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KFO Project 1 Manuel Friese, Stefan Gold

T cell diversity and plasticity during pregnancy and their contribution to multiple sclerosisi disease activity

KFO Project 2 Gülsah Gabriel, Petra Arck, Hans-Willi Mittrücker

Influenza during pregnancy

KFO Project 5 Petra Arck, Dimitra Zazara

Prenatal stress challenge in mice, the role of verically transmitted maternal glucocorticoids and immune cells in modulating offspring

KFO Project 6 Gisa Tiegs

Prenatal acetaminophen medication affects offspring´s immunity

KFO Project 7 Eva Tolosa

Mechanism of prenatal glucocorticoid-induced changes on the offspring´s immune system

KFO Project 8 Nico Gagliani, Stefan Bonn

Maternal obesity and diet during pregnancy, it´s effect on the function on maternal TH17 and Treg cells and offspring health

KFO Project 9 Felix Stahl, Wolfram Brune

Congenital cytomegalovirus infection

KFO PRINCE Anke Diemert

Prenatal Identificaton of Children´s Health

LFF Project 1 Thomas Jacobs, Jürgen May

Consequences of placental malaria on the immune developement of the child

LFF Project 2 Anke Diemert, Viacheslav Nicolaev, Tanja Zeller

Investigation of cardiovascular risk in pregnancy

LFF Project 3 Jörg Heeren

Immunometabolic consequences of obesity and nutrition on adipose tissue function in pregnant woman and their offspring

LFF Project 4

Madeleine Bunders Influence of maternal stressors on infant intestinal health

LFF Project 5 Petra Arck, lleana Hanganu-Opatz, Brigitte Röder

Modulation and immunological and neuronal mechanisms of fetal neurocognitive programming of neurocognitive performance

LFF Project 6 Petra Arck, Stefan Bonn

Systems biology analyses of birth cohort data, data management and data sharing