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Closeness Discrepancies and Relationship Quality in German Partnered Women and Men
Pietras L, Wiessner C, Briken P, Štulhofer A
J SEX MARITAL THER. 2024 [Epub ahead of print].

Health Service Use Among Migrants in the German National Cohort-The Role of Birth Region and Language Skills
Wiessner C, Licaj S, Klein J, Bohn B, Brand T, Castell S, Führer A, Harth V, Heier M, Heise J, Holleczek B, Jaskulski S, Jochem C, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Krist L, Leitzmann M, Lieb W, Meinke-Franze C, Mikolajczyk R, Moreno Velásquez I, Obi N, Pischon T, Schipf S, Thierry S, Willich S, Zeeb H, Becher H
INT J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2024;69:1606377.


Association of periodontitis with handgrip strength and skeletal muscle mass in middle-aged US adults from NHANES 2013-2014
Bunte K, Wiessner C, Bahat G, Erdogan T, Cruz-Jentoft A, Zapf A
AGING CLIN EXP RES. 2023;35(9):1909-1916.

VTd-PACE and VTd-PACE-like regimens are effective salvage therapies in difficult-to-treat relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma: a single-center experience
Ghandili S, Alihodzic D, Wiessner C, Bokemeyer C, Weisel K, Leypoldt L
ANN HEMATOL. 2023;102(1):117-124.

Sexual activities and experiences in women who underwent genital cosmetic surgery: a cross-sectional study using datafrom the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Koops T, Wiessner C, Briken P
INT J IMPOT RES. 2023;35(8):741-747.

Public attitudes towards sexual behavior-Results of the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Ludwig J, Brunner F, Wiessner C, Briken P, Gerlich M, von dem Knesebeck O
PLOS ONE. 2023;18(3):e0282187.

Associations of Migration, Socioeconomic Position and Social Relations With Depressive Symptoms – Analyses of the German National Cohort Baseline Data
Vonneilich N, Becher H, Bohn B, Brandes B, Castell S, Deckert A, Dragano N, Franzke C, Führer A, Gastell S, Greiser H, Keil T, Klett-Tammen C, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Krist L, Leitzmann M, Meinke-Franze C, Mikolajczyk R, Moreno Velasquez I, Obi N, Peters A, Pischon T, Reuter M, Schikowski T, Schmidt B, Schulze M, Sergeev D, Stang A, Völzke H, Wiessner C, Zeeb H, Lüdecke D, von dem Knesebeck O
INT J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2023;68:1606097.

Increased late preterm birth risk and altered uterine blood flow upon exposure to heat stress
Yüzen D, Graf I, Tallarek A, Hollwitz B, Wiessner C, Schleussner E, Stammer D, Padula A, Hecher K, Arck P, Diemert A
EBIOMEDICINE. 2023;93:104651.


Infant immunity against viral infections is advanced by the placenta-dependent vertical transfer of maternal antibodies
Albrecht M, Pagenkemper M, Wiessner C, Spohn M, Lütgehetmann M, Jacobsen H, Gabriel G, Zazara-Giannou D, Haertel C, Hecher K, Diemert A, Arck P
VACCINE. 2022;40(11):1563-1571.

Frequent Cannabis Use Moderates the Relationship Between Sexual Dysfunction and Depression Among Female German Adults
Belau M, Wiessner C, Becher H, von Rüden U, Briken P
J SEX MED. 2022;19(6):940-949.

Who feels affected by “out of control” sexual behavior?: Prevalence and correlates of indicators for ICD-11 Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder in the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Briken P, Wiessner C, Stuhlhofer A, Klein V, Fuß J, Reed G, Dekker A
J BEHAV ADDICT. 2022;11(3):900-911.

Factors associated with non-use of condoms among heterosexually-active single people in Germany: Results from the first representative, population-based German health and sexuality survey (GeSiD)
Cerwenka S, Wiessner C, Mercer C, Matthiesen S, Pietras L, von Rüden U, Dekker A, Briken P
INT J STD AIDS. 2022;33(8):766-772.

Men Who Pay For Sex: Prevalence and Sexual Health: Results from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Döring N, Walker R, Mercer C, Wiessner C, Matthiesen S, Briken P
DTSCH ARZTEBL INT. 2022;119(12):201-207.

Remote interpreting in primary care settings: a feasibility trial in Germany
Fiedler J, Pruskil S, Wiessner C, Zimmermann T, Scherer M
BMC HEALTH SERV RES. 2022;22(1):.

Impact of postanesthesia care unit delirium on self-reported cognitive function and perceived health status: a prospective observational cohort study
Kainz E, Stuff K, Kahl U, Wiessner C, Yu Y, von Breunig F, Nitzschke R, Haese A, Graefen M, Fischer M
QUAL LIFE RES. 2022;31(8):2397-2410.

Gender differences in the association of psychological distress and sexual compulsivity before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Kürbitz L, Wiessner C, Schoon W, Briken P, Schöttle D, Schröder J
J BEHAV ADDICT. 2022;11(2):533-543.

Einstellungen der Bevölkerung zum Sexualverhalten – Ergebnisse der Studie „Gesundheit und Sexualität in Deutschland (GeSiD)“
Ludwig J, Brunner F, Wiessner C, Briken P, Gerlich M, von dem Knesebeck O
GESUNDHEITSWESEN. 2022;84(08/09):712.

