lohse A, Schramm C, Heeren J, Herkel J
IMMUNOLOGY. 2021;162(4):452-463.

The first junior European Calcium Society meeting: calcium research across scales, Kingdoms and countries
Diercks B, Jensen H, Chalmers S, Coode E, Vaughan M, Tadayon R, Sáez P, Davis F, Brohus M
BBA-MOL CELL RES. 2021;1868(6):118999.

CD4+ Tregs may be essential for solving astrocyte glial scar deadlock
Edwar-Mickael M, Kubick N
NEURAL REGEN RES. 2021;16(12):2563.

Role of bile acids in inflammatory liver diseases
Evangelakos I, Heeren J, Verkade E, Kuipers F
SEMIN IMMUNOPATHOL. 2021;43(4):577-590.

Oxysterol 7-α Hydroxylase (CYP7B1) Attenuates Metabolic-Associated Fatty Liver Disease in Mice at Thermoneutrality
Evangelakos I, Schwinge D, Worthmann A, John C, Roeder N, Pertzborn P, Behrens J, Schramm C, Scheja L, Heeren J
CELLS-BASEL. 2021;10(10):2656.

Lysosomal lipoprotein processing in endothelial cells stimulates adipose tissue thermogenic adaptation
Fischer A, Jaeckstein M, Gottschling K, Heine M, Sass F, Mangels N, Schlein C, Worthmann A, Bruns O, Yuan Y, Zhu H, Chen O, Ittrich H, Nilsson S, Stefanicka P, Ukropec J, Balaz M, Dong H, Sun W, Reimer R, Scheja L, Heeren J
CELL METAB. 2021;33(3):547-564.e7.

Three-Dimensional Model of Sub-Plasmalemmal Ca2+ Microdomains Evoked by the Interplay Between ORAI1 and InsP3 Receptors
Gil D, Guse A, Dupont G
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:.

Dual NADPH oxidases DUOX1 and DUOX2 synthesize NAADP and are necessary for Ca2+ signaling during T cell activation
Gu F, Krüger A, Roggenkamp H, Alpers R, Lodygin D, Jaquet V, Möckl F, Hernandez C L, Winterberg K, Bauche A, Rosche A, Grasberger H, Kao J, Schetelig D, Werner R, Schröder K, Carty M, Bowie A, Huber S, Meier C, Mittrücker H, Heeren J, Krause K, Flügel A, Diercks B, Guse A
SCI SIGNAL. 2021;14(709):.

Mechanisms and functions of calcium microdomains produced by ORAI channels, d-myo-inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors, or ryanodine receptors
Guse A, Gil Montoya D, Diercks B
PHARMACOL THERAPEUT. 2021;223:107804.

Spatio-temporal feature learning with reservoir computing for T-cell segmentation in live-cell Ca2+ fluorescence microscopy
Hadaeghi F, Diercks B, Schetelig D, Damicelli F, Wolf I, Werner R
SCI REP-UK. 2021;11(1):.

Pannexin Channel Regulation of Cell Migration: Focus on Immune Cells
Harcha P, López-López T, Palacios A, Sáez P
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:.

General population’s knowledge about the anatomical locations of organs and medical terms today and 50 years ago: a replication study
Harendza S, Münter A, Bußenius L, Bittner A
GMS J MED EDU. 2021;38(5):Doc94.

Isthmin 1 - a novel insulin-like adipokine
Heeren J, Scheja L
NAT REV ENDOCRINOL. 2021;17(12):709-710.

Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease and lipoprotein metabolism
Heeren J, Scheja L
MOL METAB. 2021;50:101238.

Trends of Anger and Physical Aggression in Russian Women During COVID-19 Lockdown
Klimovich-Mickael A, Kubick N, Milanesi E, Dobre M, Łazarczyk M, Wijas B, Sacharczuk M, Mickael M
Global Women's Health. 2021;2:698151.

Der Einfluss von Elternstatus, erlebter Unterstützung und Befristung auf das Belastungserleben und die Karriereentwicklung von Ärztinnen und Ärzten am Ende der Weiterbildung
Kocalevent R, Grande N, Selch S, Nehls S, Meyer J, Boczor S, Scherer M, Bussche van den H
GESUNDHEITSWESEN. 2021 [Epub ahead of print];2021:.

Berufsverlaufs- und Lebenszufriedenheit von Ärztinnen in fachärztlicher Weiterbildung mit Kindern im Vergleich zu ihren männlichen Kollegen: Eine longitudinale Untersuchung im Rahmen der KarMed-Studie.
Kocalevent R, Pawlik J, Selch S, Nehls S, Meyer J, Boczor S, Scherer M, van den Bussche H
Z EVIDENZ FORTBILD Q. 2021 [Epub ahead of print];2021:.

Investigation of Evolutionary History and Origin of the Tre1 Family Suggests a Role in Regulating Hemocytes Cells Infiltration of the Blood-Brain Barrier
Kubick N, Klimovich P, Bieńkowska I, Poznanski P, Łazarczyk M, Sacharczuk M, Mickael M
INSECTS. 2021;12(10):.

