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Oral Health and Access to Dental Care of Elderly Migrants and Non-Migrants in Germany
Aarabi G, Reißmann D, Seedorf U, Becher H, Heydecke G, Kofahl C
ETHNIC HEALTH. 2017 [Epub ahead of print].

Acculturation and health-related quality of life: results from the German National Cohort migrant feasibility study
Brand T, Samkange-Zeeb F, Ellert U, Keil T, Krist L, Dragano N, Jöckel K, Razum O, Reiss K, Greiser K, Zimmermann H, Becher H, Zeeb H
INT J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2017 [Epub ahead of print].

Telescience : Feasibility studies, definition and a fair answer to the scientific brain drain
Craemer E, Bassa B, Jacobi C, Becher H, Meyding-Lamadé U
NERVENARZT. 2017;88(2):148-155.


Tobacco Control Progress in Low and Middle Income Countries in Comparison to High Income Countries
Anderson C, Becher H, Winkler V
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2016;13(10):E1039.

Socioeconomic Conditions in Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood and the Risk of Ischemic Stroke
Becher H, Palm F, Aigner A, Safer A, Urbanek C, Buggle F, Grond-Ginsbach C, Grau A
STROKE. 2016;47(1):173-179.

Decreasing child mortality, spatial clustering and decreasing disparity in North-Western Burkina Faso
Becher H, Müller O, Dambach P, Gabrysch S, Niamba L, Sankoh O, Simboro S, Schoeps A, Stieglbauer G, Yé Y, Sié A
TROP MED INT HEALTH. 2016;21(4):546-555.

Die AMOR-Studien – Untersuchungen zu Mortalität bei (Spät-)Aussiedlerinnen und (Spät-)Aussiedlern
Becher H, Winkler V
2016. Jahrbuch für deutsche und osteuropäische Volkskunde. Fendl E, Kasten T, Mezger W, Prosser-Schell M, Retterath H, Scholl-Schneider (Hrsg.). Münster: Waxmann Verlag GmbH, 216.

Prevalence of TMD symptoms in Turkish migrants and re-settlers from the former Soviet Union in comparison to a German group
Diercke K, Zimmermann H, Hellmann D, Kim T, Fricke J, El Sayed N, Hagenfeld D, Kühnisch J, Schmitter M, Becher H
CRANIO. 2016;34(5):316-322.

Applying for, reviewing and funding public health research in Germany and beyond
Gerhardus A, Becher H, Groenewegen P, Mansmann U, Meyer T, Pfaff H, Puhan M, Razum O, Rehfuess E, Sauerborn R, Strech D, Wissing F, Zeeb H, Hummers-Pradier E
HEALTH RES POLICY SY. 2016;14(1):43.

Overweight, high blood pressure and arterial stiffness in early childhood
Hacke C, Ketelhut S, Wendt U, Schlesner C, Müller G, Becher H, Ketelhut K
EUR J EPIDEMIOL. 2016;31(1):72.

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity as a Surrogate Marker for Arterial Stiffness and its Determinants in Early Childhood
Hacke C, Wendt U, Ketelhut K, Ketelhut S, Schlesner C, Becher H, Müller G
EUR J EPIDEMIOL. 2016;31(1):72.

Histologic types of gastric cancer among migrants from the former Soviet Union and the general population in Germany: what kind of prevention do we need?
Jaehn P, Holleczek B, Becher H, Winkler V
EUR J GASTROEN HEPAT. 2016;28(8):863-870.

Modeling continuous covariates with a "spike" at zero: Bivariate approaches
Jenkner C, Lorenz E, Becher H, Sauerbrei W
BIOMETRICAL J. 2016;58(4):783-796.

Brunei epidemiological stroke study: patterns of hypertension and stroke risk.
Lupat A, Hengelbrock J, Luissin M, Fix M, Bassa B, Craemer E, Becher H, Meyding-Lamadé U
J HYPERTENS. 2016;34(7):1416-1422.

