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Rico Rutkowski
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Risk factors and injury patterns of e-scooter associated injuries in Germany
Kleinertz H, Volk A, Dalos D, Rutkowski R, Frosch K, Thiesen D
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Clinical performance of zirconia implant abutments luted to a titanium base - a retrospective cross-sectional study
Happe A, von Glasser G, Neugebauer J, Strick K, Smeets R, Rutkowski R
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Osseointegration of Zirconia Implants after UV-Light or Cold Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment In Vivo
Krautwald L, Smeets R, Stolzer C, Rutkowski R, Guo L, Reitmeier A, Gosau M, Henningsen A
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Success and patient satisfaction of immediately loaded zirconia implants with fixed restorations one year after loading
Rutkowski R, Smeets R, Neuhöffer L, Stolzer C, Strick K, Gosau M, Sehner S, Volz K, Henningsen A
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Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatment and Surgical Site Infections
Rutkowski R, Thom V, Dinh Minh N, Metelmann H
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Tissue Adhesives in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery-Application of Silk Fibroin-Based Biomaterials
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Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis: Regenerative Treatment by a Stem Cell Containing Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP)-An In Vivo Animal Trial
Köhnke R, Ahlers M, Birkelbach M, Ewald F, Krueger M, Fiedler I, Busse B, Heiland M, Vollkommer T, Gosau M, Smeets R, Rutkowski R
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Ästhetische Chirurgie
Podmelle F, Rutkowski R, Reinert S
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Potential Risk Factors Influencing the Formation of Postoperative Seroma After Breast Surgery - A Prospective Study
Unger J, Rutkowski R, Kohlmann T, Paepke S, Zygmunt M, Ohlinger R
ANTICANCER RES. 2021;41(2):859-867.

The Impact of Lidocaine on Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Human Adipose Tissue Harvested by Liposuction and Used for Lipotransfer
Grambow F, Rutkowski R, Podmelle F, Schmoeckel K, Siegerist F, Domanski G, Schuster M, Domanska G
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The Influence of Local Pamidronate Application on Alveolar Dimensional Preservation after Tooth Extraction-An Animal Experimental Study
Kauffmann F, Höhne C, Assaf A, Vollkommer T, Semmusch J, Reitmeier A, Stein J, Heiland M, Smeets R, Rutkowski R
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Influence of the Casting Concentration on the Mechanical and Optical Properties of FA/CaCl2-Derived Silk Fibroin Membranes
Kopp A, Schunck L, Gosau M, Smeets R, Burg S, Fuest S, Kröger N, Zinser M, Krohn S, Behbahani M, Köpf M, Lauts L, Rutkowski R
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Effect of process parameters on additive-free electrospinning of regenerated silk fibroin nonwovens
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Impact of the Lysine-urethane Adhesive TissuGlu® on Postoperative Complications and Interventions After Drain-free Mastectomy
Ohlinger R, Rutkowski R, Kohlmann T, Paepke S, Alwafai Z, Flieger C, Möller S, Lenz F, Zygmunt M, Unger J
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Long-term Risk Assessment for Medical Application of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
Rutkowski R, Daeschlein G, von Woedtke T, Smeets R, Gosau M, Metelmann H
DIAGNOSTICS. 2020;10(4):.

Production and Characterization of Porous Fibroin Scaffolds for Regenerative Medical Application
Kopp A, Smeets R, Gosau M, Friedrich R, Fuest S, Behbahani M, Barbeck M, Rutkowski R, Burg S, Kluwe L, Henningsen A
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Allogeneic Bone Substitutes: Overview and current state of research.
Rutkowski R
IMPLANTOLOGIE. 2019;329-339.

Hyperspectral imaging: innovative diagnostics to visualize hemodynamic effects of cold plasma in wound therapy
Daeschlein G, Rutkowski R, Lutze S, von Podewils S, Sicher C, Wild T, Metelmann H, von Woedkte T, Jünger M
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Plasma Cancer Therapy In Dermatology
Daeschlein G, Sicher C, von Podewils S, Rutkowski R, Jünger M
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Clinical experience with cold plasma in the treatment of locally advanced head and neck cancer
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Treating cancer with cold physical plasma: On the way to evidence-based medicine
Metelmann H, Seebauer C, Rutkowski R, Schuster M, Bekeschus S, Metelmann P
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The Use of TissuGlu® Surgical Adhesive for Mastectomy With or Without Lymphonodectomy
Ohlinger R, Gieron L, Rutkowski R, Kohlmann T, Zygmunt M, Unger J
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Side effects in cold plasma treatment of advanced oral cancer—Clinical data and biological interpretation
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Cold Atmospheric Plasma for the treatment of Oral Lichen Planus as intraoral precancerous lesion
Seebauer C, Hasse S, Segebarth M, Bekeschus S, von Woedtke T, Weltmann K, Schuster M, Rutkowski R, Metelmann H
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Hyperspectral imaging as a possible tool for visualization of changes in hemoglobin oxygenation in patients with deficient hemodynamics - proof of concept
Sicher C, Rutkowski R, Lutze S, von Podewils S, Wild T, Kretching M, Daeschlein G
BIOMED ENG-BIOMED TE. 2018;63(5):609-616.

Hyperspectral imaging for in vivo monitoring of cold atmospheric plasma effects on microcirculation in treatment of head and neck cancer and wound healing
Rutkowski R, Schuster M, Unger J, Seebauer C, Metelmann H, Woedtke T, Weltmann K, Daeschlein G
Clinical Plasma Medicine. 2017;7:52-57.

Triterpenes for Well-Balanced Scar Formation in Superficial Wounds
Kindler S, Schuster M, Seebauer C, Rutkowski R, Hauschild A, Podmelle F, Metelmann C, Metelmann B, Müller-Debus C, Metelmann H, Metelmann I
MOLECULES. 2016;21(9):.

Visible tumor surface response to physical plasma and apoptotic cell kill in head and neck cancer
Schuster M, Seebauer C, Rutkowski R, Hauschild A, Podmelle F, Metelmann C, Metelmann B, von Woedtke T, Hasse S, Weltmann K, Metelmann H
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