The non-medical PhD program at the UKE

In order to receive a PhD within the PhD program for non-medical students at the UKE ( for more information , in German ) graduate students need to obtain 30 credit points in addition to writing their dissertation. The 30 credit points are aligned to the European Credit Point system, therefore these are assigned based on the work effort related to a specific course.

Coursework of the PhD program consists of three different types of courses, where some of them are mandatory (see list below). Students have to obtain a certain minimum number of credit points in each of the different course types:

1) key skill courses (min. 7 credit points)

  • • Good Scientific Practice
  • • Advanced Writing Skills for Science and Research
  • • Presentation Skills for Science and Research
  • • Project management

2) interdisciplinary seminars (min. 9 credit points)

  • • Seminar: Statistics
  • • Seminar: Publication process
  • • Colloquium of doctoral candidates
  • • Conference participation

3) research method courses (min. 2 credit points)

The students can select all other courses based on their interests and after consultation with their thesis committee. A list of PhD workshops provided by the graduate school of the deanery of the UKE can be found in the Study Book of the PhD program. Key skill courses are not only offered by the deanery but also the Career Center of the University of Hamburg , Human Resources development of the University of Hamburg , PIASTA .