Lea-Isabell Schwarze
Lea-Isabell Schwarze
M. Sc. Molecular Life Sciences
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Campus Forschung N27 , 4. Etage, Raumnummer 04.057
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CRISPR-to-Kill (C2K)–Employing the Bacterial Immune System to Kill Cancer Cells
Glow D, Maire C, Schwarze L, Lamszus K, Fehse B
CANCERS. 2021;13(24):.

Efficient Pseudotyping of Different Retroviral Vectors Using a Novel, Codon-Optimized Gene for Chimeric GALV Envelope
Mirow M, Schwarze L, Fehse B, Riecken K
VIRUSES-BASEL. 2021;13(8):.

mRNA Transfection of T-Lymphocytes by Electroporation
Schwarze L, Fehse B
Methods Mol Biol. 2021;2285:217-226.

Optimisation of a TALE nuclease targeting the HIV co-receptor CCR5 for clinical application
Schwarze L, Głów D, Sonntag T, Uhde A, Fehse B
GENE THER. 2021;28(9):588-601.

Automated production of CCR5-negative CD4+-T cells in a GMP-compatible, clinical scale for treatment of HIV-positive patients
Schwarze L, Sonntag T, Wild S, Schmitz S, Uhde A, Fehse B
GENE THER. 2021;28(9):572-587.


Application of recombinant antigen 5 allergens from seven allergy-relevant Hymenoptera species in diagnostics
Schiener M, Eberlein B, Moreno-Aguilar C, Pietsch G, Serrano P, McIntyre M, Schwarze L, Russkamp D, Biedermann T, Spillner E, Darsow U, Ollert M, Schmidt-Weber C, Blank S
ALLERGY. 2016;72(1):98-108.

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