Association between infectious burden, socioeconomic status, and ischemic stroke
Palm F, Pussinen P, Aigner A, Becher H, Buggle F, Bauer M, Grond-Ginsbach C, Safer A, Urbanek C, Grau A
ATHEROSCLEROSIS. 2016;254:117-123.


Suicide and external mortality pattern in a cohort of migrants from the former Soviet Union to Germany
Deckert A, Winkler V, Meisinger C, Heier M, Becher H
J PSYCHIATR RES. 2015;63:36-42.

Association of history of allergies and influenza-like infections with laryngeal cancer in a case-control study
Filippidis F, Schwartz S, Becker N, Dyckhoff G, Kirschfink M, Dietz A, Becher H, Ramroth H
EUR ARCH OTO-RHINO-L. 2015;272(8):2063-2069.

Dose–response modelling for bivariate covariates with and without a spike at zero: theory and application to binary outcomes
Lorenz E, Jenckner C, Sauerbrei W, Becher H
Statistica Neerlandica. 2015;69(4):374-398.

An insecticide-treated bed-net campaign and childhood malaria in Burkina Faso
Louis V, Schoeps A, Tiendrebéogo J, Beiersmann C, Yé M, Damiba M, Lu G, Mbayiha A, De Allegri M, Jahn A, Sié A, Becher H, Müller O
Bull World Health Organ. 2015;93(11):750-8.

Safety of insecticide-treated mosquito nets for infants and their mothers:randomized controlled community trial in Burkina Faso
Lu G, Traoré C, Meissner P, Kouyaté B, Kynast-Wolf G, Beiersmann C, Coulibaly B, Becher H, Müller O
MALARIA J. 2015;14(1):527.

RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine and child mortality
Müller O, Tozan Y, Becher H
LANCET. 2015;386(10005):1736.

Seasonal and temporal trends in all-cause and malaria mortality in rural Burkina Faso, 1998-2007
Otte im Kampe E, Müller O, Sie A, Becher H
MALARIA J. 2015;14:300.

Health insurance and child mortality in rural Burkina Faso
Schoeps A, Lietz H, Sié A, Savadogo G, De Allegri M, Müller O, Sauerborn R, Becher H, Souares A

Decreasing disparities in infant survival using surveillance data from Burkina Faso
Schoeps A, Kynast-Wolf G, Nesbitt R, Müller O, Sié A, Becher H
AM J TROP MED HYG. 2015;92(5):1038-44.

Tracing defaulters in HIV prevention of mother-to-child transmission programmes through community health workers
Vogt F, Ferreyra C, Bernasconi A, Ncube L, Taziwa F, Marange W, Wachi D, Becher H
J INT AIDS SOC. 2015;18:Art. 20022.

Tobacco prevention policies in west-African countries and their effects on smoking prevalence
Winkler V, Lan Y, Becher H
BMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 2015;15:Art. 1216.

Lung cancer in South Africa: a forecast to 2025 based on smoking prevalence data
Winkler V, Mangolo N, Becher H
BMJ OPEN. 2015;5(3):Art. e006993.

Is frequency of tooth brushing a risk factor for periodontitis? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Zimmermann H, Zimmermann N, Hagenfeld D, Veile A, Kim T, Becher H

Pocket depth and bleeding on probing and their associations with dental, lifestyle, socioeconomic and blood variables: a cross-sectional, multicenter feasibility study of the German National Cohort
Zimmermann H, Hagenfeld D, Diercke K, El-Sayed N, Fricke J, Greiser K, Kühnisch J, Linseisen J, Meisinger C, Pischon N, Pischon T, Samietz S, Schmitter M, Steinbrecher A, Kim T, Becher H
BMC ORAL HEALTH. 2015;15:7.


