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    C. Jerónimo, M. Dueñas, G. Güllü Amuran, K. Lundberg

    Circulating tumour microenvironment components as Urothelial Cancer Immunotherapy Response Predictors (UCIPredict)

    UCIPredict is an EU Transcan project coordinated by ELBS member Marta Dueñas (CIBER, Spain) together with multiple partner institutions across Europe. The project is intended to develop an innovative and reliable urine and blood-based biomarker test for response prediction to immunotherapy (IT) and tumour recurrence, using non-invasive techniques measuring circulating biomarkers from tumour and tumour microenvironment for urothelial cancer (UC). The main objective of this project is to identify molecular and cellular signatures from urine and blood samples to develop a robust and reproducible laboratory tool for personalized therapy and IT response prediction in UC patients. UCIPredict will provide a non-invasive innovative tool for patient prognosis and IT response in UC. Its implementation in clinical practice for IT response prediction would increase the rate of patients receiving the best clinical benefit.



    Dear ELBS members, the Institute of Tumor Biology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) (chaired by Prof. Klaus Pantel) is hiring academic personnel for the newly granted EU-funded project ‘PANCAID’ within the field of liquid biopsy. The UKE project part will specifically involve the establishment and validation of ultra-sensitive blood tests for pancreatic cancer using a comprehensive panel of sensitive liquid biopsy markers including circulating cells, cell-free DNA, proteins and metabolites.

    1x PhD student
    1x Postdoc
    1x Administrative Postdoc

    For further information and contact details please see the attached job offers.


    We are seeking 9 highly motivated fellows to pursue a career in science, obtain a PhD abroad and work in one of the three-year research projects we are offering under the doctoral Network Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action ColoMARK.

    ColoMARK integrates 17 teams with multidisciplinary expertise (omics,epidemiology, microbiome, circulating tumour DNA, bioinformatics, statistics & machine learning, assay development, circulating RNAs, circulating tumour cells, tumour profiling, clinics) aiming at the identification and development of novel colorectal cancer (CRC) biomarkers via state-of-the-art liquid biopsy approaches. ColoMARK will provide cross- and interdisciplinary innovative training with special emphasis on transversal competences to 10 doctoral candidates (DCs). They will constitute a next generation of effective, multi-skilled and proactive future professionals that comply with the tenets of the Principles for Innovative Doctoral Training, and that achieve enhanced intersectoral employability.

    Detailed information on the individual projects, and application procedure can be found in the below document or

  • On Friday October 28th 2022, the ELBS invites its members to attend in the annual general assembly (GA) of our network. This year, the ELBS GA is kindly co-hosted by our member Dr. Catherine Alix-Panabières at the Novel Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier, France.

    The GA will be a full day hybrid event providing detailed insights into the activities and plans of the network across its various working groups, the introduction of new members, collaborative project presentations, and ample time to network.

    We look forward to welcoming all members to the ELBS GA 2022!

    Kind regards,

    Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Pantel (ELBS Chair) and Dr. Claudia Koch (Project Management)