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Matrix metalloproteinases at a glance
Hey S, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2024;137(2):.

Tumor cell integrin β4 and tumor stroma E-/P-selectin cooperatively regulate tumor growth in vivo
Genduso S, Freytag V, Schetler D, Kirchner L, Schiecke A, Maar H, Wicklein D, Gebauer F, Bröker K, Stürken C, Milde-Langosch K, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Ricklefs F, Ewald F, Wolters-Eisfeld G, Riecken K, Unrau L, Krause L, Bohnenberger H, Offermann A, Perner S, Sebens S, Lamszus K, Diehl L, Linder S, Jücker M, Schumacher U, Lange T
J HEMATOL ONCOL. 2023;16(1):.

KIF16B drives MT1-MMP recycling in macrophages and promotes co-invasion of cancer cells
Hey S, Wiesner C, Barcelona B, Linder S
LIFE SCI ALLIANCE. 2023;6(11):.

Get a grip: Podosomes as potential players in phagocytosis
Linder S, Barcelona B
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2023;102(4):.

Mechanisms and roles of podosomes and invadopodia
Linder S, Cervero P, Eddy R, Condeelis J
NAT REV MOL CELL BIO. 2023;24:86–106.

MT1-MMP and ADAM10/17 exhibit a remarkable overlap of shedding properties
Werny L, Grogro A, Bickenbach K, Bülck C, Armbrust F, Koudelka T, Pathak K, Scharfenberg F, Sammel M, Sheikhouny F, Tholey A, Linder S, Becker-Pauly C
FEBS J. 2023;290(1):93-111.

Proteolysis of CD44 at the cell surface controls a downstream protease network
Wöhner B, Li W, Hey S, Drobny A, Werny L, Becker-Pauly C, Lucius R, Zunke F, Linder S, Arnold P

There and back again: Intracellular trafficking, release and recycling of matrix metalloproteinases
Hey S, Ratt A, Linder S
BBA-MOL CELL RES. 2022;1869(4):.

Development of an artificial synovial fluid useful for studying Staphylococcus epidermidis joint infections
Stamm J, Weißelberg S, Both A, Failla A, Nordholt G, Büttner H, Linder S, Aepfelbacher M, Rohde H

The circle of life:Phases of podosome formation, turnover and reemergence
Weber K, Hey S, Cervero P, Linder S
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2022;101(2):.

Nectin stabilization at adherens junctions is counteracted by Rab5a-dependent endocytosis
Cervero P, Vrenken K, Klose M, Rehm K, Linder S
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FIB/SEM-based analysis of Borrelia intracellular processing by human macrophages
Klose M, Scheungrab M, Luckner M, Wanner G, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2021;134(5):.

Cargo-specific recruitment in clathrin- and dynamin-independent endocytosis
Moreno-Layseca P, Jäntti N, Godbole R, Sommer C, Jacquemet G, Al-Akhrass H, Conway J, Kronqvist P, Kallionpää R, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Cervero P, Linder S, Aepfelbacher M, Zauber H, Rae J, Parton R, Disanza A, Scita G, Mayor S, Selbach M, Veltel S, Ivaska J
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Molecular Mechanisms of Borrelia burgdorferi Phagocytosis and Intracellular Processing by Human Macrophages
Woitzik P, Linder S
BIOLOGY-BASEL. 2021;10(7):567.

Poji:a Fiji-based tool for analysis of podosomes and associated proteins
Herzog R, van den Dries K, Cervero P, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2020;133(8):.

The podosome cap: past, present, perspective
Linder S, Cervero P
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2020;99(5):151087.

Nucleobindin-1 regulates ECM degradation by promoting intra-Golgi trafficking of MMPs
Pacheco-Fernandez N, Pakdel M, Blank B, Sanchez-Gonzalez I, Weber K, Tran M, Hecht T, Gautsch R, Beck G, Perez F, Hausser A, Linder S, von Blume J
J CELL BIOL. 2020;219(8):.

SNX3 drives maturation of Borrelia phagosomes by forming a hub for PI(3)P, Rab5a, and galectin-9
Klose M, Salloum J, Gonschior H, Linder S
J CELL BIOL. 2019;218(9):3039-3059.

Differences in Shedding of the Interleukin-11 Receptor by the Proteases ADAM9, ADAM10, ADAM17, Meprin α, Meprin β and MT1-MMP
Sammel M, Peters F, Lokau J, Scharfenberg F, Werny L, Linder S, Garbers C, Rose-John S, Becker-Pauly C
INT J MOL SCI. 2019;20(15):.