Myocardial infarction incidence and ischemic heart disease mortality: overall and trend results in repatriates, Germany
Deckert A, Winkler V, Meisinger C, Heier M, Becher H
EUR J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2014;24(1):127-33.

Training needs for research in health inequities among health and demographic researchers from eight African and Asian countries
Haafkens J, Blomstedt Y, Eriksson M, Becher H, Ramroth H, Kinsman J
BMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 2014;14:1254.

Biomarkers of periodontitis and inflammation in ischemic stroke: A case-control study
Palm F, Lahdentausta L, Sorsa T, Tervahartiala T, Gokel P, Buggle F, Safer A, Becher H, Grau A, Pussinen P
INNATE IMMUN-LONDON. 2014;20(5):511-518.

Management of oral anticoagulation after cardioembolic stroke and stroke survival data from a population based stroke registry (LuSSt)
Palm F, Kraus M, Safer A, Wolf J, Becher H, Grau A
BMC NEUROL. 2014;14:199.

Comparing sampling strategies to recruit migrants for an epidemiological study. Results from a German feasibility study
Reiss K, Dragano N, Ellert U, Fricke J, Greiser K, Keil T, Krist L, Moebus S, Pundt N, Schlaud M, Yesil-Jürgens R, Zeeb H, Zimmermann H, Razum O, Jöckel K, Becher H
EUR J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2014;24(5):721-6.

To what degree is the association between educational inequality and laryngeal cancer explained by smoking, alcohol consumption, and occupational exposure?
Santi I, Kroll L, Dietz A, Becher H, Ramroth H
SCAND J WORK ENV HEA. 2014;40(3):315-22.

STRengthening analytical thinking for observational studies: the STRATOS initiative
Sauerbrei W, Abrahamowicz M, Altman D, le Cessie S, Carpenter J, , Becher H
STAT MED. 2014;33(30):5413-32.

Childhood mortality and its association with household wealth in rural and semi-urban Burkina Faso
Schoeps A, Souares A, Niamba L, Diboulo E, Kynast-Wolf G, Müller O, Sié A, Becher H
Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 2014;108(10):639-47.

Recent surgery or invasive procedures and the risk of stroke
Urbanek C, Palm F, Buggle F, Wolf J, Safer A, Becher H, Grau A
CEREBROVASC DIS. 2014;38(5):370-6.

Validity of self-reported BMI in older adults and an adjustment model
Vuksanović M, Safer A, Palm F, Stieglbauer G, Grau A, Becher H
BIOTECHNOL PROGR. 2014;22(3):257-263.

Response in individuals with and without foreign background and application to the National Cohort in Germany: which factors have an effect?
Winkler V, Leitzmann M, Obi N, Ahrens W, Edinger T, Giani G, Linseisen J, Löffler M, Michels K, Nöthlings U, Schipf S, Kluttig A, Wichmann H, Hoffmann B, Jöckel K, Becher H
INT J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2014;59(3):555-63.

Cancer incidence in ethnic German migrants from the Former Soviet Union in comparison to the host population
Winkler V, Holleczek B, Stegmaier C, Becher H
CANCER EPIDEMIOL. 2014;38(1):22-7.

Incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Wolf J, Wöhrle J, Palm F, Nix W, Maschke M, Safer A, Becher H, Grau A
AMYOTROPH LAT SCL FR. 2014;15(3-4):269-74.

The German National Cohort: aims, study design and organization
Becher H
EUR J EPIDEMIOL. 2014;29(5):371-82.


Declining malaria parasite prevalence and trends of asymptomatic parasitaemia in a seasonal transmission setting in North-Western Burkina Faso between 2000 and 2009-2012
Geiger C, Agustar H, Compaoré G, Coulibaly B, Sié A, Becher H, Lanzer M, Jänisch T
MALARIA J. 2013;12:27.

