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Systematic Analysis of Jurkat T-Cell Deformation in Fluorescence Microscopy Data
Antoni S, Ismail O, Schetelig D, Diercks B, Werner R, Wolf I, Guse A, Schlaefer A
2017. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2017. Maier-Hain K, Deserno T, Handels H, Thomas T (Hrsg.). 1. Aufl. Springer, 275-280.

Thermogenic adipocytes promote HDL turnover and reverse cholesterol transport
Bartelt A, John C, Schaltenberg N, Berbée J, Worthmann A, Cherradi M, Schlein C, Piepenburg J, Boon M, Rinninger F, Heine M, Toedter K, Niemeier A, Nilsson S, Fischer M, Wijers S, van Marken Lichtenbelt W, Scheja L, Rensen P, Heeren J
NAT COMMUN. 2017;8:15010.

Quantification of Bone Fatty Acid Metabolism and Its Regulation by Adipocyte Lipoprotein Lipase
Bartelt A, Koehne T, Tödter K, Reimer R, Müller B, Behler-Janbeck F, Heeren J, Scheja L, Niemeier A
INT J MOL SCI. 2017;18(6):.

Ultra-fast cell counters based on microtubular waveguides.
Bausch C, Heyn C, Hansen W, Wolf I, Diercks B, Guse A, Blick R
SCI REP-UK. 2017;7(41584):.

Metabolic Circuit Involving Free Fatty Acids, microRNA 122, and Triglyceride Synthesis in Liver and Muscle Tissues
Chai C, Rivkin M, Berkovits L, Simerzin A, Zorde-Khvalevsky E, Rosenberg N, Klein S, Yaish D, Durst R, Shpitzen S, Udi S, Tam J, Heeren J, Worthmann A, Schramm C, Kluwe J, Ravid R, Hornstein E, Giladi H, Galun E
GASTROENTEROLOGY. 2017;153(5):1404-1415.

Mag-Fluo4 in T cells: Imaging of intra-organelle free Ca(2+) concentrations
Diercks B, Fliegert R, Guse A
BBA-MOL CELL RES. 2017;1864(6):977-986.

2'-Deoxyadenosine 5'-diphosphoribose is an endogenous TRPM2 superagonist
Fliegert R, Bauche A, Wolf Pérez A, Watt J, Rozewitz M, Winzer R, Janus M, Gu F, Rosche A, Harneit A, Flato M, Moreau C, Kirchberger T, Wolters V, Potter B, Guse A
NAT CHEM BIOL. 2017;13(9):1036-1044.

Impact of non-transferrin-bound iron (NTBI) in comparison to serum ferritin on outcome after allogeneic stem cell transplantation (ASCT)
Hilken A, Langebrake C, Wolschke C, Kersten J, Rohde H, Nielsen P, Kröger N
ANN HEMATOL. 2017;96(8):1379-1388.

Histological Analysis
Johansson C, Röser K, Jimbo R, Hammarström Johansson P, Larsson L, Östberg A
2017. Comprehensive Biomaterials II. Ducheyne P, Healy K, Hutmacher D, Grainger D, Kirkpatrick C (Hrsg.). 2. Aufl. Oxford: 335-363.

An extended fatty liver index to predict non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Kantartzis K, Rettig I, Staiger H, Machann J, Schick F, Scheja L, Gastaldelli A, Bugianesi E, Peter A, Schulze M, Fritsche A, Häring H, Stefan N
DIABETES METAB. 2017;43(3):229-239.

TH17 Cell and Epithelial Cell Crosstalk during Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Carcinogenesis
Kempski J, Brockmann L, Gagliani N, Huber S
Front Immunol. 2017;8:1373.

A Protective Function of IL-22BP in Ischemia Reperfusion and Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury
Kleinschmidt D, Giannou A, McGee H, Kempski J, Steglich B, Huber F, Ernst T, Shiri A, Wegscheid C, Tasika E, Hübener P, Huber P, Bedke T, Steffens N, Agalioti T, Fuchs T, Noll J, Lotter H, Tiegs G, Lohse A, Axelrod J, Galun E, Flavell R, Gagliani N, Huber S
J IMMUNOL. 2017 [Epub ahead of print].

