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Detecting DSM-5 somatic symptom disorder: criterion validity of the Patient Health Questionnaire-15 (PHQ-15) and the Somatic Symptom Scale-8 (SSS-8) in combination with the Somatic Symptom Disorder – B Criteria Scale (SSD-12)
Toussaint A, Hüsing P, Kohlmann S, Löwe B
PSYCHOL MED. 2019 [Epub ahead of print];1-10.

Validity and sensitivity to change of the Somatic Symptom Disorder-B Criteria Scale (SSD-12) in a clinical population
Hüsing P, Bassler M, Löwe B, Koch S, Toussaint A
GEN HOSP PSYCHIAT. 2018;55:20-26.

Somatoform disorder in primary care: The influence of co-morbidity with anxiety and depression on health care utilization
Hüsing P, Löwe B, Piontek K, Shedden-Mora M
J EVAL CLIN PRACT. 2018;24(4):892-900.

Comparing the diagnostic concepts of ICD-10 somatoform disorders and DSM-5 somatic symptom disorders in patients from a psychosomatic outpatient clinic
Hüsing P, Löwe B, Toussaint A
J PSYCHOSOM RES. 2018;113:74-80.

A European research network to improve diagnosis, treatment and care for patients with persistent somatic symptoms: Work report of the EURONET-SOMA conference series
Weigel A, Hüsing P, Kohlmann S, Lehmann M, Shedden Mora M, Toussaint A, Löwe B
J PSYCHOSOM RES. 2017;97:136-138.

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