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BLEACH&STAIN 15-marker multiplexed imaging in 3098 human carcinomas reveals 6 major PD-L1-driven immune phenotypes with distinct spatial orchestration
Bady E, Moeller K, Mandelkow T, Raedler J, Yang C, Ebner J, Lurati M, Simon R, Vettorazzi E, Büscheck F, Luebke A, Dum D, Menz A, Sauter G, Hoeflmayer D, Weidemann S, Fraune C, Uhlig R, Bernreuther C, Jacobsen F, Clauditz T, Wilczak W, Burandt E, Steurer S, Minner S, Lennartz M, Blessin N
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Automated Ki-67 labeling index assessment in prostate cancer using artificial intelligence and multiplex fluorescence immunohistochemistry
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Long-Term Antibody Response to SARS-CoV-2 in Children
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Prospective controlled study on the effects of deep brain stimulation on driving in Parkinson's disease
Fründt O, Mainka T, Vettorazzi E, Baspinar E, Schwarz C, Südmeyer M, Gerloff C, Zangemeister W, Poetter-Nerger M, Hidding U, Hamel W, Moll C, Buhmann C
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Remote patient management of heart failure across the ejection fraction spectrum: A prespecified analysis of the TIM-HF2 trial
Kerwagen F, Koehler K, Vettorazzi E, Stangl V, Koehler M, Halle M, Koehler F, Störk S
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Pilot study of an interprofessional pediatric mechanical ventilation educational initiative in two intensive care units
Mehrzai P, Höfeler T, Ebenebe C, Moll-Khosrawi P, Demirakça S, Vettorazzi E, Bergers M, Lange M, Dreger S, Maruhn H, Singer D, Deindl P
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Effect of adaptive servo-ventilation for central sleep apnoea in systolic heart failure on muscle sympathetic nerve activity: a SERVE-HF randomised ancillary study
Tamisier R, Pépin J, Woehrle H, Salvat M, Barone-Rochette G, Rocca C, Vettorazzi E, Teschler H, Cowie M, Lévy P
EUR RESPIR J. 2023;61(2):.


Phosphatidylethanol in patients with liver diseases of different etiologies: analysis of six homologues and comparison with other alcohol markers
Aboutara N, Szewczyk A, Jungen H, Mosebach A, Rodriguez Lago M, Vettorazzi E, Iwersen-Bergmann S, Müller A, Sterneck M
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Effect of personalized perioperative blood pressure management on postoperative complications and mortality in high-risk patients having major abdominal surgery: protocol for a multicenter randomized trial (IMPROVE-multi)
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Risk factors for impaired neurological outcome after thoracic aortic surgery
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VEGF-C serum level is associated with response to bevacizumab maintenance therapy in primary ovarian cancer patients
Ding Y, Schmalfeldt B, Vettorazzi E, Legler K, Milde-Langosch K, Woelber L, Jaeger A, Prieske K, Mueller V, Schmalfeldt B, Kuerti S
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Smartphone and wearable detected atrial arrhythmias in Older Adults: Results of a fully digital European Case finding study
Fabritz L, Connolly D, Czarnecki E, Dudek D, Guasch E, Haase D, Huebner T, Zlahoda-Huzior A, Jolly K, Kirchhof P, Obergassel J, Schotten U, Vettorazzi E, Winkelmann S, Zapf A, Schnabel R
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Do Impulse Control Disorders Impair Car Driving Performance in Patients with Parkinson's Disease?
Fründt O, Fadhel M, Heesen C, Seddiq Zai S, Gerloff C, Vettorazzi E, Pöttgen J, Buhmann C
J PARKINSON DIS. 2022;12(7):2261-2275.

Audio Feature Analysis for Acoustic Pain Detection in Term Newborns
Giordano V, Luister A, Reuter C, Czedik-Eysenberg I, Singer D, Steyrl D, Vettorazzi E, Deindl P
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Comparison of Montreal cognitive assessment and Mattis dementia rating scale in the preoperative evaluation of subthalamic stimulation in Parkinson's disease
Gülke E, Alsalem M, Kirsten M, Vettorazzi E, Choe C, Hidding U, Zittel-Dirks S, Buhmann C, Schaper M, Gulberti A, Moll C, Hamel W, Koeppen J, Gerloff C, Pötter-Nerger M
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Pelvic lymphadenectomy in vulvar cancer and its impact on prognosis and outcome
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Correction: Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral perioperative care model in cardiac surgery: implementation in the setting of minimally invasive heart valve surgery (INCREASE)-study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
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Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral perioperative care model in cardiac surgery: implementation in the setting of minimally invasive heart valve surgery (INCREASE)-study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
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Persistent SOMAtic symptoms ACROSS diseases - from risk factors to modification: scientific framework and overarching protocol of the interdisciplinary SOMACROSS research unit (RU 5211)
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Persistence of gastrointestinal symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis: study protocol for a three-arm randomised controlled trial (SOMA.GUT-RCT)
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Remote Patient Management May Reduce All-Cause Mortality in Patients With Heart-Failure and Renal Impairment
Naik M, Budde K, Koehler K, Vettorazzi E, Pigorsch M, Arkossy O, Stuard S, Duettmann W, Koehler F, Winkler S

