Patient support groups

For many patients, a cancer diagnosis is an existential threat that they are often suddenly confronted with and torn from their lives. "What happens now?" is one of the most frequently asked questions after the diagnosis. Self-help groups offer advice and support for those affected by those affected (and not only) in this situation. You can learn from the experience of other sufferers and receive valuable information and support on how to take the next steps.

The resolution of the cancer self-help organizations "Psychosocial support for people with cancer" from September 2009 states: "The support services offered by cancer self-help organizations should be included in care from the time of diagnosis. This primarily involves discussions with trained, equally affected employees of the cancer self-help organizations and authentic and patient-oriented information, both written and spoken, on living with the disease and, if necessary, disability."

Your path to self-help

As the Hubertus Wald Tumor Center - University Cancer Center (UCCH), we see it as a matter of course to support our patients in their contact with self-help groups. The contact details of the self-help groups cooperating with the UCCH and other supra-regional self-help groups can be found further down on the page.

A range of flyers and information material from the individual groups based in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein can also be found in the waiting areas of the Oncology Outpatient Clinic and the Central Contact Point at the UCCH. As the needs and direct cooperation with the self-help groups are also important to us, we offer special services, support with projects and events for self-help group leaders and members.

UCCH self-help group spokesperson

Selbsthilfegruppensprecher:innen Heide Lakemann und Jürgen Martens des UCCH
Heide Lakemann und Jürgen Martens

The UCCH self-help group spokespersons are the first point of contact for questions about self-help, maintain contact with the various self-help group representatives throughout the network, work with us to organize the task forces and take part in audits and hearings.

In the download document, we would like to introduce you to the current self-help group spokespersons Heide Lakemann and Jürgen Martens. We asked them both a few questions about their personal journey into self-help and their wishes for the future.


PD Dr. med. Andreas Block, MBA
Avin Hell, Consultant for communication and patient involvement

Further information on the services offered by the self-help groups can be found at:
+49 (0) 40 7410 - 57835