Headache and Pain
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Clinical research

Our work group continuously contributes to national and international research evaluating new therapy approaches to headaches and facial pain. Projects focus on the effectiveness of new pharmaceutical approaches but also on invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation and/or neurostimulation. Patients who are interested in participating in research might be given the opportunity to contribute to clinical trials subject to eligibility.

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  • SFB936 (A5): Multi-Site Communication in the Brain

    7th Framework; EU-project EuroHeadPain (#602633)

    DFG Research Grant (MA 1862/ 12-1): Untersuchung der pharmakologischen Beeinflußung der trigeminalen Nozizeption bei Gesunden und Migränepatienten mittels f-MRI

    DFG Research Grant (MA 1862/10-1): Nutzen transkranieller Gleichstromstimulation und Teilnahme an einem kognitiv-verhaltenstherapeutischen Gruppenprogramm bei chronischen Rückenschmerzen

    DFG Research Grant (MA 1862/4-1): Charakterisierung tDCS vermittelter neuromodulatorischer Effekte auf das schmerzhafte System


Gregor Brössner

Beril Doganci

Isabel Ellerbrock

Laura Ludovica Gramegna

Inga Kröger

Rea Rodriguez-Raecke

Anne Stankewitz

Katrin Giesen

Julia Hebestreit

Laura Schulte

Maike Möller

Jan Hoffmann

Christian Ziegeler