Ralf Smeets
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent.
Ralf Smeets
  • Leiter der Sektion Regenerative Orofaziale Medizin
  • Leiter der Forschung MKG
  • Facharzt für Mund-Kiefer-Gesichtschirurgie
  • Fachzahnarzt für Oralchirurgie
  • Heisenberg Professur für “Regenerative Orofaziale Medizin” (DFG)


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New and innovative biomaterials, techniques and therapy concepts: Biologization in maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery and dentistry is in full swing. PRF, PRGF, PRP, blood plasma-stabilized augmentations, supplementation of micronutrients and vitamins - what opportunities do such "biological" approaches actually offer? We introduce them here
Smeets R, Henningsen A, Zernial O, Stürmer E, Fiedler I, Schäfer S, Gosau M, Gaudin R, Stolzer C, Reinelt A, Fuest S

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Impact of Oral Rinsing with Octenidine Based Solution on SARS-CoV-2 Loads in Saliva of Infected Patients an Exploratory Study
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Knochenersatzmaterialien: Entscheidungsfindung im klinischen Alltag
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