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Features and outcome of AIH patients without elevation of IgG
Hartl J, Miquel R, Zachou K, Wong G, Asghar A, Pape S, Sebode M, Peiseler M, Zenouzi R, Ehlken H, Krech T, Weiler-Normann C, Drenth J, Oo Y, Dalekos G, Heneghan M, Schramm C, Lohse A
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Monocytes as potential mediators of pathogen-induced Th17 differentiation in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)
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A disease-specific decline of the relative abundance of Bifidobacterium in patients with autoimmune hepatitis
Liwinski T, Casar C, Ruehlemann M, Bang C, Sebode M, Hohenester S, Denk G, Lieb W, Lohse A, Franke A, Schramm C
ALIMENT PHARM THER. 2020;51(12):1417-1428.

Perforation of the ascending colon during implantation of an indwelling peritoneal catheter: a case report
Paparoupa M, Wege H, Creutzfeldt A, Sebode M, Uzunoglu F, Boenisch O, Nierhaus A, Izbicki J, Kluge S
BMC GASTROENTEROL. 2020;20(1):345.

Population-based study of autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cholangitis in Germany: rising prevalences based on ICD codes, yet deficits in medical treatment
Sebode M, Kloppenburg A, Aigner A, Lohse A, Schramm C, Linder R
Z GASTROENTEROL. 2020;58(5):431-438.

Metamizole: An underrated agent causing severe idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury
Sebode M, Reike-Kunze M, Weidemann S, Zenouzi R, Hartl J, Peiseler M, Liwinski T, Schulz L, Weiler-Normann C, Sterneck M, Lohse A, Schramm C
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Sex differences in clinical presentation and prognosis in patients with primary biliary cholangitis
Abdulkarim M, Zenouzi R, Sebode M, Schulz L, Quaas A, Lohse A, Schramm C, Weiler-Normann C
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TNF-Producing Th1 Cells Are Selectively Expanded in Liver Infiltrates of Patients with Autoimmune Hepatitis
Bovensiepen C, Schakat M, Sebode M, Zenouzi R, Hartl J, Peiseler M, Li J, Henze L, Woestemeier A, Schramm C, Lohse A, Herkel J, Weiler-Normann C
J IMMUNOL. 2019;203(12):3148-3156.

Editorial: post-operative elevation of liver enzymes and modern volatile anaesthetics-guilty as charged?
Laschtowitz A, Sebode M
ALIMENT PHARM THER. 2019;49(9):1245-1246.

Autoimmune hepatitis: Is the autoimmunity in the family?
Sebode M, Lohse A
LIVER INT. 2019;39(1):42-44.

Inflammatory Phenotype of Intrahepatic Sulfatide-Reactive Type II NKT Cells in Humans With Autoimmune Hepatitis
Sebode M, Wigger J, Filpe P, Fischer L, Weidemann S, Krech T, Weiler-Normann C, Peiseler M, Hartl J, Tolosa E, Herkel J, Schramm C, Lohse A, Arrenberg P
FRONT IMMUNOL. 2019;10:1065.

The Translational Landscape of the Human Heart
van Heesch S, Witte F, Schneider-Lunitz V, Schulz J, Adami E, Faber A, Kirchner M, Maatz H, Blachut S, Sandmann C, Kanda M, Worth C, Schafer S, Calviello L, Merriott R, Patone G, Hummel O, Wyler E, Obermayer B, Mücke M, Lindberg E, Trnka F, Memczak S, Schilling M, Felkin L, Barton P, Quaife N, Vanezis K, Diecke S, Mukai M, Mah N, Oh S, Kurtz A, Schramm C, Schwinge D, Sebode M, Harakalova M, Asselbergs F, Vink A, de Weger R, Viswanathan S, Widjaja A, Gärtner-Rommel A, Milting H, Dos Remedios C, Knosalla C, Mertins P, Landthaler M, Vingron M, Linke W, Seidman J, Seidman C, Rajewsky N, Ohler U, Cook S, Hubner N
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Usefulness of biochemical remission and transient elastography in monitoring disease course in autoimmune hepatitis
Hartl J, Ehlken H, Sebode M, Peiseler M, Krech T, Zenouzi R, von Felden J, Weiler-Normann C, Schramm C, Lohse A
J HEPATOL. 2018;68(4):754-763.

Efficacy and Limitations of Budesonide as a Second-line Treatment for Patients With Autoimmune Hepatitis
Peiseler M, Liebscher T, Sebode M, Zenouzi R, Hartl J, Ehlken H, Pannicke N, Weiler-Normann C, Lohse A, Schramm C
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Risk of endoscopic biliary interventions in primary sclerosing cholangitis is similar between patients with and without cirrhosis
Peiseler M, Reiners D, Pinnschmidt H, Sebode M, Jung F, Hartl J, Zenouzi R, Ehlken H, Groth S, Schachschal G, Rösch T, Weiler-Normann C, Lohse A, Schramm C
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Variant syndromes of primary biliary cholangitis
Schulz L, Sebode M, Weidemann S, Lohse A
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Autoimmune hepatitis: From current knowledge and clinical practice to future research agenda
Sebode M, Hartl J, Vergani D, Lohse A
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Autoantibodies in Autoimmune Liver Disease-Clinical and Diagnostic Relevance
Sebode M, Weiler-Normann C, Liwinski T, Schramm C
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Follow-up magnetic resonance imaging/3D-magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis: challenging for experts to interpret
Zenouzi R, Liwinski T, Yamamura J, Weiler-Normann C, Sebode M, Keller S, Lohse A, Schramm C
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Patients with primary biliary cholangitis and fatigue present with depressive symptoms and selected cognitive deficits, but with normal attention performance and brain structure
Zenouzi R, von der Gablentz J, Heldmann M, Göttlich M, Weiler-Normann C, Sebode M, Ehlken H, Hartl J, Fellbrich A, Siemonsen S, Schramm C, Münte T, Lohse A
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CD4+ T cells from patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis exhibit reduced apoptosis and down-regulation of proapoptotic Bim in peripheral blood
Schoknecht T, Schwinge D, Stein S, Weiler-Normann C, Sebode M, Mucha S, Otto B, Ellinghaus E, Stahl F, Franke A, Lohse A, Herkel J, Schramm C
J LEUKOCYTE BIOL. 2017;101(2):589-597.