The TREM2-APOE Pathway Drives the Transcriptional Phenotype of Dysfunctional Microglia in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Krasemann S, Madore C, Cialic R, Baufeld C, Calcagno N, El Fatimy R, Beckers L, O'Loughlin E, Xu Y, Fanek Z, Greco D, Smith S, Tweet G, Humulock Z, Zrzavy T, Conde-Sanroman P, Gacias M, Weng Z, Chen H, Tjon E, Mazaheri F, Hartmann K, Madi A, Ulrich J, Glatzel M, Worthmann A, Heeren J, Budnik B, Lemere C, Ikezu T, Heppner F, Litvak V, Holtzman D, Lassmann H, Weiner H, Ochando J, Haass C, Butovsky O
IMMUNITY. 2017;47(3):566-581.e9.

MRI-based quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) and R2* mapping of liver iron overload Comparison with SQUID-based biomagnetic liver susceptometry
Sharma S, Fischer R, Schoennagel B, Nielsen P, Kooijman H, Yamamura J, Adam G, Bannas P, Hernando D, Reeder S
MAGN RESON MED. 2017;78(1):264-270.

Novel TRPM8 Agonist Cooling Compound Against Chronic Itch: Results from a Randomized, Double-blind, Controlled, Pilot Study in Dry Skin
Ständer S, Augustin M, Roggenkamp D, Blome C, Heitkemper T, Worthmann A, Neufang G
J EUR ACAD DERMATOL. 2017;31(2):294-303.

Cold-induced conversion of cholesterol to bile acids in mice shapes the gut microbiome and promotes adaptive thermogenesis
Worthmann A, John C, Rühlemann M, Baguhl M, Heinsen F, Schaltenberg N, Heine M, Schlein C, Evangelakos I, Mineo C, Fischer M, Dandri M, Kremoser C, Scheja L, Franke A, Shaul P, Heeren J
NAT MED. 2017;23(7):839-849.

Exosomal microRNA miR-92a concentration in serum reflects human brown fat activity
Chen Y, Buyel J, Hanssen M, Siegel F, Pan R, Naumann J, Schell M, van der Lans A, Schlein C, Froehlich H, Heeren J, Virtanen K, van Marken Lichtenbelt W, Pfeifer A
NAT COMMUN. 2016;7:11420.

Exploring the value and role of integrated supportive science courses in the reformed medical curriculum iMED: a mixed methods study
Eisenbarth S, Tilling T, Lueerss E, Meyer J, Sehner S, Guse A, Guse J
BMC MED EDUC. 2016;16:132.

Agrin mediates chondrocyte homeostasis and requires both LRP4 and α-dystroglycan to enhance cartilage formation in vitro and in vivo
Eldridge S, Nalesso G, Ismail H, Vicente-Greco K, Kabouridis P, Ramachandran M, Niemeier A, Herz J, Pitzalis C, Perretti M, Dell'Accio F
ANN RHEUM DIS. 2016;75(6):1228-35.

In vivo degeneration and the fate of inorganic nanoparticles
Feliu N, Docter D, Heine M, Del Pino P, Ashraf S, Kolosnjaj-Tabi J, Macchiarini P, Nielsen P, Alloyeau D, Gazeau F, Stauber R, Parak W
CHEM SENSES. 2016;45(9):2440-57.

No insulating effect of obesity
Fischer A, Csikasz R, von Essen G, Cannon B, Nedergaard J

Leptin Raises Defended Body Temperature without Activating Thermogenesis
Fischer A, Hoefig C, Abreu-Vieira G, de Jong J, Petrovic N, Mittag J, Cannon B, Nedergaard J
CELL REP. 2016;14(7):1621-31.

Novel Mouse Models of Methylmalonic Aciduria Recapitulate Phenotypic Traits with a Genetic Dosage Effect
Forny P, Schumann A, Mustedanagic M, Mathis D, Wulf M, Naegele N, Langhans C, Zhakupova A, Heeren J, Scheja L, Fingerhut R, Peters H, Hornemann T, Thony B, Koelker S, Burda P, Froese D, Devuyst O, Baumgartner M
J BIOL CHEM. 2016;291(39):20563-73.

