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Sensitive Blood-Based Detection of Asbestos-Associated Diseases Using Cysteine-Rich Angiogenic Inducer 61 as Circulating Protein Biomarker
Bartkowiak K, Casjens S, Andreas A, Ačkar L, Joosse S, Raiko I, Brüning T, Geffken M, Peine S, Johnen G, Weber D, Pantel K
CLIN CHEM. 2020 [Epub ahead of print].

Evaluation of Microfluidic Ceiling Designs for the Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells on a Microarray Platform
Liu H, Koch C, Haller A, Joosse S, Kumar R, Vellekoop M, Horst L, Keller L, Babayan A, Failla A, Jensen J, Peine S, Keplinger F, Fuchs H, Pantel K, Hirtz M
Adv Biosyst. 2020;4(2):e1900162.

Determination of PD-L1 Expression in Circulating Tumor Cells of NSCLC Patients and Correlation with Response to PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitors
Janning M, Kobus F, Babayan A, Wikman H, Velthaus J, Bergmann S, Schatz S, Falk M, Berger L, Böttcher L, Päsler S, Gorges T, O'Flaherty L, Hille C, Joosse S, Simon R, Tiemann M, Bokemeyer C, Reck M, Riethdorf S, Pantel K, Loges S
CANCERS. 2019;11(6):.

Clonality of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer brain metastasis patients
Riebensahm C, Joosse S, Mohme M, Hanssen A, Matschke J, Goy Y, Witzel I, Lamszus K, Kropidlowski J, Petersen C, Kolb-Kokocinski A, Sauer S, Borgmann K, Glatzel M, Müller V, Westphal M, Riethdorf S, Pantel K, Wikman H
BREAST CANCER RES. 2019;21(1):101.

Techniques of using circulating tumor DNA as a liquid biopsy component in cancer management
Elazezy M, Joosse S
COMPUT STRUCT BIOTEC. 2018;16:370-378.

Frequency of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) in Patients with Brain Metastases: Implications as a Risk Assessment Marker in Oligo-Metastatic Disease
Hanssen A, Riebensahm C, Mohme M, Joosse S, Velthaus J, Berger L, Bernreuther C, Glatzel M, Loges S, Lamszus K, Westphal M, Riethdorf S, Pantel K, Wikman H
CANCERS. 2018;10(12):E527.

Chromosomal Aberrations Associated with Sequential Steps of the Metastatic Cascade in Colorectal Cancer Patients
Joosse S, Souche F, Babayan A, Gasch C, Kerkhoven R, Ramos J, Fabre J, Riethdorf S, König A, Wikman H, Alix-Panabières C, Pantel K
CLIN CHEM. 2018;64(10):1505-1512.

Development and Characterization of a Spontaneously Metastatic Patient-Derived Xenograft Model of Human Prostate Cancer
Lange T, Oh-Hohenhorst S, Joosse S, Pantel K, Hahn O, Gosau T, Dyshlovoy S, Wellbrock J, Feldhaus S, Maar H, Gehrcke R, Kluth M, Simon R, Schlomm T, Huland H, Schumacher U
SCI REP-UK. 2018;8:17535.

Multiplex Gene Expression Profiling of In Vivo Isolated Circulating Tumor Cells in High-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients
Markou A, Lazaridou M, Paraskevopoulos P, Chen S, Świerczewska M, Budna J, Kuske A, Gorges T, Joosse S, Kroneis T, Zabel M, Sedlmayr P, Alix-Panabières C, Pantel K, Lianidou E
CLIN CHEM. 2018;64(2):297-306.

Clinical relevance of cytoskeleton associated proteins for ovarian cancer
Schiewek J, Schumacher U, Lange T, Joosse S, Wikman H, Pantel K, Mikhaylova M, Kneussel M, Linder S, Schmalfeldt B, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Windhorst S
J CANCER RES CLIN. 2018;144(11):2195-2205.

Correlation of Isotope Count With Sentinel Node Positivity in Vulvar Cancer
Wölber L, Joosse S, Grimm D, Mathey S, Mahner S, Burandt E, Klutmann S, Schmalfeldt B, Prieske K
INT J GYNECOL CANCER. 2018;28(7):1403-1409.

Comparative study of whole genome amplification and next generation sequencing performance of single cancer cells
Babayan A, Alawi M, Gormley M, Müller V, Wikman H, McMullin R, Smirnov D, Li W, Geffken M, Pantel K, Joosse S
ONCOTARGET. 2017;8(34):56066-56080.

Prenatal Administration of Betamethasone Causes Changes in the T Cell Receptor Repertoire Influencing Development of Autoimmunity
Gieras A, Gehbauer C, Perna-Barrull D, Engler J, Diepenbruck I, Glau L, Joosse S, Kersten N, Klinge S, Mittrücker H, Friese M, Vives-Pi M, Tolosa E
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2017;8:1505.

Circulating Tumour Cell Release after Cement Augmentation of Vertebral Metastases
Mohme M, Riethdorf S, Dreimann M, Werner S, Maire C, Joosse S, Bludau F, Mueller V, Neves R, Stoecklein N, Lamszus K, Westphal M, Pantel K, Wikman H, Eicker S
SCI REP-UK. 2017;7(1):7196.

Loss of BRCA1 promotor hypermethylation in recurrent high-grade ovarian cancer
Prieske K, Prieske S, Joosse S, Trillsch F, Grimm D, Burandt E, Mahner S, Schmalfeldt B, Milde-Langosch K, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Woelber L
ONCOTARGET. 2017;8(47):83063-83074.

