Dean's Office for Research

The Dean's Office for Research offers researchers at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) this website as a port of call for all aspects of research, support and funding opportunities. Our goal is to provide a framework to continuously optimize the research at the UKE to improve our standards now and into the future.

The Vice Dean's for Research, Prof. Dr. Petra Arck and Prof. Dr. Götz Thomalla are supported by the team at the Dean's Office for Research and is advised by the Faculty Board for research matters (FAF). The responsibilities of the Dean's Office for Research include:

  • Research funding through faculty resources (FFM)
  • Determination of the performance-oriented allocation of funds (LOM) / scoring
  • Care of the Campus Research facility (“Campus Forschung”)
  • Resources and space allocation for research
  • Awarding of doctoral degrees and the habilitation
  • Implementation of PhD programs for physicians and non-physicians
  • Administration of shared research resources (core facilities)
  • Support of collaborative initiatives, coordinated programs and joint research projects
  • Development of research priorities and strengths
  • Internationalization/Guest Researchers