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  • 2023

Online Traffic Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Websites for Hair Loss Treatment and Characterization of Finasteride Patients on a Platform in Germany: A Potential Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia
Abeck F, Hansen I, Wiesenhütter I, Schröder F, Kött J, Schneider S, von Büren J
CLIN COSMET INV DERM. 2023;16:937-945.

Stereotactical normalization with multiple templates representative of normal and Parkinson-typical reduction of striatal uptake improves the discriminative power of automatic semi-quantitative analysis in dopamine transporter SPECT
Apostolova I, Schiebler T, Lange C, Mathies F, Lehnert W, Klutmann S, Buchert R
EJNMMI PHYS. 2023;10(1):25.

Patients Satisfied with Care Report Better Quality of Life and Self-Rated Health—Cross-Sectional Findings Based on Hospital Quality Data
Baumbach L, Frese M, Härter M, König H, Hajek A
HEALTHCARE-BASEL. 2023;11(5):775.

Multivariate functional neuroimaging analyses reveal that strength-dependent face expectations are represented in higher-level face-identity areas
Blank H, Alink A, Büchel C
COMMUN BIOL. 2023;6(1):135.

Sexual Satisfaction Among Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Buczak-Stec E, König H, Hajek A
INNOV AGING. 2023;7(2):igad010.

German translation of the PROMIS® pediatric anxiety, anger, depressive symptoms, fatigue, pain interference and peer relationships item banks
Devine J, Kaman A, Seum T, Zoellner F, Dabs M, Ottova-Jordan V, Schlepper L, Haller A, Topf S, Boecker M, Schuchard J, Forrest C, Ravens-Sieberer U
J PATIENT-REP OUTCOM. 2023;7(1):16.

Evaluation of an online suicide prevention program to improve suicide literacy and to reduce suicide stigma: A mixed methods study
Dreier M, Ludwig J, Härter M, von dem Knesebeck O, Rezvani F, Baumgardt J, Pohontsch N, Bock T, Liebherz S
PLOS ONE. 2023;18(4):e0284944.

Performance of an interferon-γ release assay-based test for cell-mediated immunity to SARS-CoV-2
Fonseca B, Tödter S, Kottlau J, Cermann K, Spier A, Petersen E, Schäfer I, Twerenbold R, Aepfelbacher M, Lütgehetmann M, Stahl F
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2023;14:1069968.

A preclinical randomized controlled multi-centre trial of anti-interleukin-17A treatment for acute ischaemic stroke
Gelderblom M, Koch S, Strecker J, Jørgensen C, Garcia-Bonilla L, Ludewig P, Schädlich I, Piepke M, Degenhardt K, Bernreuther C, Pinnschmidt H, Arumugam T, Thomalla G, Faber C, Sedlacik J, Gerloff C, Minnerup J, Clausen B, Anrather J, Magnus T
BRAIN COMMUN. 2023;5(2):fcad090.

Opposite Modulation of the NMDA Receptor by Glycine and S-Ketamine and the Effects on Resting State EEG Gamma Activity: New Insights into the Glutamate Hypothesis of Schizophrenia
Haaf M, Curic S, Rauh J, Steinmann S, Mulert C, Leicht G
INT J MOL SCI. 2023;24(3):1913.

Prevalence and Determinants of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms among Transgender People: Results of a Survey
Hajek A, König H, Buczak-Stec E, Blessmann M, Grupp K
HEALTHCARE-BASEL. 2023;11(5):705.

Perceived Norms and Vaccination against COVID-19 among the General Adult Population in Germany: Results of a Nationally Representative Survey
Hajek A, Kretzler B, Orth B, Von Rüden U, König H
VACCINES-BASEL. 2023;11(4):.

Rising and Falling High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin in Diagnostic Algorithms for Patients With Suspected Myocardial Infarction
Haller P, Sörensen N, Hartikainen T, Goßling A, Lehmacher J, Toprak B, Twerenbold R, Richter J, Banko T, Korschid S, Schmidt J, Keller T, Zeller T, Blankenberg S, Westermann D, Neumann J
J AM HEART ASSOC. 2023;12(10):e027166.

Patient-centredness in primary care walk-in clinics for refugees in Hamburg
Hill J, Krüger K, Boczor S, Kloppe T, von dem Knesebeck O, Scherer M
BMC Primary Care. 2023;24(1):112.

The framework for systematic reviews on psychological risk factors for persistent somatic symptoms and related syndromes and disorders (PSY-PSS)
Hüsing P, Smakowski A, Löwe B, Kleinstäuber M, Toussaint A, Shedden-Mora M
FRONT PSYCHIATRY. 2023;14:1142484.

Experiences of Health Care and Psychosocial Needs in Parents of Children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Inhestern L, Brandt M, Driemeyer J, Denecke J, Johannsen J, Bergelt C
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2023;20(7):5360.

Dephosphocholination by Legionella effector Lem3 functions through remodelling of the switch II region of Rab1b
Kaspers M, Pogenberg V, Pett C, Ernst S, Ecker F, Ochtrop P, Groll M, Hedberg C, Itzen A
NAT COMMUN. 2023;14(1):2245.

Application of the skills network approach to measure physician competence in shared decision making based on self-assessment
Kriston L, Schumacher L, Hahlweg P, Härter M, Scholl I
PLOS ONE. 2023;18(2):.

Association of the Extent of Internet Use by Patients With Cancer With Social Support Among Patients and Change in Patient-Reported Treatment Outcomes During Inpatient Rehabilitation: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Study
Lange-Drenth L, Schulz H, Endsin G, Bleich C
JMIR CANCER. 2023;9:e39246.

