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Major influencing factors on routine implementation of shared decision‑making in cancer care: qualitative process evaluation of a stepped‑wedge cluster randomized trial
Hahlweg P, Lindig A, Frerichs W, Zill J, Hanken H, Müller V, Peters M, Scholl I
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Development and content validity of the Experienced Patient-Centeredness Questionnaire (EPAT)-A best practice example for generating patient-reported measures from qualitative data
Christalle E, Zeh S, Hahlweg P, Kriston L, Härter M, Zill J, Scholl I
HEALTH EXPECT. 2022;25(4):1529-1538.

Assessment of person-centeredness in healthcare and social support services for women with unintended pregnancy (CarePreg): protocol for a mixed-method study
Zill J, Lindig A, Reck L, Scholl I, Härter M, Hahlweg P
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Evaluation of a program for routine implementation of shared decision-making in cancer care: results of a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial
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What do patients expect? Assessing patient-centredness from the patients' perspective: an interview study
Zeh S, Christalle E, Zill J, Härter M, Block A, Scholl I
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Patientenzentrierte Versorgung
Zill J, Zeh S, Scholl I
2021. Integrative Medizin und Gesundheit. Brinkhaus B, Esch T (Hrsg.). 1. Aufl. Berlin: Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, 47-59.


Engagement With a Web-Based Intervention to Reduce Harmful Drinking: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial
Nordholt P, Christalle E, Zill J, Dirmaier J
J MED INTERNET RES. 2020;22(11):e18826.


Assessment of patient information needs: A systematic review of measures
Christalle E, Zill J, Frerichs W, Härter M, Nestoriuc Y, Dirmaier J, Scholl I
PLOS ONE. 2019;14(1):e0209165.

The Effectiveness of an Internet Intervention Aimed at Reducing Alcohol Consumption in Adults
Zill J, Christalle E, Meyer B, Härter M, Dirmaier J
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Effects of psychosocial interventions on patient-reported outcomes in patients with psoriasis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
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Auf dem Weg zu kultursensitiven Patienteninformationsmaterialien: Ergebnisse einer Fokusgruppenuntersuchung
Ries Z, Frank F, Bermejo I, Kalaitsidou C, Zill J, Dirmaier J, Härter M, Bengel J, Hölzel L
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Gesundheitsinformation und Risikokommunikation
Zill J, Bernardini J, Härter M
2018. Psychologie in der Gesundheitsförderung. Kohlmann C, Salewski C, Wirtz M (Hrsg.). Götingen: Hogrefe Verlag GmbH and Co. KG, .

Psychosocial Distress of Patients with Psoriasis: Protocol for an Assessment of Care Needs and the Development of a Supportive Intervention
Zill J, Dirmaier J, Augustin M, Dwinger S, Christalle E, Härter M, Mrowietz U
JMIR RES PROTOC. 2018;7(2):e22.


Standardization of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in the general population
Kocalevent R, Finck C, Perez-Trujillo M, Sautier L, Zill J, Hinz A
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German translation, cultural adaptation, and validation of the Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ)
Nolte S, Osborne R, Dwinger S, Elsworth G, Conrad M, Rose M, Härter M, Dirmaier J, Zill J
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Assessing communication skills of medical students in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE)--A systematic review of rating scales
Cömert M, Zill J, Christalle E, Dirmaier J, Härter M, Scholl I
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(3):e0152717.

Effects of culture-sensitive adaptation of patient information material on usefulness in migrants: a multicentre, blinded randomised controlled trial
Hölzel L, Ries Z, Kriston L, Dirmaier J, Zill J, Rummel-Kluge C, Niebling W, Bermejo I, Härter M
BMJ OPEN. 2016;6(11):e012008.

Vorvida: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of Internet-based self-help program for the reduction of alcohol consumption for adults
Zill J, Meyer B, Topp J, Daubmann A, Härter M, Dirmaier J
BMC PSYCHIATRY. 2016;16:19.


Usefulness scale for patient information material (USE) - development and psychometric properties
Hölzel L, Ries Z, Dirmaier J, Zill J, Kriston L, Klesse C, Härter M, Bermejo I

Which dimensions of patient-centeredness matter? - Results of a web-based expert Delphi survey
Zill J, Scholl I, Härter M, Dirmaier J
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Development and testing of culturally sensitive patient information material for Turkish, Polish, Russian and Italian migrants with depression or chronic low back pain (KULTINFO): study protocol for a double-blind randomized controlled trial
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Assessment of trust in physician: a systematic review of measures
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An integrative model of patient-centeredness - a systematic review and concept analysis
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How do health services researchers understand the concept of patient-centeredness? Results from an expert survey
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Measurement of physician-patient communication--a systematic review
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Psychometric evaluation of the German version of the patient activation measure (PAM13)
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Evaluation of dimensions and measurement scales in patient-centeredness
Zill J, Scholl I, Härter M, Dirmaier J
PATIENT PREFER ADHER. 2013;7:345-51.

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