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Department of Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine

You are expecting a baby. Your life will change in many new and unexpected ways. Our team of doctors, midwives, nurses and other professionals at the University of Hamburg Perinatal Center aims to provide all the support you need during this life-changing period, and we will be there to answer your questions and provide personal advice.

Anyone expecting a child wants to know that they are in capable hands, but every pregnancy is different: we always place the individual needs and concerns of patients and their families at the focus of what we do, so that parents feel safe and secure, during pregnancy, labor and delivery and after, in case of an uncomplicated as well as a high-risk pregnancy.

To this end we offer all the necessary services from antenatal medicine through to postnatal care and every related medical specialty all under one roof. And: of course we do speak English!

We're looking forward to meeting you and your baby!

Professor Dr. Kurt Hecher and team

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What's special about us

Special challenges are our every day business here at University of Hamburg Perinatal Center: In case of extra medical needs around delivery every baby can get neonatal care according to the highest level (tertiary center, 'level I') immediately - in an intensive neonatal care room right in our delivery suite, door to door to our NICU. A pediatrican is on site 24/7.

Our focus is on high-risk pregnancy care and individual risk assessments. We are on top of prenatal diagnostics and therapy. We diagnose and treat maternal as well as fetal or neonatal diseases during pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Even intrauterine treatments such as LASER surgery in pathological twin pregnancies are among our specialties.

On the other hand, our patient-centered approach is meant to help all expectant mothers to be confident and relaxed about giving birth – including those expecting a multiple birth, a breech birth or women in a risk group.

Finally, our expertise and experience help parents to cope in the event of a premature birth.

Regarding post-delivery care we are offering a wide range of courses, classes and additional services in cooperation with our partners to complete our all-around package.

The department works closely with related specialties, including the neonatology, anesthetics, pediatric surgery and pediatric cardiology departments, human genetics and infectiology. In weekly multidisciplinary conferences we analyse special cases together and coordinate individual management.

We consider it important that mothers and their partners receive personal advice and information tailored to their needs at every level. We are committed to providing the best counselling and decision making help ever possible.

As University Perinatal Center we are participating in research regarding the most recent developments in fetal medicine, obstetrics and neonatology and are equipped with ultra-modern, state-of-the-art devices and instruments. The electronic patient file accounts for comprehensive documentation – which can be recollected instantly when families are switching departments or wards or return to our department in the future.

With this setting the Department for Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine has seen an unprecedented boom since 2003: the number of deliveries annually quadrupled!

To these growing requirements we have continuously responded with staff increases and building measures in order to guarantee ongoing optimal care for more and more mothers and babies.

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