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Medical education

Faculty Development

The medical didactic qualification of the teaching staff forms the basis for professionalizing teaching at medical faculties. The Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine in Hamburg offers teachers various opportunities for further training and networking.

Please contact doztrain@uke.de and visit our German website for our Faculty Development program.

HUL-Workshop and Certificate Program of Universität Hamburg

Would you like to develop your higher education didactic skills even further? The HUL workshop and certification program at the University of Hamburg can support you.

Student teaching evaluation

Students at the Faculty of Medicine regularly have the opportunity to evaluate teaching and courses. Within this framework, central features of the quality of education (e.g. organisation, practical relevance, satisfaction with the organisation) are recorded in quantitative and qualitative form. This makes the teaching evaluation at the UKE an important instrument for student participation.

The quantitative results of the evaluation are available on our German website .

The qualitative results (texts) are made available in anonymous form to the responsible teaching committees as well as to the respective institute directors or clinic directors.

By regularly surveying students on strengths and problems in teaching, you as a teacher can receive feedback on your teaching.

In the study programs of the Medical Faculty of Universität Hamburg, an online-based, retrospective survey of students on the quality of university teaching is carried out after certain sections (e.g. semesters, trimesters, modules).

Institutes and clinics that offer good teaching and achieve corresponding results in the student teaching evaluation receive budgetary support in the Medicine degree programme via the "Performance-oriented allocation of funds for teaching" (LOM-Lehre). Once a year, particularly committed teachers of medicine and dentistry are awarded the title "Teacher Of The Year" (ToY). This means that the results of the teaching evaluation at the UKE have "noticeable" consequences at the level of departments and individuals and thus offer all the more concrete incentives for the continuous optimisation of teaching.

If you have any questions, please contact the teaching evaluation staff at lehrevaluation@uke.de .

Medical education research

Please find the publications on medical education at the Faculty of Medicine here .