Enumeration and molecular characterization of tumor cells in lung cancer patients using a novel in vivo device for capturing circulating tumor cells
Gorges T, Penkalla N, Schalk T, Joosse S, Riethdorf S, Tucholski J, Lucke K, Wikman H, Jackson S, Brychter N, von Ahsen O, Schumann C, Krahn T, Pantel K
CLIN CANCER RES. 2016;22(9):2197-206.

Improved Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer by the Combination of the CellSearch® System and the AdnaTest®
Gorges T, Stein A, Quidde J, Hauch S, Röck K, Riethdorf S, Joosse S, Pantel K
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(5):e0155126.

Genetic traits for hematogeneous tumor cell dissemination in cancer patients
Joosse S, Pantel K
CANCER METAST REV. 2016;35(1):41-8.

Chronic UVB-irradiation actuates perpetuated dermal matrix remodeling in female mice: Protective role of estrogen
Röck K, Joosse S, Müller J, Heinisch N, Fuchs N, Meusch M, Zipper P, Reifenberger J, Pantel K, Fischer J
SCI REP-UK. 2016;6:30482.

Establishment and characterization of a cell line from human circulating colon cancer cells
Cayrefourcq L, Mazard T, Joosse S, Solassol J, Ramos J, Assenat E, Schumacher U, Costes V, Maudelonde T, Pantel K, Alix-Panabières C
CANCER RES. 2015;75(5):892-901.

Biology, detection, and clinical implications of circulating tumor cells
Joosse S, Gorges T, Pantel K
EMBO MOL MED. 2015;7(1):1-11.

Tumor-Educated Platelets as Liquid Biopsy in Cancer Patients
Joosse S, Pantel K
CANCER CELL. 2015;28(5):552-4.

Diagnostic and prognostic potential of serum miR-7, miR-16, miR-25, miR-93, miR-182, miR-376a and miR-429 in ovarian cancer patients
Meng X, Joosse S, Müller V, Trillsch F, Milde-Langosch K, Mahner S, Geffken M, Pantel K, Schwarzenbach H
BRIT J CANCER. 2015;113(9):1358-1366.

High levels of RAD51 perturb DNA replication elongation and cause unscheduled origin firing due to impaired CHK1 activation
Parplys A, Seelbach J, Becker S, Behr M, Wrona A, Jend C, Mansour Khalfallah W, Joosse S, Stuerzbecher H, Pospiech H, Petersen C, Dikomey E, Borgmann K
CELL CYCLE. 2015;14(19):3190-202.

Circulating cell-free cancer-testis MAGE-A RNA, BORIS RNA, let-7b and miR-202 in the blood of patients with breast cancer and benign breast diseases
Joosse S, Müller V, Steinbach B, Pantel K, Schwarzenbach H
BRIT J CANCER. 2014;111(5):909-17.

Heterogeneity of estrogen receptor expression in circulating tumor cells from metastatic breast cancer patients
Babayan A, Hannemann J, Spötter J, Müller V, Pantel K, Joosse S
PLOS ONE. 2013;8(9):e75038.

Biologic challenges in the detection of circulating tumor cells.
Joosse S, Pantel K
CANCER RES. 2013;73(1):8-11.

BRCA1 and BRCA2: a common pathway of genome protection but different breast cancer subtypes.
Joosse S
NAT REV CANCER. 2012;12(5):372.

Prediction of BRCA2-association in hereditary breast carcinomas using array-CGH.
Joosse S, Brandwijk K, Devilee P, Wesseling J, Hogervorst F, Verhoef S, Nederlof P
BREAST CANCER RES TR. 2012;132(2):379-389.

Changes in keratin expression during metastatic progression of breast cancer: impact on the detection of circulating tumor cells.
Joosse S, Hannemann J, Spötter J, Bauche A, Andreas A, Müller V, Pantel K
CLIN CANCER RES. 2012;18(4):993-1003.

A non-BRCA1/2 hereditary breast cancer sub-group defined by aCGH profiling of genetically related patients.
Didraga M, van Beers E, Joosse S, Brandwijk K, Oldenburg R, Wessels L, Hogervorst F, Ligtenberg M, Hoogerbrugge N, Verhoef S, Devilee P, Nederlof P
BREAST CANCER RES TR. 2011;130(2):425-436.

Quantitative high-resolution genomic analysis of single cancer cells.
Hannemann J, Meyer-Staeckling S, Kemming D, Alpers I, Joosse S, Pospisil H, Kurtz S, Görndt J, Püschel K, Riethdorf S, Pantel K, Brandt B
PLOS ONE. 2011;6(11):26362.

Genomic signature of BRCA1 deficiency in sporadic basal-like breast tumors.
Joosse S, Brandwijk K, Mulder L, Wesseling J, Hannemann J, Nederlof P
GENE CHROMOSOME CANC. 2011;50(2):71-81.

Prediction of BRCA status
Joosse S, Hannemann J
CML - Breast Cancer. 2011;23(2):41-50.

Prediction of BRCA status
Joosse S, Hannemann J
Int J Clin Rev. 2011;07:9.

Specific genomic aberrations in primary colorectal cancer are associated with liver metastases.
Bruin S, Klijn C, Liefers G, Braaf L, Joosse S, Beers v, Eric H, Verwaal V, Morreau H, Wessels L, Velthuysen v, Marie-Louise F, Tollenaar R, Veer V, Laura J
BMC CANCER. 2010;10:662.

Cross-species comparison of aCGH data from mouse and human BRCA1- and BRCA2-mutated breast cancers.
Holstege H, van Beers E, Velds A, Liu X, Joosse S, Klarenbeek S, Schut E, Kerkhoven R, Klijn C, Wessels L, Nederlof P, Jonkers J
BMC CANCER. 2010;10:455.

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