Meta-Diagnostic For Identification And Preprocessing of medical image data for in-silico trials (DIVE-MED)

Projektbeschreibung Divemed
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Standard & DIVE-MED procedure
Identification and preprocessing of medical image data

Problem: Clinical studies are essential for the successful launch of new medical products, but are often time consuming and associated with high costs due to, among others, manual identification of suitable patients and data processing.

Goal: The project aims at accelerating and simplifying the selection of patients for clinical studies in the field of neuroradiology while increasing data protection.

Method: With the help of deep learning (DL) techniques, medical images from the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) of the clinic will be automatically preprocessed, depersonalized and evaluated for inclusion into clinical studies.
By reducing required human resources while speeding up clinical trials, DIVE-MED would essentially promote earlier access for patients to treatments with newer technologies.

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