EU-Projekte am UKE

EU-Projekte am UKE laufen hauptsächlich in den EU-Rahmenprogrammen für Forschung und Innovation. Daneben gibt es einige Projekte, die im "Public Health" Programm der EU Generaldirektion "Gesundheit & Verbraucher" laufen, wie auch einzelne Projekte, die über andere EU Generaldirektionen laufen.

Aktuell laufen 18 Projekte in "Horizon 2020", dem neuen EU-Rahmenprogramm für Forschung und Innovation, darunter sind: vier ERC-Grant und zwei am UKE koordinierte Projekte. Des Weiteren laufen noch 14 Projekte im 7. EU-Forschungsrahmenprogramm (FP7) am UKE, darunter sind: fünf ERC-Grants und drei am UKE koordinierte Projekte (Stand: März 2017).

Leuchtturmprojekte (Horizon 2020 und FP7)

  • ERC-Grants
  • ERC-Grants


    AcronymProjekttitelName des
    CAPTURE-CTCA Streptavidin Microarray Platform for Capturing of Circulating Tumor Cells from the Blood of Cancer PatientsProf. K. PantelH2020-Excellent ScienceERC-PoC
    Diet-namicFrom fast food to healthy diet: Addressing the dynamic molecular mechanism of sequential diet switch-induced T cell plasticity for the purpose of developing new treatments for immuno-mediated diseasesProf. N. GaglianiH2020-Excellent ScienceERC-StG
    DISSECTDisseminating tumor cells as novel biomarkers: Dissecting the metastatic cascade in cancer patientsProf. K. PantelFP7-IdeasERC-AdG
    IL-22 and IL-22BPIdentifying the immune and microbial network controlling the IL-22 – IL-22bp axis to open the doors for targeted therapiesProf. S. HuberFP7-IdeasERC-StG
    IndivuHeartIndividualized early risk assessment for heart diseasesProf. T. EschenhagenFP7-IdeasERC-AdG
    MESAMechanisms of social attentionDr. M. GamerFP7-IdeasERC-StG
    MMAFNovel multimodal approach to atrial fibrillation risk assessment and identification of targets for
    prevention by interdisciplinary exploitation of omics, advanced electrocardiography, and imaging
    Dr. R. SchnabelH2020-Excellent ScienceERC-CoG
    MULTISENSE The merging of the senses: understanding multisensory experienceProf. A. EngelFP7-IdeasERC-AdG
    PLACEBOThe placebo effect – a window into the relationship between mind and bodyProf. C. BüchelFP7-IdeasERC-AdG
    PSYCHOCELLCellular substrate of abnormal network maturation in
    neuropsychiatric disorders
    Prof. I. Hanganu-OpatzH2020-Excellent ScienceERC-CoG
    Self-ControlTake control! Towards novel training regimes enhancing
    inhibition and impulse control in health and psychiatric disease
    Prof. S. KühnH2020-Excellent ScienceERC-StG
    SUREPIRL Picosecond Infrared Laser for Scarfree Surgery with Preservation of the Tissue Structure and Recognition of Tissue Type and BoundariesProf. Schlüter,
    Prof. Miller
  • Koordinierte Projekte

    AcronymProjekttitelName des
    socSMCs Socialising Sensori-Motor ContingenciesProf. A. EngelH2020-FETPROACTRIA
    BiomarCaRE Biomarker for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in EuropeProf. S. BlankenbergFP7-HealthCP-FP
    CANCER-ID Cancer treatment and monitoring through identification of circulating tumour cells and tumour related nucleic acids in bloodProf. K. PantelFP7-IMICP
    CureHLHEuropean initiative to improve knowledge, treatment and survival of haemophagocytic syndromes in childrenProf. G. Janka-SchaubFP7-HealthCP-FP
    DEM-CHILD A Treatment-Oriented Research Project of NCL Disorders as a Major Cause of Dementia in ChildhoodDr. A. SchulzFP7-HealthCP-FP
    DiMoPExDiagnosis, Monitoring and Prevention of Exposure-Related Noncommunicable DiseasesProf. L. T. BudnikH2020-COSTCOST Action
    eSMCs Extending Sensorimotor Contingencies to CognitionProf. A. EngelFP7-ICTCP
    EuRhythDia Chronotherapeutic lifestyle intervention for diabetes and obesity to reset the circadian rhythm and improve cardiometabolic risk in the European working populationProf. R. BögerFP7-HealthCP-FP
    MentDis_ICF65+ Prevalence, 1-year incidence and symptom severity of mental disorders in the elderly: Relationship to impairment, functioning (ICF) and service utilisationDr. S. AndreasFP7-HealthCP-FP
    T3Net Tissue Transmigration Training NetworkProf. S. LinderFP7-PeopleMC-ITN
    WAKE-UP Efficacy and safety of MRI-based thrombolysis in wake-up stroke: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialProf. C. GerloffFP7-Health