Collaborate Research Centers with leadership at the UKE

Collaborative Research Centres funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) are joint projects, in which scientists work together over the boundaries of their respective disciplines, faculties and universities in addition to excellent scientific research programs .

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is currently conducting research in four different collaborative research centers (SFBs).

Logo SFB

SFB 841 "Liver Inflammation: Infection, Immune-regulation and Consequences"

Speaker: Prof. Dr. A.W. Lohse, UKE

Duration: since 2010

Logo SFB 936

SFB 936 "Multi-Site-Communication in the Brain"

Speaker: Prof. Dr. A.K. Engel, Prof. Dr. C. Gerloff (both UKE)

Duration: since 2011


SFB 1192 "Immune mediated Glomerular Disease"

Speaker: Prof. Dr. R.K. Stahl and Prof. Dr. U. Panzer, both UKE

Duration: since 2016

Logo SFB 1328

SFB 1328 Adenine Nucleotides in Immunity and Inflammation

Speaker: Prof. Andreas Guse (UKE), Co-speaker: Prof. Chris Meier (UHH)

Duration: since 2018

SFB - TR 169: Cross modal Learning: Adaptivity, Prediction and Interaction

Spokesman universities: University of Hamburg and Tsinghua University Beijing

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jianwei Zhang, Prof. Dr. Fuchun Sun

Duration: since 2016

Collaborate Research Centers with substantial investments

Moreover, the UKE is substantially involved in two further Collaborative Research Centers (SFB) and two Transregio Collaborative Research Centres (TRR) :

SFB 877 "Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology"

Participation of UKE : subprojects A11 ( Prof. Dr. Thomas Renné ) and A12 ( Prof. Dr. Markus Glatzel )

Duration: since 2010

TRR 134 "Ingesting behavior: homeostasis and Reward "

UKE-participation: Project C03 (PD Dr. S. bream and Prof. Dr. C. Büchel), subproject C05 (Dr. J. Peters)

Duration: since 2014

TRR 58 "Fear, anxiety, anxiety disorders"

Participation of UKE: Projects B03 and B06 (Prof. Dr. C. Büchel), subproject B05 (Prof. Dr. A. von Leupoldt)

Duration: since 2008

SFB 992 "Medizinische Epigenetik (MEDEP) - Von grundlegeneden Mechanismen zu klinischen Anwendungen"

Participation of UKE: Subproject-Manager: Prof. Dr. Tobias Huber
Duration: 2012-2020

SFB 1286 "Quantitative Synaptology"

Participation of UKE: Subproject-Manager: Prof. Dr. Stafan Bonn
Duration: 2017-2020

SFB-TR 289 "Treatment Expectation"

Participation of UKE: PD Dr. Stefanie Brassen, Prof. Christian Büchel, PD Dr. Regine Klinger, Prof. Dr. Michael Rose
Duration: since 2020