Interleukins and Interleukin Receptors Evolutionary History and Origin in Relation to CD4+ T Cell Evolution
Kubick N, Klimovich P, Flournoy P, Bieńkowska I, Łazarczyk M, Sacharczuk M, Bhaumik S, Mickael M, Basu R
GENES-BASEL. 2021;12(6):813.

2-Methoxyestradiol and its derivatives inhibit store-operated Ca2+ entry in T cells: identification of a new and potent inhibitor
Löhndorf A, Hosang L, Dohle W, Odoardi F, Waschkowski S, Rosche A, Bauche A, Winzer R, Tolosa E, Windhorst S, Marry S, Flügel A, Potter B, Diercks B, Guse A
BBA-MOL CELL RES. 2021;1868(6):118988.

Rationalizing heptadecaphobia: TH 17 cells and associated cytokines in cancer and metastasis
Lücke J, Shiri A, Zhang T, Kempski J, Giannou A, Huber S
FEBS J. 2021;288(24):6942-6971.

Genome-wide methylation profiling of glioblastoma cell-derived extracellular vesicle DNA allows tumor classification
Maire C, Fuh M, Kaulich K, Fita K, Stevic I, Heiland D, Welsh J, Jones J, Görgens A, Ricklefs T, Dührsen L, Sauvigny T, Joosse S, Reifenberger G, Pantel K, Glatzel M, Miklosi A, Felce J, Caselli M, Pereno V, Reimer R, Schlüter H, Westphal M, Schüller U, Lamszus K, Ricklefs F
NEURO-ONCOLOGY. 2021;23(7):1087-1099.

Paracellular and Transcellular Leukocytes Diapedesis Are Divergent but Interconnected Evolutionary Events
Mickael M, Kubick N, Klimovich P, Flournoy P, Bieńkowska I, Sacharczuk M
GENES-BASEL. 2021;12(2):.

Do Narcissists Self-Enhance? Disentangling the Associations Between Narcissism and Positive Versus Enhanced Self-Views Across Aspects of Narcissism, Content Domains, and Comparison Criteria
Mielke I, Humberg S, Leckelt M, Geukes K, Back M
SOC PSYCHOL PERS SCI. 2021;12(5):580-592.

Understanding Why All Types of Motivation Are Necessary in Advanced Anaesthesiology Training Levels and How They Influence Job Satisfaction: Translation of the Self-Determination Theory to Healthcare
Moll-Khosrawi P, Zimmermann S, Zoellner C, Schulte-Uentrop L

Trans-Ned 19-Mediated Antagonism of Nicotinic Acid Adenine Nucleotide—Mediated Calcium Signaling Regulates Th17 Cell Plasticity in Mice
Nawrocki M, Lory N, Bedke T, Stumme F, Diercks B, Guse A, Meier C, Gagliani N, Mittrücker H, Huber S
CELLS-BASEL. 2021;10(11):.

Editorial: The Versatile Role of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide in Immunity
Rissiek B, Guse A, Adriouch S, Bruzzone S
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:810280.

Comment on “Mice Lacking the Purinergic Receptor P2X5 Exhibit Defective Inflammasome Activation and Early Susceptibility to Listeria monocytogenes”
Rissiek B, Heeren J, Koch-Nolte F, Mittrücker H, Magnus T
J IMMUNOL. 2021;206(4):.

HN1L/JPT2: A signaling protein that connects NAADP generation to Ca2+ microdomain formation
Roggenkamp H, Khansahib I, Hernandez C L, Zhang Y, Lodygin D, Krüger A, Gu F, Möckl F, Löhndorf A, Wolters V, Woike D, Rosche A, Bauche A, Schetelig D, Werner R, Schlüter H, Failla A, Meier C, Fliegert R, Walseth T, Flügel A, Diercks B, Guse A
SCI SIGNAL. 2021;14(675):.

Health literacy: an update
Rudd R, Groene O, Navarro Rubio M, Reid S
2021 [Epub ahead of print]. Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Sixteenth Edition. 16. Aufl. New York: McGraw-Hill, New York, 488-494.

Changing scientific meetings for the better
Sarabipour S, Khan A, Seah Y, Mwakilili A, Mumoki F, Sáez P, Schwessinger B, Debat H, Mestrovic T
NAT HUM BEHAV. 2021;5(3):296-300.

TFEB-deficiency attenuates mitochondrial degradation upon brown adipose tissue whitening at thermoneutrality
Sass F, Schlein C, Jaeckstein M, Pertzborn P, Schweizer M, Schinke T, Ballabio A, Scheja L, Heeren J, Fischer A
MOL METAB. 2021;47:101173.

Endothelial Lipase Is Involved in Cold-Induced High-Density Lipoprotein Turnover and Reverse Cholesterol Transport in Mice
Schaltenberg N, John C, Heine M, Haumann F, Rinninger F, Scheja L, Heeren J, Worthmann A
FRONT CARDIOVASC MED. 2021;8:628235.