"Autoimmune(-Like)" Drug and Herb Induced Liver Injury: New Insights into Molecular Pathogenesis: New Insights into Molecular Pathogenesis
Sebode M, Schulz L, Lohse A
INT J MOL SCI. 2017;18(9):E1954.

Anti-TNF-α for necrotizing sarcoid granulomatosis of the liver
Sebode M, Weidemann S, Wehmeyer M, Lohse A, Schramm C
HEPATOLOGY. 2017;65(4):1410-1412.

Validation of Transient Elastography and Comparison with Spleen Length Measurement for Staging of Fibrosis and Clinical Prognosis in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Ehlken H, Wroblewski R, Corpechot C, Arrivé L, Rieger T, Hartl J, Lezius S, Hübener P, Schulze K, Zenouzi R, Sebode M, Peiseler M, Denzer U, Quaas A, Weiler-Normann C, Lohse A, Chazouilleres O, Schramm C
PLOS ONE. 2016;11(10):e0164224.

Transient elastography in autoimmune hepatitis: Timing determines the impact of inflammation and fibrosis
Hartl J, Denzer U, Ehlken H, Zenouzi R, Peiseler M, Sebode M, Hübener S, Pannicke N, Weiler-Normann C, Quaas A, Lohse A, Schramm C
J HEPATOL. 2016;65(4):769-75.

No Evidence That Azathioprine Increases Risk of Cholangiocarcinoma in Patients With Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Zenouzi R, Weismüller T, Jørgensen K, Bubenheim M, Lenzen H, Hübener P, Schulze K, Weiler-Normann C, Sebode M, Ehlken H, Pannicke N, Hartl J, Peiseler M, Hübener S, Karlsen T, Boberg K, Manns M, Lohse A, Schramm C
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Patient selection based on treatment duration and liver biochemistry increases success rates after treatment withdrawal in autoimmune hepatitis
Hartl J, Ehlken H, Weiler-Normann C, Sebode M, Kreuels B, Pannicke N, Zenouzi R, Glaubke C, Lohse A, Schramm C
J HEPATOL. 2015;62(3):642-6.

Phenotypic alterations of regulatory T cells in autoimmune hepatitis: causal or associated with treatment and remission?
Sebode M, Peiseler M, Weiler-Normann C, Schramm C, Lohse A, Herkel J
HEPATOLOGY. 2015;61(2):736-737.

AIH:Which Alternative for Difficult-to-Treat Patients?
Sebode M, Schramm C
DIGEST DIS. 2015;33 Suppl 2:83-7.

Natural killer T cells: Novel players in biliary disease?
Sebode M, Schramm C
HEPATOLOGY. 2015;62(4):999-1000.

Future perspective: immunomodulatory therapy for autoimmune hepatitis
Sebode M, Lohse A
DIGEST DIS. 2014;32(5):502-506.

Reduced FOXP3(+) regulatory T cells in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis are associated with IL2RA gene polymorphisms
Sebode M, Peiseler M, Franke B, Schwinge D, Schoknecht T, Wortmann F, Quaas A, Petersen B, Ellinghaus E, Baron U, Olek S, Wiegard C, Weiler-Normann C, Lohse A, Herkel J, Schramm C
J HEPATOL. 2014;60(5):1010-6.

New foe treated with old guns - supportive role of steroids in the treatment of acute severe hepatitis E
Sebode M, Pischke S, Lütgehetmann M, Polywka S, Quaas A, Lohse A, Wege H
BMC GASTROENTEROL. 2014;14(191):.

Inflammatorische Erkrankungen mit Leber- und Gelenkbeteiligung. Eine differenzialdiagnostische Herausforderung
Sebode M, Schramm C, Lohse A
INTERNIST. 2013;54(4):441-448.

Autoimmune hepatitis 2013 and beyond
Weiler-Normann C, Sebode M, Lohse A
Minerva Gastroenterol Dietol. 2013;59(2):133-41.

FOXP3+ regulatory T cells in autoimmune hepatitis are fully functional and not reduced in frequency
Peiseler M, Sebode M, Franke B, Wortmann F, Schwinge D, Quaas A, Baron U, Olek S, Wiegard C, Lohse A, Weiler-Normann C, Schramm C, Herkel J
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Aszites – Diagnostik, Therapie und Sekundärkomplikationen
Sebode M, Benten D
Viszeralmedizin. 2012;28(2):142-148.

Autoimmunerkrankungen mit Leberbeteiligung
Sebode M, Wiegard C, Lohse A
Gastroenterologie up2date. 2012;08(02):129-141.

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