Ensuring low-threshold oncological care for people with a Turkish migration background - the native language guide model

Sicherung einer niedrigschwelligen onkologischen Versorgung von Menschen mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund – das muttersprachliche Lotsenmodell

Funding: Deutsche Krebshilfe - Funding priority program 'Oncological care for people with a migration background'

Duration: 01/2023-12/2024

Background: Compared to native Germans, people with a Turkish migration background may show lower satisfaction with the local healthcare system, possibly leading to reduced cooperation with recommended therapy options. Language barriers and insufficient intercultural training among medical staff could exacerbate communication issues, possibly impacting patient involvement and ultimately increasing stress and depression, especially in older migrants. Utilization of oncological services is hindered by limited knowledge, language barriers, and complex therapy requirements, possibly resulting in delayed diagnosis and suboptimal treatment. The University Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) addresses these challenges with a guide service, employing trained individuals to support Turkish-speaking patients. The so-called UCCH-guides serve as liaisons, aiding in accessing services, navigating the healthcare system, and facilitating communication between patients and healthcare providers. This program aims to improve patient participation and ensure equitable oncological care for migrants.

The research project consists of four work packages:

  • WP 1: Data collection and conceptualization, which includes investigating the current situation, i.e., the recording of patients with a Turkish migration background at UCCH. The data collected form the basis for accessing the needs and satisfaction of patients with a Turkish migration background. The findings will be used to define conditions and structures for a guide model in everyday clinical practice.
  • WP 2: Implementation of the study concept, which includes the training of Turkish-speaking guides, the development of the Turkish-language online presence of the UCCH, the creation of corresponding administrative requirements within the UCCH and the planning of publicity via print and online media for the native language guide project in the Turkish communities in Hamburg.
  • WP 3: Full implementation and activation of the program.
  • WP 4: The evaluation of the program with regard to the primary and secondary endpoints.

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