Endogenous Fatty Acid Synthesis Drives Brown Adipose Tissue Involution
Schlein C, Fischer A, Sass F, Worthmann A, Tödter K, Jaeckstein M, Behrens J, Lynes M, Kiebish M, Narain N, Bussberg V, Jespersen N, Nielsen S, Scheele C, Schweizer M, Braren I, Bartelt A, Tseng Y, Heeren J, Scheja L
CELL REP. 2021;34(2):108624.

Spinocerebellar ataxia type 14: refining clinicogenetic diagnosis in a rare adult-onset disorder
Schmitz-Hübsch T, Lux S, Bauer P, Brandt A, Schlapakow E, Greschus S, Scheel M, Gärtner H, Kirlangic M, Gras V, Timmann D, Synofzik M, Giorgetti A, Carloni P, Shah J, Schöls L, Kopp U, Bußenius L, Oberwahrenbrock T, Zimmermann H, Pfueller C, Kadas E, Rönnefarth M, Grosch A, Endres M, Amunts K, Paul F, Doss S, Minnerop M
ANN CLIN TRANSL NEUR. 2021;8(4):774-789.

CD73-mediated adenosine production by CD8 T cell-derived extracellular vesicles constitutes an intrinsic mechanism of immune suppression
Schneider E, Winzer R, Rissiek A, Ricklefs I, Meyer-Schwesinger C, Ricklefs F, Bauche A, Behrends J, Reimer R, Brenna S, Wasielewski H, Lauten M, Rissiek B, Puig B, Cortesi F, Magnus T, Fliegert R, Müller C, Gagliani N, Tolosa E
NAT COMMUN. 2021;12(1):5911.

Self-reported health literacy and medication adherence in older adults: a systematic review
Schönfeld M, Pfisterer-Heise S, Bergelt C
BMJ OPEN. 2021;11(12):.

Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activity in Hepatocytes Sensitizes to Hyperacute Acetaminophen-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice
Schuran F, Lommetz C, Steudter A, Ghallab A, Wieschendorf B, Schwinge D, Zuehlke S, Reinders J, Heeren J, Lohse A, Schramm C, Herkel J, Carambia A
CELL MOL GASTROENTER. 2021;11(2):371-388.

On the attractiveness of working as a GP and rural doctor including admission pathways to medical school – results of a German nationwide online survey among medical students in their “Practical Year”
Selch S, Pfisterer-Heise S, Hampe W, Bussche van den H
GMS J MED EDU. 2021;38(6):Doc102.

NAADP: From Discovery to Mechanism
Walseth T, Guse A
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2021;12:703326.

Time-Dependent Image Restoration of Low-SNR Live-Cell Ca2+ Fluorescence Microscopy Data
Woelk L, Kannabiran S, Brock V, Gee C, Lohr C, Guse A, Diercks B, Werner R
INT J MOL SCI. 2021;22:.

Stimulation of Local Cytosolic Calcium Release by Photothermal Heating for Studying Intra- and Intercellular Calcium Waves
Zhu D, Feng L, Feliu N, Guse A, Parak W
ADV MATER. 2021;33(24):e2008261.

Apolipoprotein E4 disrupts the neuroprotective action of sortilin in neuronal lipid metabolism and endocannabinoid signaling
Asaro A, Carlo-Spiewok A, Malik A, Rothe M, Schipke C, Peters O, Heeren J, Willnow T
ALZHEIMERS DEMENT. 2020;16(9):1248-1258.

Synthesis of phosphonoacetate analogues of the second messenger adenosine 5'-diphosphate ribose (ADPR)
Baszczyňski O, Watt J, Rozewitz M, Fliegert R, Guse A, Potter B
RSC ADV. 2020;10(3):1776-1785.

Perspektiven und Probleme von Ärztinnen und Ärzten in Weiterbildung: Welche beruflichen Präferenzen haben Ärztinnen und Ärzte nach sechs Jahren Weiterbildungszeit – welche Arbeitsmodelle streben sie an? Antworten gibt die KarMed-Studie, die regelmäßig Karrieren von Weiterzubildenden vom Berufseinstieg bis zur fachärztlichen Anerkennung untersucht.
Boczor S, Kocalevent R, Selch S, Bussche van den H
Hamb Ärztebl. 2020;74(02):15-17.

Brown adipose tissue lipoprotein and glucose disposal is not determined by thermogenesis in uncoupling protein 1-deficient mice
Fischer A, Behrens J, Sass F, Schlein C, Heine M, Pertzborn P, Scheja L, Heeren J
J LIPID RES. 2020;61(11):1377-1389.

Leptin: Is It Thermogenic?
Fischer A, Cannon B, Nedergaard J
ENDOCR REV. 2020;41(2):.

Thermoneutrality-Induced Macrophage Accumulation in Brown Adipose Tissue Does Not Impair the Tissue's Competence for Cold-Induced Thermogenic Recruitment
Fischer A, de Jong J, Sass F, Schlein C, Heeren J, Petrovic N
FRONT ENDOCRINOL. 2020;11:568682.

Does Cyclic ADP-Ribose (cADPR) Activate the Non-selective Cation Channel TRPM2?
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