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Perspectives on the future of urothelial carcinoma therapy: chemotherapy and beyond
Bianchi A, von Deimling M, Pallauf M, Yanagisawa T, Kawada T, Mostafaei H, Quhal F, Laukhtina E, Rajwa P, Majdoub M, Sari Motlagh R, Pradère B, Karakiewicz P, Cerruto M, Antonelli A, Shariat S
EXPERT OPIN PHARMACO. 2023;24(2):177-195.

Impact of Performance Status on Oncologic Outcomes in Patients with Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Kawada T, Yanagisawa T, Mostafaei H, Sari Motlagh R, Quhal F, Rajwa P, Laukhtina E, von Deimling M, Bianchi A, Majdoub M, Pallauf M, Pradere B, Teoh J, Karakiewicz P, Araki M, Shariat S
EUR UROL FOCUS. 2023;9(2):264-274.

Oncological validation and discriminative ability of pentafecta criteria after open radical cystectomy
von Deimling M, Rink M, Klemm J, Koelker M, König F, Gild P, Khonsari M, Ludwig T, Marks P, Dahlem R, Fisch M, Vetterlein M
BJU INT. 2023;131(1):90-100.

Urinary Diversion With or Without Concomitant Cystectomy for Benign Conditions: A Comparative Morbidity Assessment According to the Updated European Association of Urology Guidelines on Reporting and Grading of Complications
Vetterlein M, Buhné M, Yu H, Klemm J, von Deimling M, Gild P, Koelker M, Dahlem R, Fisch M, Soave A, Rink M
EUR UROL FOCUS. 2022;8(6):1831-1839.

Radical cystectomy and urinary diversion in women: techniques, outcomes, and challenges—a narrative review
von Deimling M, Laukhtina E, Pradere B, Pallauf M, Klemm J, Fisch M, Shariat S, Rink M
TRANSL ANDROL UROL. 2022;11(11):1598-1610.

Active surveillance for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: fallacy or opportunity?
von Deimling M, Pallauf M, Bianchi A, Laukhtina E, Karakiewicz P, Rink M, Shariat S, Pradere B
CURR OPIN UROL. 2022;32(5):567-574.

The current role of precision surgery in oligometastatic prostate cancer
von Deimling M, Rajwa P, Tilki D, Heidenreich A, Pallauf M, Bianchi A, Yanagisawa T, Kawada T, Karakiewicz P, Gontero P, Pradere B, Ploussard G, Rink M, Shariat S
ESMO OPEN. 2022;7(6):100597.

Protocol for isolating young adult parvalbumin interneurons from the mouse brain for extraction of high-quality RNA
Joseph D, von Deimling M, Hasegawa Y, Cristancho A, Risbud R, McCoy A, Marsh E
STAR protocols. 2021;2(3):100714.

Postnatal Arx transcriptional activity regulates functional properties of PV interneurons
Joseph D, von Deimling M, Hasegawa Y, Cristanco A, Ahrens-Nicklas R, Rogers S, Risbud R, McCoy A, Marsh E
ISCIENCE. 2021;24(1):101999.

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