Computational Anatomy Toolbox (CAT) Workshop

on 07. September 2018 (9am - 5pm)

This one-day course offers a comprehensive theoretical and practical coverage of all aspects of MRI morphometry using the Computational Anatomy Toolbox (CAT12) . The course is suitable for beginners and more advanced users and covers both basic and advanced features. It provides the students with the technical knowledge and practical skills to get started with their own studies.

Students can use their own laptop computers. Course language is English.

Please note that knowledge of SPM12 is essential for attending the course.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Preprocessing of MRI data

  • Step-by-step introduction using example data that will be provided to the participants

  • Use of nuisance variables

  • Quality assurance

  • Voxel-based morphometry

  • Surface-based morphometry

  • Label- or region-based morphometry

  • Longitudinal studies

  • Visualization of results

The course will be held by the developer of the CAT12 toolbox Christian Gaser (University of Jena, Germany).

Enrollment is limited to 22 people. Early registration is recommended. The course can be booked independent of the SPM course. The fee for the course is 150 Euro.

To register please use the German form ( Anmeldeformular ) or send an email to Tobias Sommer if you do not speak German.

The course is fully booked now!