Genetic Diagnostics in Routine Osteological Assessment of Adult Low Bone Mass Disorders
Oheim R, Tsourdi E, Seefried L, Beller G, Schubach M, Vettorazzi E, Stürznickel J, Rolvien T, Ehmke N, Delsmann A, Genest F, Krüger U, Zemojtel T, Barvencik F, Schinke T, Jakob F, Hofbauer L, Mundlos S, Kornak U
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Specific CD4+ T Cell Responses to Ancestral SARS-CoV-2 in Children Increase With Age and Show Cross-Reactivity to Beta Variant
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Stress-T1 mapping: ready for clinical application? A head-to-head comparison with stress-perfusion cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Radunski U, Bohnen S, Prüßner L, Vettorazzi E, Tahir E, Schneider J, Jahnke C, Cavus E, Adam G, Blankenberg S, Lund G, Muellerleile K
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Early Rhythm Control in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation and High Comorbidity Burden
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Effect of adaptive servo ventilation on central sleep apnea and sleep structure in systolic heart failure patients: polysomnography data from the SERVE-HF major sub study
Tamisier R, Pepin J, Cowie M, Wegscheider K, Vettorazzi E, Suling A, Angermann C, d'Ortho M, Erdmann E, Simonds A, Somers V, Teschler H, Lévy P, Woehrle H
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The First Year of Noninvasive Remote Telemonitoring in Chronic Heart Failure Is not Cost Saving but Improves Quality of Life: The Randomized Controlled CardioBBEAT Trial
Völler H, Bindl D, Nagels K, Hofmann R, Vettorazzi E, Wegscheider K, Fleck E, Störk S, Nagel E
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Dimorphic mechanisms of fragility in diabetes mellitus - the role of reduced collagen fibril deformation
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Teaching fiberoptic-assisted tracheoscopy in very low birth weight infants: A randomized controlled simulator study
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Hip pathologies in mucopolysaccharidosis type III
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Outcome of the frozen elephant trunk procedure as a redo operation
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Risk factors associated with bleeding after prophylactic endoscopic variceal ligation in cirrhosis
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Arm Ergometry to Improve Mobility in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (AMBOS)-Results of a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
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Improved Less Invasive Surfactant Administration Success in Preterm Infants after Procedure Standardization
Liebers B, Ebenebe C, Wolf M, Blohm M, Vettorazzi E, Singer D, Deindl P
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Prediction of Nociception in Children Using the Nociceptive Flexion Reflex Threshold and the Bispectral Index-A Prospective Exploratory Observational Study
Mauritz M, Uhlenberg F, Bashir-Elahi D, Werther T, Gottschalk U, Ebenebe C, Bergers M, Giordano V, Vettorazzi E, Singer D, Deindl P
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Impact of Propofol Bolus Administration on the Nociceptive Flexion Reflex Threshold and Bispectral Index in Children-A Case Series
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Prognostic markers of all-cause mortality in patients with atrial fibrillation: data from the prospective long-term registry of the German Atrial Fibrillation NETwork (AFNET)
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Should concomitant surgical ablation for atrial fibrillation be performed in elderly patients?
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Comprehension of confidence intervals in audio-visual patient information materials for people with multiple sclerosis (COCO-MS): A web-based randomised controlled, parallel group trial
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Effects of a structured counselling-based intervention to improve physical activity behaviour of adolescents and young adult cancer survivors - the randomized phase II Motivate AYA - MAYA trial
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Short Pulse and Conventional Deep Brain Stimulation Equally Improve the Parkinsonian Gait Disorder
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Evaluation of postural stability in patients screened for osteoporosis: A retrospective study of 1086 cases
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Hip Morphology in Mucolipidosis Type II
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Comparison of the 8th UICC staging system for esophageal and gastric cancers in Siewert type II junctional adenocarcinomas
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Early Rhythm-Control Therapy in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
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Mortality and morbidity 1 year after stopping a remote patient management intervention: extended follow-up results from the telemedical interventional management in patients with heart failure II (TIM-HF2) randomised trial
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Development of the Metabolic Syndrome: Study Design and Baseline Data of the Lufthansa Prevention Study (LUPS), A Prospective Observational Cohort Survey.
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Impact of simultaneous subthalamic and nigral stimulation on dysphagia in Parkinson's disease
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Assessing the effect of an evidence-based patient online educational tool for people with multiple sclerosis called UMIMS-understanding magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis: study protocol for a double-blind, randomized controlled trial
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Intravesical monitoring of intra-abdominal pressure after renal transplantation in children: A safety and feasibility study
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Pelvic Lymphadenectomy in Vulvar Cancer - Does it make sense?
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Phase III study of nivolumab alone or combined with ipilimumab as immunotherapy versus standard of care in resectable head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
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Cardiovascular Biomarkers in Amniotic Fluid, Umbilical Arterial Blood, Umbilical Venous Blood, and Maternal Blood at Delivery, and Their Reference Values for Full-Term, Singleton, Cesarean Deliveries
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Monitoring intra-abdominal pressure after liver transplantation in children
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Corrigendum to 'Simplified frozen elephant trunk technique for combined open and endovascular treatment of extensive aortic diseases'
Detter C, Demal T, Bax L, Tsilimparis N, Kölbel T, von Kodolitsch Y, Vettorazzi E, Reichenspurner H, Brickwedel J
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Simplified frozen elephant trunk technique for combined open and endovascular treatment of extensive aortic diseases
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Rate of Spleen Length Progression is a Marker of Outcome in Patients with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
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High FGF23 levels are associated with impaired trabecular bone microarchitecture in patients with osteoporosis
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Mechanical Competence and Bone Quality Develop During Skeletal Growth
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Short-term interval aerobic exercise training does not improve memory functioning in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis-a randomized controlled trial
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