Probing the mechanical landscape - new insights into podosome architecture and mechanics
van den Dries K, Linder S, Maridonneau-Parini I, Poincloux R
J CELL SCI. 2019;132(24):.

Structural and Functional Analyses of the Shedding Protease ADAM17 in HoxB8-Immortalized Macrophages and Dendritic-like Cells
Cabron A, El Azzouzi K, Boss M, Arnold P, Schwarz J, Rosas M, Dobert J, Pavlenko E, Schumacher N, Renné T, Taylor P, Linder S, Rose-John S, Zunke F
J IMMUNOL. 2018;201(10):3106-3118.

Lymphocyte-specific protein 1 regulates mechanosensory oscillation of podosomes and actin isoform-based actomyosin symmetry breaking
Cervero P, Wiesner C, Bouissou A, Poincloux R, Linder S
NAT COMMUN. 2018;9(1):515.

MT1-MMP targeting to endolysosomes is mediated by upregulation of flotillins
Planchon D, Rios Morris E, Genest M, Comunale F, Vacher S, Bièche I, Denisov E, Tashireva L, Perelmuter V, Linder S, Chavrier P, Bodin S, Gauthier-Rouvière C
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Clinical relevance of cytoskeleton associated proteins for ovarian cancer
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Arp2/3:Not Absolutely Required After All?
Linder S
DEV CELL. 2017;42(5):436-438.

Actin-Dependent Regulation of Borrelia burgdorferi Phagocytosis by Macrophages
Naj X, Linder S
CURR TOP MICROBIOL. 2017;399:133-154.

Drebrin's Role in the Maintenance of Endothelial Integrity
Rehm K, Linder S
ADV EXP MED BIOL. 2017;1006:347-360.

Actin assembly mechanisms at a glance
Rottner K, Faix J, Bogdan S, Linder S, Kerkhoff E
J CELL SCI. 2017;130(20):3427-3435.

Metalloproteinase MT1-MMP islets act as memory devices for podosome reemergence
El Azzouzi K, Wiesner C, Linder S
J CELL BIOL. 2016;213(1):109-25.

Feel the force: Podosomes in mechanosensing
Linder S, Wiesner C
EXP CELL RES. 2016;343(1):67-72.

The formins FHOD1 and INF2 regulate inter- and intra-structural contractility of podosomes
Panzer L, Trübe L, Klose M, Joosten B, Slotman J, Cambi A, Linder S
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MT1-MMP: Endosomal delivery drives breast cancer metastasis
Linder S
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RABGTPases in MT1-MMP trafficking and cell invasion:Physiology versus pathology
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Tools of the trade: podosomes as multipurpose organelles of monocytic cells
Linder S, Wiesner C
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Drosophila homologue of Diaphanous 1 (DIAPH1) controls the metastatic potential of colon cancer cells by regulating microtubule-dependent adhesion
Lin Y, Bhuwania R, Gromova K, Failla A, Lange T, Riecken K, Linder S, Kneussel M, Izbicki J, Windhorst S
ONCOTARGET. 2015;6(21):18577-89.

ER-Coordinated Activities of Rab22a and Rab5a Drive Phagosomal Compaction and Intracellular Processing of Borrelia burgdorferi by Macrophages
Naj X, Linder S
CELL REP. 2015;12(11):1816-1830.

Microtubule acetylation regulates dynamics of KIF1C-powered vesicles and contact of microtubule plus ends with podosomes
Bhuwania R, Castro-Castro A, Linder S
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2014;93(10-12):424-37.

Daam1 is a regulator of filopodia formation and phagocytic uptake of Borrelia burgdorferi by primary human macrophages
Hoffmann A, Naj X, Linder S
FASEB J. 2014;28(7):3075-3089.

Podosomes in space: Macrophage migration and matrix degradation in 2D and 3D settings
Wiesner C, Le-Cabec V, El Azzouzi K, Maridonneau-Parini I, Linder S
CELL ADHES MIGR. 2014;8(3):179-191.

Podosome reformation in macrophages: assays and analysis
Cervero P, Panzer L, Linder S
Methods Mol Biol. 2013;1046:97-121.

The formins FMNL1 and mDia1 regulate coiling phagocytosis of Borrelia burgdorferi by primary human macrophages
Naj X, Hoffmann A, Himmel M, Linder S
INFECT IMMUN. 2013;81(5):1683-95.

Drebrin preserves endothelial integrity by stabilizing nectin at adherens junctions
Rehm K, Panzer L, van Vliet V, Genot E, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2013;126(Pt 16):3756-69.

