• Director IAM

    Initially, Professor Ückert taught in Münster as a junior professor and then in Mainz as a university professor and head of medical informatics. Supporting and often initializing collaborative medical research in complex networks became a major focus for him. One example of such a network is the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK), one of the German Centers for Health Research funded by the BMBF. He was responsible for developing its IT platform, which connects all eleven DKTK sites and enables joint research using data and biomaterials. As a component of a "Spitzencluster" (high-tech strategy of the BMBF), Professor Ückert also developed an internet-based portal to allow for the biometric evaluation of various omics data combined with clinical data in a semi-automated way. From January 2016, as a university professor at the University of Heidelberg, he headed Medical Informatics in Translational Oncology at the German Cancer Research Center. Here, highly complex data was transformed into knowledge that can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in partnership with experts from various disciplines. The data collected in the data warehouse developed together with SAP is automatically combined with information from publications and from various databases. Clinical decision support was provided via knowledge models, but also by means of machine learning algorithms, and research hypotheses were generated to contribute to a deeper understanding of disease.


  • Team Leader Applied AI in Healthcare (IAM-AI)

    Mr. Gundler is a cognitive scientist by training and has many years of experience in the design, implementation, and integration of complex artificial intelligence approaches and machine learning models into practice. Methodologically, he focuses on the modeling of complex spatially and temporally dependent data. Utilizing Bayesian statistics and complex generative models, he works on making these data sources transparent and explainable.


  • Anna Cechulina

    Research Assistant IAM-AI

    Anna is a young data scientist currently studying in the Master's program in Computer Science with a focus on Intelligent Systems. She has successfully completed several ML projects that are in different modeling domains (time series, computer vision, etc.). At the Institute of Applied Medical Informatics she is conducting AI science pilot projects and feasibility studies.

  • Team Leader IAM-ASD

    Mr. Ataian has many years of experience in agile software development, both as a frontend and backend developer and as a product owner. He is responsible for all software developers and their projects, supports all other work groups in establishing structures such as code standards, working methods such as SCRUM and KANBAN, standardized tools, planning of server infrastructures, and acts as a system administrator looking after all systems operated by IAM. With regard to medical applications, he has developed metadata repositories, research databases, organizational tools, and registries for studies, and most recently served as IT development manager at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.


  • Research Associate IAM-ASD

  • Software Developer IAM-ASD

  • Team Leader IAM-RCA

    After his license to practice medicine, Mr. Gottfried worked for several years at the University Hospital in Heidelberg and at the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim. Subsequently, he worked at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg on the establishment of innovative data visualization concepts for clinical routine.


  • Research Associate IAM-RCA

    Nils Schönbeck has a research background in molecular biology. After completing his master's degree, he worked with sequencing data in cancer research, as well as molecular biology methods in microbiology. At the IAM, Mr. Schönbeck designs solutions for IT infrastructures and data transfer.


  • Research Assistant IAM-RCA

    Already during his studies, Mr. Spiegel specialized in complex artificial intelligence models. During the following two years as a Data Scientist, he developed and implemented different prediction models for numerous projects. He also worked extensively on the provision and visualization of big data for research.
    At the IAM, Mr. Spiegel supports the development of data visualization concepts as well as their implementation while completing his Master's degree in Business Informatics.

  • Assistant to the Director

    As an executive assistant in an IT company for many years, Ms. Brouer has gained extensive experience in the digital environment. In addition, as a human resources specialist, she is also familiar with a wide range of human resources tasks. At the IAM she combines both focal points as the institute's first point of contact in the area of administration.


  • Research Associate IAM-NWG

    Having completed her law study in Indonesia and Master of Law in International & Intellectual Property (Patent) Law in Augsburg, Germany, Miss Silaban then worked in the legal field in international companies, Fraunhofer Instituts and a Patent Law Firm in Munich.
    Having interest in the use of artificial intelligence in medicine, she is writing her dissertation regarding IP protection of AI products in medicine.
    At IAM she supports GDPR compliance of all projects.