Addressing research capacity for health equity and the social determinants of health in three African countries: the INTREC programme
Hofman K, Blomstedt Y, Addei S, Kalage R, Maredza M, Sankoh O, Bangha M, Kahn K, Becher H, Haafkens J, Kinsman J

In Vitro Efficacy of Four Insecticides Against Eggs of Tunga penetrans (Siphonaptera)
Kiesewetter T, Ariza L, Martins M, Limongi J, Junqueira da Silva J, Mendes J, Lins Calheiros C, Becher H, Heukelbach J
Open Dermatol J. 2013;(7):15-18.

Immunization coverage in young children: a study nested into a health and demographic surveillance system in Burkina Faso
Ouédraogo N, Kagoné M, Sié A, Becher H, Müller O
J TROP PEDIATRICS. 2013;59(3):187-94.

Timeliness and Out-of-Sequence Vaccination among Young Children in Burkina Faso – Analysis of Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) Data
Ouédraogo N, Kagoné M, Sié A, Becher H, Müller O
Int J Trop Dis Health. 2013;3(1):45-56.

Stroke due to atrial fibrillation in a population-based stroke registry (Ludwigshafen Stroke Study) CHADS(2) , CHA(2) DS(2) -VASc score, underuse of oral anticoagulation, and implications for preventive measures
Palm F, Kleemann T, Dos Santos M, Urbanek C, Buggle F, Safer A, Hennerici M, Becher H, Zahn R, Grau A
EUR J NEUROL. 2013;20(1):117-23.

Intracerebral haemorrhage in a population-based stroke registry (LuSSt): incidence, aetiology, functional outcome and mortality
Palm F, Henschke N, Wolf J, Zimmer K, Safer A, Schröder R, Inselmann G, Brenke C, Becher H, Grau A
J NEUROL. 2013;260(10):2541-50.

Stroke seasonality associations with subtype, etiology and laboratory results in the Ludwigshafen Stroke Study (LuSSt)
Palm F, Dos Santos M, Urbanek C, Greulich M, Zimmer K, Safer A, Grau A, Becher H
EUR J EPIDEMIOL. 2013;28(5):373-81.

Assessing the effect of regional deprivation on mortality avoiding compositional bias
Reiss K, Berger U, Winkler V, Voigtländer S, Becher H, Razum O
J EPIDEMIOL COMMUN H. 2013;67(3):213-8.

Occupation and educational inequalities in laryngeal cancer: the use of a job index
Santi I, Kroll L, Dietz A, Becher H, Ramroth H
BMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 2013;13:1080.

Socio-demographic determinants of timely adherence to BCG, Penta3, measles, and complete vaccination schedule in Burkina Faso
Schoeps A, Ouédraogo N, Kagoné M, Sié A, Müller O, Becher H
VACCINE. 2013;32(1):96-102.

Plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D3, folate and vitamin B12 biomarkers among international colorectal cancer patients: a pilot study
Ulrich C, Toriola A, Siegel E, Brenner H, Chang-Claude J, Abbenhardt C, Kotzmann J, Song X, Owen R, Hoffmeister M, Becher H, Shibata D, Vickers K, Rush S, Makar K, Würtele G, Haubner R, Sellers T, Grady W
J Nutr Sci. 2013;2(e9):1-6.

Smoking prevalence and its impacts on lung cancer mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: an epidemiological study
Winkler V, Ott J, Cowan M, Becher H
PREV MED. 2013;57(5):634-40.


Analysing covariates with spike at zero: a modified FP procedure and conceptual issues
Becher H, Lorenz E, Royston P, Sauerbrei W
BIOMETRICAL J. 2012;54(5):686-700.

Childhood and adult social conditions and risk of stroke
Grau A, Ling P, Palm F, Urbanek C, Becher H, Buggle F
CEREBROVASC DIS. 2012;33(4):385-91.

Risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases among ethnic Germans from the former Soviet Union: results of a nested case-control study
Kuhrs E, Winkler V, Becher H
BMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 2012;12:190.