A specific subset of RabGTPases controls cell surface exposure of MT1-MMP, extracellular matrix degradation and three-dimensional invasion of macrophages
Wiesner C, El Azzouzi K, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2013;126(Pt 13):2820-33.

CRN2 enhances the invasiveness of glioblastoma cells
Ziemann A, Hess S, Bhuwania R, Linder S, Kloppenburg P, Noegel A, Clemen C
NEURO-ONCOLOGY. 2013;15(5):548-61.

Supervillin couples myosin-dependent contractility to podosomes and enables their turnover.
Bhuwania R, Cornfine S, Fang Z, Krüger M, Luna E, Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2012;125(Pt 9):2300-2314.

Proteomic analysis of podosome fractions from macrophages reveals similarities to spreading initiation centres.
Cervero P, Himmel M, Krüger M, Linder S
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2012;91(11-12):908-922.

New isoform-specific monoclonal antibodies reveal different sub-cellular localisations for talin1 and talin2.
Praekelt U, Kopp P, Rehm K, Linder S, Bate N, Patel B, Debrand E, Manso A, Ross R, Conti F, Zhang M, Harris R, Zent R, Critchley D, Monkley S
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Lasp-1 regulates podosome function.
Stölting M, Wiesner C, van Vliet V, Butt E, Pavenstädt H, Linder S, Kremerskothen J
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Phosphorylation of CRN2 by CK2 regulates F-actin and Arp2/3 interaction and inhibits cell migration.
Xavier C, Rastetter R, Blömacher M, Stumpf M, Himmel M, Morgan R, Fernandez M, Wang C, Osman A, Miyata Y, Gjerset R, Eichinger L, Hofmann A, Linder S, Noegel A, Clemen C
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The kinesin KIF9 and reggie/flotillin proteins regulate matrix degradation by macrophage podosomes.
Cornfine S, Himmel M, Kopp P, El-Azzouzi K, Wiesner C, Krüger M, Rudel T, Linder S
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Zona occludens proteins modulate podosome formation and function.
Kremerskothen J, Stölting M, Wiesner C, Korb-Pap A, van Vliet V, Linder S, Huber T, Rottiers P, Reuzeau E, Genot E, Pavenstädt H
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Degrading devices: invadosomes in proteolytic cell invasion.
Linder S, Wiesner C, Himmel M
ANNU REV CELL DEV BI. 2011;27:185-211.

Transparent peer review--an appreciation of the reviewers' contribution to a published article.
Linder S, Schliwa M, Werner S, Gebauer D
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2010;89(11):779.

KIF5B and KIF3A/KIF3B kinesins drive MT1-MMP surface exposure, CD44 shedding, and extracellular matrix degradation in primary macrophages.
Wiesner C, Faix J, Himmel M, Bentzien F, Linder S
BLOOD. 2010;116(9):1559-1569.

Invadosomes at a glance.
Linder S
J CELL SCI. 2009;122(17):3009-3013.

Structural and functional diversity of novel coronin 1C (CRN2) isoforms in muscle.
Xavier C, Rastetter R, Stumpf M, Rosentreter A, Müller R, Reimann J, Cornfine S, Linder S, van Vliet V, Hofmann A, Morgan R, Fernandez M, Schröder R, Noegel A, Clemen C
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Viva adhesion! A Mediterranean meeting on cell-matrix contacts and tissue invasion.
Buccione R, Gimona M, Linder S
EUR J CELL BIOL. 2008;87(8-9):457-458.

Assembly and biological role of podosomes and invadopodia.
Gimona M, Buccione R, Courtneidge S, Linder S
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Gelatinases mediate neutrophil recruitment in vivo: evidence for stimulus specificity and a critical role in collagen IV remodeling.
Reichel C, Rehberg M, Bihari P, Moser C, Linder S, Khandoga A, Krombach F
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Expression of coronin-3 (coronin-1C) in diffuse gliomas is related to malignancy.
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Cyclic guanosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase I promotes adhesion of primary vascular smooth muscle cells
Weinmeister P, Lukowski R, Linder S, Traidl-Hoffmann C, Hengst L, Hofmann F, Feil R
MOL BIOL CELL. 2008;19(10):4434-41.

Phosphorylation of a Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome protein-associated signal complex is critical in osteoclast bone resorption
Chellaiah M, Kuppuswamy D, Lasky L, Linder S
J BIOL CHEM. 2007;282(13):10104-16.

The matrix corroded: podosomes and invadopodia in extracellular matrix degradation
Linder S
TRENDS CELL BIOL. 2007;17(3):107-17.

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