1st International DECIPHER Symposium

on pulmonary hypoxia and its health sequelae

Iquique (Chile), Universidad Arturo Prat

October 16-17, 2019

The first international DECIPHER symposium on research of pulmonary hypoxia and its health sequelae took place in Iquique, Chile, in October 2019.

During two days of intense discussion and exchange of thoughts between researchers from Latin America, North America, and Europe, the clinical aspects of pulmonary hypoxia as well as experimental approaches towards a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms leading to the health consequences of dysregulated oxygen supply were discussed.

During the symposium, three junior scientists were awarded Young Investigator Awards for their presentations or posters.

The host institution, Universidad Arturo Prat, surprised all participants with a wine testing event of wines cultivated in the Tarapaca desert region under the auspices of the University.

As a milestone for building the international infrastructure of the DECIPHER network, a long-term collaboration agreement was signed by the President of Universidad Arturo Prat, Iquique, Chile, and the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Hamburg, Germany.