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Molecular monitoring of T-cell kinetics and migration in severe neurotoxicity after real-world CD19-specific chimeric antigen receptor-T cell therapy
Berger S, Fehse B, Akyüz N, Geffken M, Wolschke C, Janson D, Gagelmann N, Luther M, Wichmann D, Frenzel C, Thayssen G, Alegiani A, Badbaran A, Zeschke S, Dierlamm J, Kröger N, Ayuk F
HAEMATOLOGICA. 2023;108(2):444-456.

Increased incidence of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) in 2021 correlating with the ongoing vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in a tertiary center - A monocentric analysis
Schaefers C, Paulsen F, Frenzel C, Weisel K, Bokemeyer C, Seidel C
BRIT J HAEMATOL. 2023;201(2):222-226.

Neoehrlichiose als Ursache eines Fiebers unklarer Genese
Dumoulin B, Schriefer T, Henes F, Frenzel C, Schnoor U, Iking-Konert C
Z RHEUMATOL. 2022;81(5):427-429.

Approaches of stem cell mobilization in a large cohort of metastatic germ cell cancer patients
Madanchi R, Engel N, Alsdorf W, Oing C, Frenzel C, Paulsen F, Bokemeyer C, Seidel C
BONE MARROW TRANSPL. 2022;57(5):729-733.

Standardized supportive care documentation improves safety of high-dose methotrexate treatment
Alsdorf W, Karagiannis P, Langebrake C, Bokemeyer C, Frenzel C
ONCOLOGIST. 2021;26(2):e327-e332.

Axicabtagene ciloleucel in vivo expansion and treatment outcome in aggressive B-cell lymphoma in a real-world setting
Ayuk F, Berger C, Badbaran A, Zabelina T, Sonntag T, Riecken K, Geffken M, Wichmann D, Frenzel C, Thayssen G, Zeschke S, Kröger N, Fehse B
BLOOD ADV. 2021;5(11):2523-2527.

Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura after vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1 nCov-19)
Paulsen F, Schaefers C, Langer F, Frenzel C, Wenzel U, Hengel F, Bokemeyer C, Seidel C
BLOOD. 2021;138(11):996-999.

Outcome of a Real-World Patient Cohort with Secondary CNS Lymphoma Treated with High-Intensity Chemoimmunotherapy and Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation
Thiele B, Binder M, Schliffke S, Frenzel C, Dierlamm J, Wass M, Weisel K, Bokemeyer C, Janjetovic S
ONCOL RES TREAT. 2021;44(7-8):375-381.

Fatal Myelotoxicity Following Palliative Chemotherapy With Cisplatin and Gemcitabine in a Patient With Stage IV Cholangiocarcinoma Linked to Post Mortem Diagnosis of Fanconi Anemia
Engel N, Schliffke S, Schüller U, Frenzel C, Bokemeyer C, Kubisch C, Lessel D
FRONT ONCOL. 2019;9:420.

Inhibition of inflammatory CD4 T cell activity by murine liver sinusoidal endothelial cells
Carambia A, Frenzel C, Bruns O, Schwinge D, Reimer R, Hohenberg H, Huber S, Tiegs G, Schramm C, Lohse A, Herkel J
J HEPATOL. 2013;58(1):112-8.

Complications and risk factors in 2731 diagnostic mini-laparoscopies in patients with liver disease.
Frenzel C, Koch J, Lorenzen V, Werner T, Lohse A, Denzer U
LIVER INT. 2012;32(6):970-976.

Effectiveness and safety of minilaparoscopy-guided spleen biopsy: a retrospective series of 57 cases.
Werner T, Koch J, Frenzel C, Lohse A, Denzer U
SURG ENDOSC. 2012;26(9):2416-2422.

Characteristics and long-term prognosis of the autoimmune hepatitis/primary sclerosing cholangitis overlap syndrome
Lüth S, Kanzler S, Frenzel C, Kasper H, Dienes H, Schramm C, Galle P, Herkel J, Lohse A
J CLIN GASTROENTEROL. 2009;43(1):75-80.

Serologic markers compared with liver biopsy for monitoring disease activity in autoimmune hepatitis.
Lüth S, Herkel J, Kanzler S, Frenzel C, Galle P, Dienes H, Schramm C, Lohse A
J CLIN GASTROENTEROL. 2008;42(8):926-930.

Cutting edge: a key pathogenic role of IL-27 in T cell- mediated hepatitis.
Siebler J, Wirtz S, Frenzel C, Schuchmann M, Lohse A, Galle P, Neurath M
J IMMUNOL. 2008;180(1):30-33.

Defective T helper response of hepatocyte-stimulated CD4 T cells impairs antiviral CD8 response and viral clearance.
Wiegard C, Wolint P, Frenzel C, Cheruti U, Schmitt E, Oxenius A, Lohse A, Herkel J
GASTROENTEROLOGY. 2007;133(6):2010-2018.

Evaluation of F-actin ELISA for the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis.
Frenzel C, Herkel J, Lüth S, Galle P, Schramm C, Lohse A
AM J GASTROENTEROL. 2006;101(12):2731-2736.

Murine liver antigen presenting cells control suppressor activity of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells
Wiegard C, Frenzel C, Herkel J, Kallen K, Schmitt E, Lohse A
HEPATOLOGY. 2005;42(1):193-199.

Expression of stress protein gp96, a tumor rejection antigen, in human colorectal cancer.
Heike M, Frenzel C, Meier D, Galle P
INT J CANCER. 2000;86(4):489-493.

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