Tasks CHCR

Tasks CHCR
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Tasks CHCR

1) Promotion of cooperation between scientific groups and practice areas in the field of health services research

2) Identification and targeted promotion of strategically important topics

3) Initiation and coordination of research projects and joint applications

4) Strengthening health services research in the inner-university area

5) Organization of joint events, such as colloquia, guest lectures and international symposia

6) addressing domestic and foreign scientists to participate in joint research programs

7) Promotion of young scientists

8) Promotion of innovative interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching

9) External presentation of health services research through public relations

Bodies CHCR

Bodies CHCR
Bodies CHCR

1) Members' meeting

2) Board

3) Spokesperson and two deputies

4) Scientific Coordinator

5) Thematic working groups

6) Research group yCHCR

  • Members
  • Promotion of young researchers
    yCHCR - Promotion of young researchers

    Welcome to the “young Center for Health Care Research” (yCHCR)

    Founded in 2016 as part of the CHCR, the yCHCR supports primarily junior researchers of the area of health care research of the university hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and of the university of Hamburg (UHH). The interdisciplinary network represents young researchers within the CHCR and offers them a platform to connect and collaborate with each other. Furthermore, the yCHCR supports actively the exchange of knowledge and methods. The members of yCHCR are organized in several project groups:

    • Project group “Communication & Networking/interconnection“
    • Project group “Training & Methodological Competence“
    • Project group “Day for junior researchers”
    • Project group “Ethics applications”

    The yCHCR is outwardly represented by the speakers Pola Hahlweg (Department of Medical Psychology), Dr. Nadine Pohontsch (Department of General Practice/Primary Care) and Dr. Christian Meyer (Department for Urology) as well as by CHCR-Coordinator Daniel Bremer (Department of Medical Psychology). Further information can be obtained on our Information sheet (pdf) .information sheet (pdf). If you are interested in a membership or active participation in the yCHCR please contact Christina Lindemann via .

  • Numerous departments and project groups of UKE and UHH deal with the analysis of administrative datasets respectively routine data. Experience has shown that similar problems and challenges involved in dealing with this kind of data emerge at various different places. On this basis, the idea to establish a CHCR-project group occurred to enable regular meetings and thus facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

    The first meeting with more than 20 participants out of more than 15 different departments took place on the 29th November 2017. The meeting served primarily the purpose to get to know each other and to determine the subject area. The following aspects were discussed:

    • What are routine data?
    • What challenges are connected with them?
    • Which kind of training needs exist within the project group?
    • How well experienced are the members of the project group?
    • How can we learn from each other and promote cooperation?

    All employees at the UKE and UHH who are interested in this topic are kindly invited to participate in further meetings, which will be announced accordingly.

    Contact: Christina Lindemann,