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Johanna Eberhard
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CD32 Expression of Different Memory T Cell Subpopulations in the Blood and Lymph Nodal Tissue of HIV Patients and Healthy Controls Correlates With Immune Activation
Wittner M, Dunay G, Kummer S, Bockhorn M, Hüfner A, Schmiedel S, Degen O, van Lunzen J, Eberhard J, Schulze Zur Wiesch J
JAIDS-J ACQ IMM DEF. 2018;77(4):345-349.

Increased frequency of CD39+ CD56 bright Natural Killer cells in HIV-1 infection correlates with immune activation and disease progression
Dierks P, Wroblewski R, Eberhard J, Martrus G, Degen O, Hertling S, Schmiedel S, Lunemann S, Hüfner A, Lohse A, Altfeld M, van Lunzen J, Schulze Zur Wiesch J
JAIDS-J ACQ IMM DEF. 2017;74(4):467-472.

Assessment of the HIV-1 reservoir in CD4+ regulatory T cells by a Droplet Digital PCR based approach
Dunay G, Solomatina A, Kummer S, Hüfner A, Bialek J, Eberhard J, Tolosa E, Hauber J, Wiesch J
VIRUS RES. 2017;240:107-111.

Down-regulation of CD73 on B cells of patients with viremic HIV correlates with B cell activation and disease progression
Kim E, Ackermann C, Tóth I, Dierks P, Eberhard J, Wroblewski R, Scherg F, Geyer M, Schmidt R, Beisel C, Bockhorn M, Haag F, Lunzen J, Schulze Zur Wiesch J
J LEUKOCYTE BIOL. 2017;101(5):1263-1271.

Parallel assessment of Th17 cell frequencies by surface marker co-expression versus ex vivo IL-17 production in HIV-1 infection
Dunay G, Tóth I, Eberhard J, Degen O, Tolosa E, Lunzen J, Hauber J, Zur Wiesch J
CYTOMETRY B CLIN CYTOM. 2016;90(6):486-492.

Partial recovery of senescence and differentiation disturbances in CD8(+) T cell effector-memory cells in HIV-1 nfection after initiation of anti-retroviral treatment.
Eberhard J, Ahmad F, Hong H, Bhatnagar N, Keudel P, Schulze zur Wiesch J, Schmidt R, Meyer-Olson D
CLIN EXP IMMUNOL. 2016;186(2):227-238.

Reduced CD161(+) MAIT cell frequencies in HCV and HIV/HCV co-infection: Is the liver the heart of the matter?
Eberhard J, Kummer S, Hartjen P, Hüfner A, Diedrich T, Degen O, Lohse A, Lunzen J, Schulze Zur Wiesch J
J HEPATOL. 2016;65(6):1261-1263.

Dolutegravir in breast milk and maternal and infant plasma during breastfeeding
Kobbe R, Schalkwijk S, Dunay G, Eberhard J, Schulze-Sturm U, Hollwitz B, Degen O, Teulen M, Colbers A, Burger D
AIDS. 2016;30(17):2731-2733.

CD161+ MAIT cells are severely reduced in peripheral blood and lymph nodes of HIV-infected individuals independently of disease progression
Eberhard J, Hartjen P, Kummer S, Schmidt R, Bockhorn M, Lehmann C, Balagopal A, Hauber J, Lunzen J, Schulze zur Wiesch J
PLOS ONE. 2014;9(11):e111323.

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