Schule oder Elternhaus – wo kann, darf und sollte Sexualaufklärung stattfinden?
Matthiesen S, Wiessner C, Böhm M
Z SOZIOL ERZIEH SOZI. 2022;(3):294-311.

How Inclusion of Other in the Self Relates to Couple’s Sexuality and Functioning – Results from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Pietras L, Wiessner C, Briken P
J SEX RES. 2022;59(4):493-503.

Religiosity, Perceived Effects of Pornography Use on Personal Sex Life, and Moral Incongruence: Insights from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Štulhofer A, Wiessner C, Koletić G, Pietras L, Briken P
J SEX RES. 2022;59(6):720-730.

Pitfalls and solutions in case fatality risk estimation – A multi-country analysis on the effects of demographics, surveillance, time lags between case reports and deaths and healthcare system capacity on COVID-19 CFR estimate
Vanella P, Wiessner C, Holz A, Krause G, Möhl A, Wiegel S, Lange B, Becher H
Vienna Yearbook of Population Research. 2022;20:167 - 193.

Migration and Sexual Health Services Use – Results from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Wiessner C, von dem Knesebeck O, Gerlich M, Briken P, Becher H
SEX RES SOC POLICY. 2022;19(3):1383-1394.


Die GeSiD-Studie „Gesundheit und Sexualität in Deutschland“ – eine kurze Einführung
Briken P, Dekker A, Cerwenka S, Pietras L, Wiessner C, von Rüden U, Matthiesen S
BUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLA. 2021;64(11):1334–1338.

Lymphocytopenia and Anti-CD38 Directed Treatment Impact the Serological SARS-CoV-2 Response after Prime Boost Vaccination in Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Ghandili S, Schönlein M, Wiessner C, Becher H, Lütgehetmann M, Brehm T, Wiesch J, Bokemeyer C, Sinn M, Weisel K, Leypoldt L
J CLIN MED. 2021;10(23):.

Effects of Educational Video on Pre-operative Anxiety in Children - A Randomized Controlled Trial
Härter V, Barkmann C, Wiessner C, Rupprecht M, Reinshagen K, Trah J
FRONT PEDIATR. 2021;9:640236.

Assessing Psychodynamic Conflicts and Level of Personality Functioning in Women Diagnosed With Vaginismus and Dyspareunia
Koops T, Wiessner C, Ehrenthal J, Briken P
FRONT PSYCHOL. 2021;12(6):687369.

Methodology of the German National Sex Survey – GeSiD (German Health and Sexuality Survey)
Matthiesen S, Pietras L, Bode H, Cholmakow-Bodechtel C, Cerwenka S, Pfister M, von Rüden U, Steinacker G, Wiessner C, Briken P, Dekker A
J SEX RES. 2021;58(8):1008-1018.

Wie gut ist das Wissen über sexuell übertragbare Infektionen in Deutschland?: Ergebnisse der ersten bundesweiten repräsentativen Befragung zu Gesundheit und Sexualität (GeSiD)
Matthiesen S, von Rüden U, Dekker A, Briken P, Cerwenka S, Fedorowicz C, Wiessner C
BUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLA. 2021;64(11):1355-1363.

Sexual aggression against males: Differences between acts by males and females – Results from the German Health and Sexuality Survey (GeSiD)
Tozdan S, Brunner F, Pietras L, Wiessner C, Briken P
CHILD ABUSE NEGLECT. 2021;117(7):.


Estimating the Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction Using the New ICD-11 Guidelines
Briken P, Matthiesen S, Pietras L, Wiessner C, Klein V, Reed G, Dekker A
DTSCH ARZTEBL INT. 2020;117(39):653-658.

Longitudinal adrenal gland measurements and growth trajectories as risk markers for late preterm delivery
Goletzke J, Pagenkemper M, Wiessner C, Rüber F, Arck P, Hecher K, Diemert A
BMC PREGNANCY CHILDB. 2020;20(1):570.

Personen mit Migrationshintergrund in der NAKO Gesundheitsstudie – soziodemografische Merkmale und Vergleiche mit der autochthonen deutschen Bevölkerung
Wiessner C, Keil T, Krist L, Zeeb H, Dragano N, Schmidt B, Ahrens W, Berger K, Castell S, Fricke J, Führer A, Gastell S, Greiser H, Guo F, Jaeschke L, Jochem C, Jöckel K, Kaaks R, Koch-Gallenkamp L, Krause G, Kuss O, Legath N, Leitzmann M, Lieb W, Meinke-Franze C, Meisinger C, Mikolajczyk R, Obi N, Pischon T, Schipf S, Schmoor C, Schramm S, Schulze M, Sowarka N, Waniek S, Wigmann C, Willich S, Becher H
BUNDESGESUNDHEITSBLA. 2020;63(3):279-289.


Structured introduction of retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy provides a high level of safety and reduces the physical burden for the donor compared to an anterior mini incision: A cohort study
Koch M, Kroencke S, Li J, Wiessner C, Nashan B
INT J SURG. 2019;69:139-145.


Paracetamol Medication During Pregnancy: Insights on Intake Frequencies, Dosages and Effects on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Populations in Cord Blood From a Longitudinal Prospective Pregnancy Cohort
Bremer L, Goletzke J, Wiessner C, Pagenkemper M, Gehbauer C, Becher H, Tolosa E, Hecher K, Arck P, Diemert A, Tiegs G
EBIOMEDICINE. 2017;26:146-151.

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