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Translation and psychometric evaluation of the German version of the IcanSDM measure - a cross-sectional study among healthcare professionals
Lindig A, Hahlweg P, Christalle E, Giguere A, Härter M, von dem Knesebeck O, Scholl I
BMC HEALTH SERV RES. 2021;21(1):541.


Cancer patients' preferred and perceived level of involvement in treatment decision-making: an epidemiological study
Hahlweg P, Kriston L, Scholl I, Brähler E, Faller H, Schulz H, Weis J, Koch U, Wegscheider K, Mehnert A, Härter M
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A skills network approach to physicians' competence in shared decision making
Kriston L, Hahlweg P, Härter M, Scholl I
HEALTH EXPECT. 2020;23(6):1466-1476.

Translation and psychometric evaluation of the German version of the Organisational Readiness for Implementing Change measure (ORIC): a cross-sectional study
Lindig A, Hahlweg P, Christalle E, Scholl I
BMJ OPEN. 2020;10(6):e034380.

Adaptation and qualitative evaluation of Ask 3 Questions - a simple and generic intervention to foster patient empowerment
Lindig A, Hahlweg P, Frerichs W, Topf C, Reemts M, Scholl I
HEALTH EXPECT. 2020;23(5):1310-1325.


Adaptation and qualitative evaluation of encounter decision aids in breast cancer care
Hahlweg P, Witzel I, Muller V, Elwyn G, Durand M, Scholl I
ARCH GYNECOL OBSTET. 2019;299(4):1141-1149.

Assessing the relevance and implementation of patient-centredness from the patients' perspective in Germany: results of a Delphi study
Zeh S, Christalle E, Hahlweg P, Härter M, Scholl I
BMJ OPEN. 2019;9(12):e031741.


Assessment of patient centredness through patient-reported experience measures (ASPIRED): protocol of a mixed-methods study
Christalle E, Zeh S, Hahlweg P, Kriston L, Härter M, Scholl I
BMJ OPEN. 2018;8(10):e025896.

Evaluation of a program for routine implementation of shared decision-making in cancer care: study protocol of a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial
Scholl I, Hahlweg P, Lindig A, Bokemeyer C, Coym A, Hanken H, Müller V, Smeets R, Witzel I, Kriston L, Härter M
IMPLEMENT SCI. 2018;13(1):51.

Organizational- and system-level characteristics that influence implementation of shared decision-making and strategies to address them - a scoping review
Scholl I, LaRussa A, Hahlweg P, Kobrin S, Elwyn G
IMPLEMENT SCI. 2018;13(1):.

Shared decision-making in physical therapy: A cross-sectional study on physiotherapists' knowledge, attitudes and self-reported use
Topp J, Westenhöfer J, Scholl I, Hahlweg P
PATIENT EDUC COUNS. 2018;101(2):346-351.


Process quality of decision-making in multidisciplinary cancer team Meetings: a structured observational study
Hahlweg P, Didi S, Kriston L, Härter M, Nestoriuc Y, Scholl I
BMC CANCER. 2017;17(1):772.

How are decisions made in cancer care? A qualitative study using participant observation of current practice
Hahlweg P, Härter M, Nestoriuc Y, Scholl I
BMJ OPEN. 2017;7(9):e016360.


Shared decision-making in oncology - A qualitative analysis of healthcare providers' views on current practice
Frerichs W, Hahlweg P, Müller E, Adis C, Scholl I
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What do stakeholders need to implement shared decision making in routine cancer care? A qualitative needs assessment
Müller E, Hahlweg P, Scholl I
ACTA ONCOL. 2016;55(12):1484-1491.


In Absentia: An exploratory study of how patients are considered in multidisciplinary cancer team meetings
Hahlweg P, Hoffmann J, Härter M, Frosch D, Elwyn G, Scholl I
PLOS ONE. 2015;10(10):e0139921.

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