Hemodynamic Monitoring and Management

Our research focus is the hemodynamic management of patients having major surgery and of critically ill patients. The superordinated goal of our research is to improve patient-centered outcomes in perioperative and intensive care medicine. We specifically focus on concepts of "personalized hemodynamic management" using advanced innovative hemodynamic monitoring methods. We develop and investigate strategies to optimize blood pressure, blood flow, oxygen delivery, and microcirculatory perfusion in surgical patients before, during, and after surgery and in critically ill patients treated in the intensive care unit.

Cardiovascular Research Center

  • Projektleitung
  • Wissenschaftliche Leiter

    Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Saugel

    Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter

    Alina Bergholz
    Dr. med. Moritz Flick
    Dr. med. Gillis Greiwe
    Dr. med. Phillip Hoppe
    Dr. med. Karim Kouz
    Alina Kröker
    Dr. med. Julia Nicklas
    Pawel Sierzputowski
    Dr. med. Kristen Thomsen
    Christina Vokuhl
    Mirja Wegge
    Dr. med. Luisa Wesskamm

  • Outcomes Research Consortium (www.or.org), Professor Daniel I. Sessler M.D., Department of Outcomes Research, Anesthesiology Institute, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA