Research Projects funded by the Federal Ministry of education and Research (BMBF)

Below you will find information about several projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
These are joint projects in which the UKE takes a leading position as well as a selection of individual projects which are located at the UKE (with a total funding over 1 million €).

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Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Refugees (PREPARE)
Prof. Ingo Schäfer
Duration: 2019-2024

staf - Studierendenauswahl-Verbund (Student Selection Network)
Prof. Wolfgang Hampe
Duration: 2018-2021

Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare (SMITH)
Prof. Uwe Koch-Gromus
Duration: 2018-2021

Understanding disease modifiers and heterogeneity in Alzheimer disease - UndoAD - Colombo-German Consortium
Prof. Dr. Markus Glatzel
Duration: 2017-2021

IMAC-Mind - Verbesserung der psychischen Gesundheit und Verringerung der Suchtgefahr im Kindes- und Jugendalter
Prof. Dr. Rainer Thomasius
Duration: 2017-2022

German-Chilean Institute für Research on Pulmonary Hypoxia and its Health Sequelae (DECIPHER)
Prof. Dr. Rainer Böger
Duration: 2017-2022

Affektive Dysregulation in Childhood. Optimierung von Prävention und Therapie (ADOPT)
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer
Duration: 2017-2022

Messung von Patientenorientierung mittels patientenberichtetet Erfahrungsmaße (ASPIRED)
Dr. Isabelle Scholl
Duration: 2017-2022

Improving health care in Hamburg (HAM-NET)
Prof. Dr. Martin Härter
Duration 2017-2020

Hamburg Center for Health Economics
Prof. Dr. Christian Brettschneider
Duration: 2016-2020

HiSPC-EHT transplantation for cardiac repair - toward first-in-patient
Prof. Dr. Thomas Eschenhagen
Duration: 2016-2021

Intravenous iron in patients with systolic heart failure and iron deficiency to improve morbidity and mortality (FAIR-HF2-DZHK5 Studie)
Speakter PD DR. Mahir Karakas
Duration: 2016-2020