The group of Mass Spectrometric Proteomics is establishing and developing new methods for analysis of proteins in the context of proteomics. We apply proteomic techniques for the identification of disease markers and for deciphering molecular mechanisms of the development of diseases like cancer.

Topics within method development are within sample preparation (e.g. cold vaporization of tissues by pico-second infrared laser (PIRL)), separation of peptides, proteins and other biomolecules by liquid chromatography (e.g. by displacement chromatography) and mass spectrometry based detection methods (e.g. detection of protease activities; mass spectrometric imaging).

Main topics in pathobiochemistry are investigation of the pathogenesis of cancer, of diseases of the bone and of the impact of corrosion products of magnesium implants on bone cells.

Hartmut Schlüter
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Hartmut Schlüter
  • Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsgruppenleiter

Campus Forschung N27 , EG, Raumnummer 00.008