Ca(2+) microdomains, NAADP and type 1 ryanodine receptor in cell activation.
Guse A, Wolf I
BBA-MOL CELL RES. 2016;1863(6):1379-1384.

Effects of Mentoring Speed Dating as an Innovative Matching Tool in Undergraduate Medical Education: A Mixed Methods Study
Guse J, Schweigert E, Kulms G, Heinen I, Martens C, Guse A
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(2):e0147444.

Investigation of the anti-obesity effect of Pueraria montana var. lobata
Houriet J, Buhlmann E, Rudigier C, Kiehlmann E, Radtke J, Heeren J, Friedemann T, Schröder S, Wolfrum C, Wolfender J
PLANTA MED. 2016;81(S 01):S1-S381.

Quantitative Activity Measurements of Brown Adipose Tissue at 7 T Magnetic Resonance Imaging After Application of Triglyceride-Rich Lipoprotein 59Fe-Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle: Intravenous Versus Intraperitoneal Approach
Jung C, Heine M, Freund B, Reimer R, Koziolek E, Kaul M, Kording F, Schumacher U, Weller H, Nielsen P, Adam G, Heeren J, Ittrich H
INVEST RADIOL. 2016;51(3):194-202.

Acquisition of dental skills in preclinical technique courses: influence of spatial and manual abilities
Kothe C, Schwibbe A, Hampe W, Konradt U
ADV HEALTH SCI EDUC. 2016;21(4):841-57.

Attenuated viral hepatitis in Trem1-/- mice is associated with reduced inflammatory activity of neutrophils
Kozik J, Trautmann T, Carambia A, Preti M, Lütgehetmann M, Krech T, Wiegard C, Heeren J, Herkel J
SCI REP-UK. 2016;6:28556.

Endocannabinoid regulation in white and brown adipose tissue following thermogenic activation
Krott L, Piscitelli F, Heine M, Borrino S, Scheja L, Silvestri C, Heeren J, Di Marzo V
J LIPID RES. 2016;57(3):464-73.

Dicer1-miR-328-Bace1 signalling controls brown adipose tissue differentiation and function
Oliverio M, Schmidt E, Mauer J, Baitzel C, Hansmeier N, Khani S, Konieczka S, Pradas-Juni M, Brodesser S, Van T, Bartsch D, Brönneke H, Heine M, Hilpert H, Tarcitano E, Garinis G, Frommolt P, Heeren J, Mori M, Brüning J, Kornfeld J
NAT CELL BIOL. 2016;18(3):328-36.

Resveratrol and Lifespan in Model Organisms
Pallauf K, Rimbach G, Rupp P, Chin D, Wolf I
CURR MED CHEM. 2016;23(41):4641-4682.

Magnetic Particle / Magnetic Resonance Imaging: In-Vitro MPI-Guided Real Time Catheter Tracking and 4D Angioplasty Using a Road Map and Blood Pool Tracer Approach
Salamon J, Hofmann M, Jung C, Kaul M, Werner F, Them K, Reimer R, Nielsen P, Vom Scheidt A, Adam G, Knopp T, Ittrich H
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(6):e0156899.

Metabolic interplay between white, beige, brown adipocytes and the liver
Scheja L, Heeren J
J HEPATOL. 2016;64(5):1176-86.

Insulin Regulates Hepatic Triglyceride Secretion and Lipid Content via Signaling in the Brain
Scherer T, Lindtner C, O'Hare J, Hackl M, Zielinski E, Freudenthaler A, Baumgartner-Parzer S, Tödter K, Heeren J, Krššák M, Scheja L, Fürnsinn C, Buettner C
DIABETES. 2016;65(6):1511-20.

Implications of thermogenic adipose tissues for metabolic health
Schlein C, Heeren J
BEST PRACT RES CL EN. 2016;30(4):487-496.

FGF21 Lowers Plasma Triglycerides by Accelerating Lipoprotein Catabolism in White and Brown Adipose Tissues
Schlein C, Talukdar S, Heine M, Fischer A, Krott L, Nilsson S, Brenner M, Heeren J, Scheja L
CELL METAB. 2016;23(3):441-53.

