Oncological health care research

Oncological health care research has the function to analyze treatment outcomes of cancer therapies. It is an important touchstone for analyzing if outcomes of clinical studies in precisely defined patient cohorts are the same in broad application.

Therefore, as an example, long-term effects of treatments are identified or patient groups are recognized, in which certain factors influence the efficacy of therapies. Health care research uses data from the Clinical Research Cancer Registry or analyzes data together with the Hamburg Cancer Registry.

Besides that, it is an important aim to support the development of national standards for cancer treatment via scientific analyses and to develop systems of indicators for quality control.


  • The UCCH leads the national project for the establishment of supportive structures and procedures for securing a high data quality in clinical cancer registries (Tumor-Wiki), which is supported by 5 cancer centers within the CCC network.

    The project comprises the establishment of a web-based platform that shall provide standardized and comprehensible information for patients, documentation officers, physicians and scientists on what is necessary for the optimal work and service of cancer registries.

    The project is pursued in close collaboration and agreement with different professional societies (e.g. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Tumorzentren – ADT, Gesellschaft Epidemiologischer Krebsregister in Deutschland – GEKID) in order to support their statutory task of continuous development of cancer registration in Germany. A subproject connects modern knowledge management with this platform in order to provide a transparent, standardized and internationally comparable interpretation and use of the respective data.