Our Program


All HSII doctoral students, together with their direct supervisor, nominate two additional people for co-supervision. These people should be at least partially HSII faculty but outside of their own institute.

Courses and Credit Points

Over the course of the three-year program, doctoral students will earn 180 credit points of which 150 credit points are for the dissertation and 30 credit points are for accompanying courses. The credit points are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).The Academy of Biomedical Health Sciences (ABHS) offers the following courses for all members: Good Scientific Practice, Presentation Skills, and Writing Skills.The HSII offers all students a wide range of courses on Key Skills, Interdisciplinary Topics, and Research Methods, see also Course Table .


As part of the HSII supervision agreement, student funding is guaranteed for the duration of the project, with a probationary period of six months.

Thesis Meetings

At least once a year, a co-supervision meeting is held with both co-supervisors on the progress of the project. The place and time is organized by the PhD students themselves. The Thesis Committee proposes agreements for the next 12 months and, if necessary, the submission of the dissertation.