Would you like to apply for a first-degree medical program (Medicine, Dentistry or Midwifery) or a study exchange at our Faculty of Medicine? We will support your application or help you to find the correct contact person. Our team is responsible for exchange students from our partner universities and for students who are applying for final-year clinical electives.

Information for Student Refugees
Information for Student Refugees
from Ukraine

For information on how to transfer to the Universität Hamburg, please consult the following websites:

Applying for a medical degree

Information for international prospective students

Information sheet for medicine & dentistry student refugees from Ukraine

For any questions concerning the application procedure, please contact the Campus Center via the form for international prospective students.

Further questions? Please contact .

Help at Universität Hamburg for those affect by the war in Ukraine: UHHhilft Ukraine

Information for refugees from Ukraine provided by the city of Hamburg .

Applying for a medical degree program

If you would like to apply for a first-degree program in medicine, dentistry or pharmacy, please refer to Universität Hamburg.

Further degree programs

You can also apply for the following programs: Molecular Life Science (B.Sc./M.Sc.) and Bioinformatics (M.Sc.).

Applying for medical electives (incl. Erasmus+)

The UKE welcomes international students for clinical training. There are different application procedures depending on your student status.

Applying for a semester exchange

You can attend our faculty as a visiting student through the ERASMUS program or a bilateral exchange program.

Professional development for medical graduates at UKE

The UKE offers a range of options for international physicians including advanced training and residency opportunities. Please contact the Human Resources Department.


We have put together a series of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered in our FAQs, please contact us by email.