ITN protection, MSP1 antibody levels and malaria episodes in young children of rural Burkina Faso
Kynast-Wolf G, Wakilzadeh W, Coulibaly B, Schnitzler P, Traoré C, Becher H, Müller O
ACTA TROP. 2012;123(2):117-22.

Long-term effects of malaria prevention with insecticide-treated mosquito nets on morbidity and mortality in African children: randomised controlled trial
Louis V, Bals J, Tiendrebéogo J, Bountogo M, Ramroth H, De Allegri M, Traoré C, Beiersmann C, Coulibaly B, Yé M, Jahn A, Becher H, Müller O
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Etiology, risk factors and sex differences in ischemic stroke in the Ludwigshafen Stroke Study, a population-based stroke registry
Palm F, Urbanek C, Wolf J, Buggle F, Kleemann T, Hennerici M, Inselmann G, Hagar M, Safer A, Becher H, Grau A
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Cause of death distribution with InterVA and physician coding in a rural area of Burkina Faso
Ramroth H, Lorenz E, Rankin J, Fottrell E, Yé M, Neuhann F, Ssennono M, Sié A, Byass P, Becher H
TROP MED INT HEALTH. 2012;17(7):904-13.

Exploring the role narrative free-text plays in discrepancies between physician coding and the InterVA regarding determination of malaria as cause of death, in a malaria holo-endemic region
Rankin J, Lorenz E, Neuhann F, Yé M, Sié A, Becher H, Ramroth H
MALARIA J. 2012;11:51.

Prostate cancer in Germany among migrants from the Former Soviet Union
Winkler V, Holleczek B, Stegmaier C, Becher H


Lung cancer mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa
Becher H, Winkler V
INT J CANCER. 2011;129(6):1537-9; author reply 1540.

Tod an behandlungsbedürftiger Tuberkulose oder an Begleitkrankheiten? Ein Beitrag zur Letalität und Mortalität der Tuberkulose in Deutschland
Forssbohm M, Kropp R, Loytved G, Neher A, Simma M, Rabbow M, Becher H
Pneumologie. 2011;65(10):607-14.

Ovicidal efficacy of high concentration dimeticone: a new era of head lice treatment
Heukelbach J, Sonnberg S, Becher H, Melo I, Speare R, Oliveira F
J AM ACAD DERMATOL. 2011;64(4):e61-2.

Intensity and inhalation of smoking in the aetiology of laryngeal cancer
Ramroth H, Dietz A, Becher H
INT J ENV RES PUB HE. 2011;8(4):976-84.

Occupational asbestos exposure as a risk factor for laryngeal carcinoma in a population-based case-control study from Germany
Ramroth H, Ahrens W, Dietz A, Becher H
AM J IND MED. 2011;54(7):510-4.

Factors predicting survival after diagnosis of laryngeal cancer
Ramroth H, Schoeps A, Rudolph E, Dyckhoff G, Plinkert P, Lippert B, Feist K, Delank K, Scheuermann K, Baier G, Ott I, Chenouda S, Becher H, Dietz A
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Effects of tumour stage, comorbidity and therapy on survival of laryngeal cancer patients: a systematic review and a meta-analysis
Rudolph E, Dyckhoff G, Becher H, Dietz A, Ramroth H
EUR ARCH OTO-RHINO-L. 2011;268(2):165-79.

The effect of distance to health-care facilities on childhood mortality in rural Burkina Faso
Schoeps A, Gabrysch S, Niamba L, Sié A, Becher H
AM J EPIDEMIOL. 2011;173(5):492-8.

Drug utilization patterns and reported health status in ethnic German migrants (Aussiedler) in Germany: a cross-sectional study
Volodina A, Bertsche T, Kostev K, Winkler V, Haefeli W, Becher H
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Predicting lung cancer deaths from smoking prevalence data
Winkler V, Ng N, Tesfaye F, Becher H
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