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Detection and Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Breast Cancer Patients Using CUB Domain-Containing Protein 1
Bartkowiak K, Mossahebi Mohammadi P, Gärtner S, Kwiatkowski M, Andreas A, Geffken M, Peine S, Verpoort K, Scholz U, Deutsch T, Michel L, Schneeweiss A, Thewes V, Trumpp A, Müller V, Riethdorf S, Schlüter H, Pantel K
J PROTEOME RES. 2023;22(4):1213-1230.

Circulating Cellular Communication Network Factor 1 Protein as a Sensitive Liquid Biopsy Marker for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Bartkowiak K, Heidrich I, Kwiatkowski M, Banys-Paluchowski M, Andreas A, Wurlitzer M, Geffken M, Voß H, Zeller T, Blankenberg S, Peine S, Joosse S, Müller V, Schlüter H, Oliveira-Ferrer L, Pantel K
CLIN CHEM. 2022;68(2):344-353.

Blood-based detection of lung cancer using cysteine-rich angiogenic inducer 61 (CYR61) as a circulating protein biomarker: a pilot study
Ac Kar L, Casjens S, Andreas A, Raiko I, Brüning T, Geffken M, Peine S, Kollmeier J, Johnen G, Bartkowiak K, Weber D, Pantel K
MOL ONCOL. 2021;15(11):2877-2890.

Sensitive Blood-Based Detection of Asbestos-Associated Diseases Using Cysteine-Rich Angiogenic Inducer 61 as Circulating Protein Biomarker
Bartkowiak K, Casjens S, Andreas A, Ačkar L, Joosse S, Raiko I, Brüning T, Geffken M, Peine S, Johnen G, Weber D, Pantel K
CLIN CHEM. 2021;67(2):363-373.

Cysteine-Rich Angiogenic Inducer 61: Pro-Survival Function and Role as a Biomarker for Disseminating Breast Cancer Cells
Bartkowiak K, Heidrich I, Kwiatkowski M, Gorges T, Andreas A, Geffken M, Verpoort K, Müller V, Schlüter H, Pantel K
CANCERS. 2021;13(3):.

In Vitro Modeling of Reoxygenation Effects on mRNA and Protein Levels in Hypoxic Tumor Cells upon Entry into the Bloodstream
Bartkowiak K, Koch C, Gärtner S, Andreas A, Gorges T, Pantel K
CELLS-BASEL. 2020;9(5):.

Characterization of circulating breast cancer cells with tumorigenic and metastatic capacity
Koch C, Kuske A, Joosse S, Yigit G, Sflomos G, Thaler S, Smit D, Werner S, Borgmann K, Gärtner S, Mossahebi Mohammadi P, Battista L, Cayrefourcq L, Altmüller J, Salinas-Riester G, Raithatha K, Zibat A, Goy Y, Ott L, Bartkowiak K, Tan T, Zhou Q, Speicher M, Müller V, Gorges T, Jücker M, Thiery J, Brisken C, Riethdorf S, Alix-Panabières C, Pantel K
EMBO MOL MED. 2020;12(9):.

miRNA-30 Family Members Inhibit Breast Cancer Invasion, Osteomimicry, and Bone Destruction by Directly Targeting Multiple Bone Metastasis-Associated Genes
Croset M, Pantano F, Kan C, Bonnelye E, Descotes F, Alix-Panabières C, Lecellier C, Bachelier R, Allioli N, Hong S, Bartkowiak K, Pantel K, Clézardin P
CANCER RES. 2018;78(18):5259-5273.

PTEN mediates the cross talk between breast and glial cells in brain metastases leading to rapid disease progression
Hohensee I, Chuang H, Grottke A, Werner S, Schulte A, Horn S, Lamszus K, Bartkowiak K, Witzel I, Westphal M, Matschke J, Glatzel M, Jücker M, Pukrop T, Pantel K, Wikman H
ONCOTARGET. 2017;8(4):6155-6168.

Functional studies on circulating and disseminated tumor cells in carcinoma patients
Alix-Panabières C, Bartkowiak K, Pantel K
MOL ONCOL. 2016;10(3):443-9.

Cancer: A shocking protein complex
Bartkowiak K, Pantel K
NATURE. 2016;538(7625):322-323.