Peak Filling Rates Assessed by CMR Imaging Indicate Diastolic Dysfunction From Myocardial Iron Toxicity
Schoennagel B, Fischer R, Grosse R, Berliner C, Wehbe M, Kurio G, Lund G, Wang Z, Graessner J, Adam G, Yamamura J
JACC-CARDIOVASC IMAG. 2016;9(11):1353-1354.

Mitochondrial gene polymorphisms alter hepatic cellular energy metabolism and aggravate diet-induced non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Schröder T, Kucharczyk D, Bär F, Pagel R, Derer S, Jendrek S, Sünderhauf A, Brethack A, Hirose M, Möller S, Künstner A, Bischof J, Weyers I, Heeren J, Koczan D, Schmid S, Divanovic S, Giles D, Adamski J, Fellermann K, Lehnert H, Köhl J, Ibrahim S, Sina C
CELL METAB. 2016;5(4):283-95.

Utilizing immunoaffinity chromatography (IAC) cross-reactivity in GC-MS/MS exemplified at the measurement of prostaglandin E1 in human plasma using prostaglandin E2-specific IAC columns
Tsikas D, Suchy M, Tödter K, Heeren J, Scheja L

Basic Principles of Science in Medical Education - Development and Implementation of a Two Week Introductory Track
Vonneilich N, Dubben H, Kriston L, Guse A, von dem Knesebeck O
Creat Educ. 2016;7(6):831-837.

Are Exam Questions Known in Advance? Using Local Dependence to Detect Cheating
Zimmermann S, Klusmann D, Hampe W
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(12):e0167545.

Cidea improves the metabolic profile through expansion of adipose tissue
Abreu-Vieira G, Fischer A, Mattsson C, de Jong J, Shabalina I, Rydén M, Laurencikiene J, Arner P, Cannon B, Nedergaard J, Petrovic N
NAT COMMUN. 2015;6:Art. 7433.

The distribution and degradation of radiolabeled superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and quantum dots in mice
Bargheer D, Giemsa A, Freund B, Heine M, Waurisch C, Stachowski G, Hickey S, Eychmüller A, Heeren J, Nielsen P

The fate of a designed protein corona on nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo
Bargheer D, Nielsen J, Gébel G, Heine M, Salmen S, Stauber R, Weller H, Heeren J, Nielsen P

Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting alter hepatic lipid droplet proteome and diacylglycerol species and prevent diabetes in NZO mice
Baumeier C, Kaiser D, Heeren J, Scheja L, John C, Weise C, Eravci M, Lagerpusch M, Schulze G, Joost H, Schwenk R, Schürmann A
Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015;1851(5):566-76.

Brown fat activation reduces hypercholesterolaemia and protects from atherosclerosis development
Berbée J, Boon M, Khedoe P, Bartelt A, Schlein C, Worthmann A, Kooijman S, Hoeke G, Mol I, John C, Jung C, Vazirpanah N, Brouwers L, Gordts P, Esko J, Hiemstra P, Havekes L, Scheja L, Heeren J, Rensen P
NAT COMMUN. 2015;6:6356.

Bestimmung des hypophysären Eisengehaltes mittels Multi-Echo-MRT-R2 Messungen
Berliner C, Brehmer M, Fischer R, Grosse R, Karul M, Keller S, Schönnagel B, Wang J, Adam G, Yamamura J
ROFO-FORTSCHR RONTG. 2015;187(S 01):WISS105_1.

Nanoparticle-based autoantigen delivery to Treg-inducing liver sinusoidal endothelial cells enables control of autoimmunity in mice
Carambia A, Freund B, Schwinge D, Bruns O, Salmen S, Ittrich H, Reimer R, Heine M, Huber S, Waurisch C, Eychmüller A, Wraith D, Korn T, Nielsen P, Weller H, Schramm C, Lüth S, Lohse A, Heeren J, Herkel J
J HEPATOL. 2015;62(6):1349-1356.

ANGPTL4 mediates shuttling of lipid fuel to brown adipose tissue during sustained cold exposure
Dijk W, Heine M, Vergnes L, Boon M, Schaart G, Hesselink M, Reue K, van Marken Lichtenbelt W, Olivecrona G, Rensen P, Heeren J, Kersten S
ELIFE. 2015;4:.