Diagnostic performance of a device for acoustic heart sound analysis in patients with suspected myocardial infarction
Lehmacher J, Neumann J, Sörensen N, Goßling A, Schmidt S, Zeller T, Blankenberg S, Westermann D, Clemmensen P
OPEN HEART. 2023;10(1):.

Effectiveness of brief psychosocial support for patients with cancer and their relatives: a quasi-experimental evaluation of cancer counselling centres
Lingens S, Schilling G, Schulz H, Bleich C
BMJ OPEN. 2023;13(3):e068963.

Item distribution, scalability and internal consistency of the QUALIDEM quality of life assessment for patients with dementia in acute hospital settings
Lüdecke D, Dichter M, Nickel S, Kofahl C
HEALTH QUAL LIFE OUT. 2023;21(1):12.

Improving alcohol health literacy and reducing alcohol consumption: recommendations for Germany
Manthey J, Kokole D, Riedel-Heller S, Rowlands G, Schäfer I, Schomerus G, Soellner R, Kilian C
Addiction science & clinical practice. 2023;18(1):28.

Association between Coffee Consumption and Brain MRI Parameters in the Hamburg City Health Study
Mayer C, Nägele F, Petersen M, Schell M, Aarabi G, Beikler T, Borof K, Frey B, Nikorowitsch J, Senftinger J, Walther C, Wenzel J, Zyriax B, Cheng B, Thomalla G
NUTRIENTS. 2023;15(3):.

Psychological distress of adult patients consulting a center for rare and undiagnosed diseases: a cross-sectional study
Mund M, Uhlenbusch N, Rillig F, Weiler-Normann C, Herget T, Kubisch C, Löwe B, Schramm C
ORPHANET J RARE DIS. 2023;18(1):82.

Cost-Effectiveness of Inter-Professional Collaboration to Reduce Hospitalisations in Nursing Home Residents: Results from the German Interprof ACT Trial
Muntendorf L, Balzer K, Friede T, Hummers E, König H, Müller C, Scherer M, Steyer L, Tetzlaff B, Pfeiffer S, Konnopka A
INT J INTEGR CARE . 2023;23(2):8.

Parents Rate Problematic Video Streaming in Adolescents: Conceptualization and External Assessment of a New Clinical Phenomenon Based on the ICD-11 Criteria of Gaming Disorder
Paschke K, Napp A, Thomasius R
J CLIN MED. 2023;12(3):1010.

The role of the desmosomal protein desmocollin 2 in tumour progression in triple negative breast cancer patients
Reimer F, Bryan S, Legler K, Karn T, Eppenberger-Castori S, Matschke J, Pereira-Veiga T, Wikman H, Witzel I, Müller V, Schmalfeldt B, Milde-Langosch K, Schumacher U, Stürken C, Oliveira-Ferrer L
CANCER CELL INT. 2023;23(1):47.

Validation of 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance in TIPS stent grafts using a 3D-printed flow phantom
Riedel C, Ristow I, Lenz A, Schoennagel B, Hoffmann M, Piecha F, Adam G, Reeder S, Bannas P
J CARDIOVASC MAGN R. 2023;25(1):.

Temperature control in adults after cardiac arrest: a survey of current clinical practice in Germany
Roedl K, Wolfrum S, Michels G, Pin M, Söffker G, Janssens U, Kluge S
CRIT CARE. 2023;27(1):.

Compliance and patient satisfaction with treatment settings recommended by the medical on-call service 116117 in Germany using computer-assisted structured initial assessment: a cross-sectional observational study accompanying the demand intervention
Schäfer I, Menzel A, Herrmann T, Willms G, Oltrogge J, Lühmann D, Scherer M
BMJ OPEN. 2023;13(5):e070475.

Validation of patient- and GP-reported core sets of quality indicators for older adults with multimorbidity in primary care: results of the cross-sectional observational MULTIqual validation study
Schäfer I, Schulze J, Glassen K, Breckner A, Hansen H, Rakebrandt A, Berg J, Blozik E, Szecsenyi J, Lühmann D, Scherer M
BMC MED. 2023;21(1):148.

Systematic comparison of approaches to analyze clustered competing risks data
Schmitt S, Buchholz A, Ozga A
BMC MED RES METHODOL. 2023;23(1):86.

Evaluation of a short instrument for measuring health-related quality of life in oncological patients in routine care (HELP-6): an observational study
Schrage T, Görlach M, Betz C, Bokemeyer C, Kroger N, Muller V, Krüll A, Schulz H, Bleich C
FRONT PSYCHOL. 2023;14:1158449.

Coffee consumption and associations with blood pressure, LDL-cholesterol and echocardiographic measures in the general population
Senftinger J, Nikorowitsch J, Borof K, Ojeda F, Aarabi G, Beikler T, Mayer C, Behrendt C, Walther C, Zyriax B, Twerenbold R, Blankenberg S, Wenzel J
SCI REP-UK. 2023;13(1):4668.

Higher Risk of HEV Transmission and Exposure among Blood Donors in Europe and Asia in Comparison to North America: A Meta-Analysis
Wolski A, Pischke S, Ozga A, Addo M, Horvatits T
PATHOGENS. 2023;12(3):425.

Climate change and pregnancy complications: From hormones to the immune response
Yüzen D, Graf I, Diemert A, Arck P
FRONT ENDOCRINOL. 2023;14:1149284.

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