EMBL-UKE Workshop

Start: 09.10.2023, 12:00 h
End: 10.10.2023, 13:00 h
Location: 1) Erikahaus UKE (W 29, Eingang B) , 2) EMBL/CSSB Hamburg-Bahrenfeld.

The long-standing collaboration between UKE and EMBL has been a mutually beneficial relationship, as our scientific approaches complement each other perfectly. On the one hand, UKE conducts a large spectrum of clinical projects based on patient data, while on the other hand, EMBL-Hamburg has state-of-the-art methods for analyzing molecules involved in disease development. Therefore, the collaboration between UKE and EMBL-Hamburg is ideally suited to investigate all processes in pathogenesis, from molecules to patients.
This workshop will highlight the ongoing, successful partnership between UKE and EMBL-Hamburg. Presentations of collaborative projects will demonstrate how these institutions have worked together to synergistically and collaboratively increase our understanding of pathological processes. This will provide an excellent foundation for future collaborations.
We will bring together scientists who are interested in establishing collaborations on clinically relevant projects, leveraging the scientific strengths of UKE and EMBL-Hamburg. The workshop will showcase the impressive scientific techniques available at these institutions and how they can be used to enhance our understanding of human diseases.

A preliminary schedule of the meeting will be published shortly.
Please register until September 30th 2023 for the workshop via E-Mail to b.herrmann@uke.de.

We have attracted excellent speakers who will give us insights into their research, existing collaborations between EMBL and UKE and into new technologies.

Welcome Address

Blanche Schwappach-Pignataro (Dean of Medical Faculty, UKE)

Keynote speakers
Edith Heard (Director General of EMBL)
Jan Korbel (EMBL Heidelberg)

Invited Speakers
Martin Aepfelbacher (UKE)
Stefan Bonn (UKE)
Liz Duke (EMBL-Hamburg)
Nicole Fischer (UKE)
Markus Glatzel (UKE)
Tobias Huber (UKE)
Jan Kosinski (EMBL-Hamburg)
Meytal Landau (UKE)
Thomas Marlovits (UKE, CSSB)
Meyer-Schwesinger (UKE)
Klaus Pantel (UKE)
Eike Schulz (UKE)
Maya Topf (UKE, CSSB)
Matthias Wilmanns (EMBL-Hamburg)
Stefan Werner (UKE)

Programme Day 1

Programme Day 2