Calcium mobilizing second messengers derived from NAD
Guse A
BBA-PROTEINS PROTEOM . 2015;1854(9):1132-1137.

Annual conference of the GMA, Hamburg
Hampe W, Kuhnigk O
GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015;32(2):Doc16.

Prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in four different weight related patient Groups: association with small bowel length and risk factors
Hillenbrand A, Kiebler B, Schwab C, Scheja L, Xu P, Henne-Bruns D, Wolf A, Knippschild U
BMC Res Notes. 2015;8:290.

Stimulation of soluble guanylyl cyclase protects against obesity by recruiting brown adipose tissue
Hoffmann L, Etzrodt J, Willkomm L, Sanyal A, Scheja L, Fischer A, Stasch J, Bloch W, Friebe A, Heeren J, Pfeifer A
NAT COMMUN. 2015;6:Art. 7235.

Site-1 protease-activated formation of lysosomal targeting motifs is independent of the lipogenic transcription control
Klünder S, Heeren J, Markmann S, Santer R, Braulke T, Pohl S
J LIPID RES. 2015;56(8):1625-32.

The trouble with validity: what is part of it and what is not?
Knorr M, Klusmann D
MED EDUC. 2015;49(6):550-2.

Apolipoprotein E promotes lipid accumulation and differentiation in human adipocytes
Lasrich D, Bartelt A, Grewal T, Heeren J
EXP CELL RES. 2015;337(1):94-102.

Diabetes prevalence in NZO females depends on estrogen action on liver fat content
Lubura M, Hesse D, Krämer M, Hallahan N, Schupp M, Loeffelholz C, Kriebel J, Rudovich N, Pfeiffer A, John C, Scheja L, Heeren J, Koliaki C, Roden M, Schürmann A
AM J PHYSIOL ENDOCRINOL METAB. 2015;309(12):E968-E980.

Lrp1/LDL receptor play critical roles in mannose 6-phosphate-independent lysosomal enzyme targeting
Markmann S, Thelen M, Cornils K, Schweizer M, Brocke-Ahmadinejad N, Willnow T, Heeren J, Gieselmann V, Braulke T, Kollmann K
TRAFFIC. 2015.

Determination of liver-specific r2 * of a highly monodisperse USPIO by (59) Fe iron core-labeling in mice at 3 T MRI
Raabe N, Forberich E, Freund B, Bruns O, Heine M, Kaul M, Tromsdorf U, Herich L, Nielsen P, Reimer R, Hohenberg H, Weller H, Schumacher U, Adam G, Ittrich H
CONTRAST MEDIA MOL I. 2015;10:153-62.

Arginine and NASH--do macrophages deliver the first hit?
Scheja L, Kluwe J
J HEPATOL. 2015;62(2):260-1.

A Modular Framework for Post-Processing and Analysis of Fluorescence Microscopy Image Sequences of Subcellular Calcium Dynamics
Schetelig D, Wolf I, Diercks B, Fliegert R, Guse A, Schlaefer A, Werner R
2015. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2015. Handels H, Deserno T, Meinzer H, Tolxdorff T (Hrsg.). 1. Aufl. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, 401-406.

The new InsP3Kinase inhibitor BIP-4 is competitive to InsP3 and blocks proliferation and adhesion of lung cancer cells
Schröder D, Tödter K, Gonzalez B, Franco-Echevarría E, Rohaly G, Blechner C, Lin H, Mayr G, Windhorst S
BIOCHEM PHARMACOL. 2015;96(2):143-50.

Genetic Dissection of Tissue-Specific Apolipoprotein E Function for Hypercholesterolemia and Diet-Induced Obesity
Wagner T, Bartelt A, Schlein C, Heeren J
PLOS ONE. 2015;10(12):e0145102.

Introduction of the HAM-Nat examination – applicants and students admitted to the Medical Faculty in 2012-2014.
Werwick K, Winkler-Stuck K, Hampe W, Albrecht P, Robra B
GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2015;32(5):Doc53.

