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In 2015 and 2016, more than 400,000 refugee children arrived in Germany. Many of them have developed psychopathological Problems due to traumatizing experiences.

Since 1998, the Outpatient Health Care Center for Refugees offers psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and psychosocial treatment for children and adolescents who have fled from their home country and arrived in Hamburg. One main focus of the work is to treat consequences of experienced traumata, such as post-traumatic stress disorders, depressions, fears, and sleeping disorders. An international and interdisciplinary team of physicians, therapists, and social education workers is working to treat those post-traumatic disorders, to strengthen resources of the refugee children, and to improve the psychological well-being of the children and their families. A targeted treatment planning needs sound clinical diagnostics.

The research section "Child Public Health" is responsible for diagnostics and accompanying research within the Outpatient Health Care Center for Refugees. Currently, all children and adolescents who are treated in this outpatient center undergo standardized clinical diagnostics. The purpose of this is to gather information about traumatizing experiences, mental health issues (e.g. depressions and post-traumatic stress disorders), risk behaviour, and treatment objectives of the children and adolescents, and to assist physicians and therapists in their work. Moreover, the entire team is trained on a regular basis and takes part in supervision and intervision.

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