Open Calls

Please refer to the following table for the currently open calls. The texts of the calls are also published on the UKE homepage.

Attention! For the partner laboratories (team of Clinician Scientist + Medical Scientist) you will find two separate calls, one for each position.
For the project application please use the link "Application Instructions" given in the table.

Funding lineFunding blocksCall for applicationsDeadline
Interdisciplinary Partner LaboratoryTranslational project: Team of Clinician Scientist (50%) & Medical Scientist (Postdoc)Currentlly no open call.Next call for applications in summer 2022.
Short term funding Clinician Scientist
(6-12 months, 50% research release)
Establishment of methods/start of new project Application instructions Next Deadline: 31.12.2021
Pilot experiment or preclinical experiment (to prepare grant applications or publications)
Clinical study
Start up funding after parental leave
Protected research time (50%) Clinician Scientist
(2-3 years)
Clinical studyCurrently no open call.Next call for applications in summer 2022.
Innovative research project
Cooperation project with external partner
Medical Scientist
Cooperation project with external partner with variable funding timeCurrently no open call.Next call for applications in summer 2022.

If you have any questions concerning the calls, please feel free to contact Dr. Inga Melzer ( or ) at any time. We are happy to help!

At this point, we would also like to mention the UCCH Research Fellowship, which allows junior physicians (usually in their second to fifth year of clinical training) to be released from their clinical duties for one year to conduct a cancer-related research project in the laboratory. For further information, please contact Dr. Natascha Kömm ( ).