Frontrunners of T cell activation: Initial, localized Ca2+ signals mediated by NAADP and the type 1 ryanodine receptor
Wolf I, Diercks B, Gattkowski E, Czarniak F, Kempski J, Werner R, Schetelig D, Mittrücker H, Schumacher V, von Osten M, Lodygin D, Flügel A, Fliegert R, Guse A
SCI SIGNAL. 2015;8(398):Art. ra102.

Determining the association between adipokine expression in multiple tissues and phenotypic features of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obesity
Wolfs M, Gruben N, Rensen S, Verdam F, Greve J, Driessen A, Wijmenga C, Buurman W, Franke L, Scheja L, Koonen D, Shiri-Sverdlov R, van Haeften T, Hofker M, Fu J
NUTR DIABETES. 2015;5:Art. e146.

Cooperative Feature Selection in Personalized Medicine
Zühlke D, Grunst G, Röser K
2015. Decision Making: Uncertainty, Imperfection, Deliberation and Scalability. Guy T, Kárný M, Wolpert D (Hrsg.). 1. Aufl. Springer International Publishing, 119-144.

Homozygosity for a partial deletion of apoprotein A-V signal peptide results in intracellular missorting of the protein and chylomicronemia in a breast-fed infant
Albers K, Schlein C, Wenner K, Lohse P, Bartelt A, Heeren J, Santer R, Merkel M
ATHEROSCLEROSIS. 2014;233(1):97-103.

Hepatic lipase is expressed by osteoblasts and modulates bone remodeling in obesity
Bartelt A, Beil T, Müller B, Koehne T, Yorgan T, Heine M, Yilmaz T, Ruether W, Heeren J, Schinke T, Niemeier A
BONE. 2014;62:90-98.

Adipose tissue browning and metabolic health
Bartelt A, Heeren J
NAT REV ENDOCRINOL. 2014;10(1):24-36.

TGF-β-dependent induction of CD4⁺CD25⁺Foxp3⁺ Tregs by liver sinusoidal endothelial cells
Carambia A, Freund B, Schwinge D, Heine M, Laschtowitz A, Huber S, Wraith D, Korn T, Schramm C, Lohse A, Heeren J, Herkel J
J HEPATOL. 2014;61(3):594-9.

Dichloroacetate prevents restenosis in preclinical animal models of vessel injury
Deuse T, Hua X, Wang D, Maegdefessel L, Heeren J, Scheja L, Bolaños J, Rakovic A, Spin J, Stubbendorff M, Ikeno F, Länger F, Zeller T, Schulte-Uentrop L, Stoehr A, Itagaki R, Haddad F, Eschenhagen T, Blankenberg S, Kiefmann R, Reichenspurner H, Velden J, Klein C, Yeung A, Robbins R, Tsao P, Schrepfer S
NATURE. 2014;509(7502):641-4.

GMA-Jahrestagung 2014 in Hamburg - Ankündigung
Hampe W, Kuhnigk O
GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2014;31(2 Doc13):1-4.

Selectins mediate small cell lung cancer systemic metastasis
Heidemann F, Schildt A, Schmid K, Bruns O, Riecken K, Jung C, Ittrich H, Wicklein D, Reimer R, Fehse B, Heeren J, Lüers G, Schumacher U, Heine M
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(4):e92327.

The cell-type specific uptake of polymer-coated or micelle-embedded QDs and SPIOs does not provoke an acute pro-inflammatory response in the liver
Heine M, Bartelt A, Bruns O, Bargheer D, Giemsa A, Freund B, Scheja L, Waurisch C, Eychmüller A, Reimer R, Weller H, Nielsen P, Heeren J
BEILSTEIN J NANOTECHNOL. 2014;5:1432-1440.

Cutting costs of multiple mini-interviews - changes in reliability and efficiency of the Hamburg medical school admission test between two applications
Hissbach J, Sehner S, Harendza S, Hampe W
BMC MED EDUC. 2014;14:54.

A liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry-based method for the simultaneous determination of hydroxy sterols and bile acids
John C, Werner P, Worthmann A, Wegner K, Tödter K, Scheja L, Rohn S, Heeren J, Fischer M
J CHROMATOGR A. 2014;1371:184-195.