Homogenization of tissues via picosecond-infrared laser (PIRL) ablation: Giving a closer view on the in-vivo composition of protein species as compared to mechanical homogenization
Kwiatkowski M, Wurlitzer M, Krutilin A, Kiani P, Nimer R, Omidi M, Mannaa A, Bussmann T, Bartkowiak K, Kruber S, Uschold S, Steffen P, Lübberstedt J, Küpker N, Petersen H, Knecht R, Hansen N, Zarrine-Afsar A, Robertson W, Miller R, Schlüter H
J PROTEOMICS. 2016;134:193-202.

Disseminated Tumor Cells Persist in the Bone Marrow of Breast Cancer Patients through Sustained Activation of the Unfolded Protein Response
Bartkowiak K, Kwiatkowski M, Buck F, Gorges T, Nilse L, Assmann V, Andreas A, Müller V, Wikman H, Riethdorf S, Schlüter H, Pantel K
CANCER RES. 2015;75(24):5367-77.

Frequent expression of PD-L1 on circulating breast cancer cells
Mazel M, Jacot W, Pantel K, Bartkowiak K, Topart D, Cayrefourcq L, Rossille D, Maudelonde T, Fest T, Alix-Panabières C
MOL ONCOL. 2015;9(9):1773-82.

Circulating tumour cell-derived plastin3 is a novel marker for predicting long-term prognosis in patients with breast cancer
Ueo H, Sugimachi K, Gorges T, Bartkowiak K, Yokobori T, Müller V, Shinden Y, Ueda M, Ueo H, Mori M, Kuwano H, Maehara Y, Ohno S, Pantel K, Mimori K
BRIT J CANCER. 2015;112(9):1519-26.

The interplay of HER2/HER3/PI3K and EGFR/HER2/PLC-γ1 signalling in breast cancer cell migration and dissemination
Balz L, Bartkowiak K, Andreas A, Pantel K, Niggemann B, Zänker K, Brandt B, Dittmar T
J PATHOL. 2012;227(2):234-244.

The interrelating dynamics of hypoxic tumor microenvironments and cancer cell phenotypes in cancer metastasis.
Bartkowiak K, Riethdorf S, Pantel K
CANCER MICROENVIRON. 2012;5(1):59-72.

Distinct functional roles of Akt isoforms for proliferation, survival, migration and EGF-mediated signalling in lung cancer derived disseminated tumor cells
Grabinski N, Bartkowiak K, Grupp K, Brandt B, Pantel K, Jücker M
CELL SIGNAL. 2011;23(12):1952-1960.

Detection and clinical relevance of early disseminated breast cancer cells depend on their cytokeratin expression pattern.
Harms-Effenberger K, Borgen E, Zu Eulenburg C, Bartkowiak K, Grosser A, Synnestvedt M, Kaaresen R, Brandt B, Nesland J, Pantel K, Naume B
BREAST CANCER RES TR. 2011;125(3):729-738.

Selective regain of egfr gene copies in CD44+/CD24-/low breast cancer cellular model MDA-MB-468.
Agelopoulos K, Greve B, Schmidt H, Pospisil H, Kurtz S, Bartkowiak K, Andreas A, Wieczorek M, Korsching E, Buerger H, Brandt B
BMC CANCER. 2010;10:78.

Discovery of a novel unfolded protein response phenotype of cancer stem/progenitor cells from the bone marrow of breast cancer patients.
Bartkowiak K, Harms-Effenberger K, Harder S, Andreas A, Buck F, Peter-Katalinic J, Pantel K, Brandt B
J PROTEOME RES. 2010;9(6):3158-3168.

Two-dimensional differential gel electrophoresis of a cell line derived from a breast cancer micrometastasis revealed a stem/ progenitor cell protein profile.
Bartkowiak K, Wieczorek M, Buck F, Harder S, Moldenhauer J, Harms-Effenberger K, Pantel K, Peter-Katalinic J, Brandt B
J PROTEOME RES. 2009;8(4):2004-2014.

TOB1 is regulated by EGF-dependent HER2 and EGFR signaling, is highly phosphorylated, and indicates poor prognosis in node-negative breast cancer.
Helms M, Kemming D, Contag C, Pospisil H, Bartkowiak K, Wang A, Chang S, Buerger H, Brandt B
CANCER RES. 2009;69(12):5049-5056.

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