Gadospin f-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosis and monitoring of atherosclerosis: validation with transmission electron microscopy and x-ray fluorescence imaging in the apolipoprotein e-deficient mouse
Jung C, Dučić T, Reimer R, Koziolek E, Kording F, Heine M, Adam G, Ittrich H, Kaul M
MOL IMAGING. 2014;13:1-10.

Intraperitoneal Injection Improves the Uptake of Nanoparticle-Labeled High-Density Lipoprotein to Atherosclerotic Plaques Compared With Intravenous Injection: A Multimodal Imaging Study in ApoE Knockout Mice
Jung C, Kaul M, Bruns O, Dučić T, Freund B, Heine M, Reimer R, Meents A, Salmen S, Weller H, Nielsen P, Adam G, Heeren J, Ittrich H
CIRC-CARDIOVASC IMAG. 2014;7(2):303-11.

Multiple mini-interviews: same concept, different approaches
Knorr M, Hissbach J
MED EDUC. 2014;48(12):1157-1175.

Prediction of practical performance in preclinical laboratory courses - the return of wire bending for admission of dental students in Hamburg
Kothe C, Hissbach J, Hampe W
GMS Z Med Ausbild. 2014;31(2):Doc22.

Speed mentoring: establishing successful mentoring relationships
Kurré J, Schweigert E, Kulms G, Guse A
MED EDUC. 2014;48(11):1131.

Binding of hepatitis B virus to its cellular receptor alters the expression profile of genes of bile acid metabolism
Oehler N, Volz T, Bhadra O, Kah J, Allweiss L, Giersch K, Bierwolf J, Riecken K, Pollok J, Lohse A, Fehse B, Petersen J, Urban S, Lütgehetmann M, Heeren J, Dandri M

Mechanisms of plasma non-transferrin bound iron generation: insights from comparing transfused diamond blackfan anaemia with sickle cell and thalassaemia patients
Porter J, Walter P, Neumayr L, Evans P, Bansal S, Garbowski M, Weyhmiller M, Harmatz P, Wood J, Miller J, Byrnes C, Weiss G, Seifert M, Grosse R, Grabowski D, Schmidt A, Fischer R, Nielsen P, Niemeyer C, Vichinsky E
BRIT J HAEMATOL. 2014;167(5):692-6.

Cholesterol Regulates Syntaxin 6 Trafficking at trans-Golgi Network Endosomal Boundaries
Reverter M, Rentero C, Garcia-Melero A, Hoque M, Vilà de Muga S, Alvarez-Guaita A, Conway J, Wood P, Cairns R, Lykopoulou L, Grinberg D, Vilageliu L, Bosch M, Heeren J, Blasi J, Timpson P, Pol A, Tebar F, Murray R, Grewal T, Enrich C
CELL REP. 2014;7(3):883-897.

High density lipoprotein metabolism in low density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice
Rinninger F, Heine M, Singaraja R, Hayden M, Brundert M, Ramakrishnan R, Heeren J
J LIPID RES. 2014;55(9):1914-1924.

Brain insulin lowers circulating BCAA levels by inducing hepatic BCAA catabolism
Shin A, Fasshauer M, Filatova N, Grundell L, Zielinski E, Zhou J, Scherer T, Lindtner C, White P, Lapworth A, Ilkayeva O, Knippschild U, Wolf A, Scheja L, Grove K, Smith R, Qian W, Lynch C, Newgard C, Buettner C
CELL METAB. 2014;20(5):898-909.

Synthesis of radioactively labelled CdSe/CdS/ZnS quantum dots for in vivo experiments
Stachowski G, Bauer C, Waurisch C, Bargheer D, Nielsen P, Heeren J, Hickey S, Eychmüller A
BEILSTEIN J NANOTECHNOL. 2014;5:2383-2387.

NAD derived second messengers: Role in spontaneous diastolic Ca(2+) transients
Warszta D, Nebel M, Fliegert R, Guse A
DNA REPAIR. 2014;23:69-78.

Effects of adipocyte lipoprotein lipase on de novo lipogenesis and white adipose tissue browning
Bartelt A, John C, Cherradi M, Niemeier A, Tödter K, Heeren J, Scheja L
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Cycling assay for determining intracellular cyclic adp-ribose levels
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